Начало. ЗАЗ 968м “Запорожец”. Soviet vintage car. ZAZ 968M. Eng subs. 4K

The Beginning. Turn on… I think I know how to start this story… Just imagine the car, that was absolutely “usual” back in the time… somebody would overlook it eventually… but for you… for you it was special car. that car have seen a lot with you. have met many people. taught you many things. it gave new hobby… and a job eventually. I am sure – you are familiar with these feelings! My name is Nikita and this is my “Zaporozhets”(name of ZAZ 968M). This story begins in 2006 Me and my Father found this car with mileage of 200km or so, not bad ya? Previous owner has two of these one was used as a daily driver, while the other one lasted in the garage for 15 years so its condition was mint as a result We made a deal some little details was changed oil has been changed gas tank was filled and here we go! amateur rally, simple driving and even show events. we had so many things… There is a minimum of mods: stiffer suspension, tweaked exhaust and tacho by other means – it is completely stock car Well, it’s been a while and this car is still here, with me… and for me this car has another value today… she is archaic. she is uncomfortable. interior has a minimum amount of anything and every start is some kind of ritual check oil level pump some gas and you are ready to go! Nowadays I very rarely go out only in good weather and good mood 🙂 But I’ll be damn! What emotions and memories it gives when I do!

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