Шаублин 12 реставрация (день 1). Schaublin 12 restoration (day 1) [EN subtitles]

One more machine! Which one? With 3 heads Lucy, wait! Show This one? Yes Lucy, come here! How much, Nick? 300… 316? Come on into the truck! Down! Hi guys, this is Sid. As you probably guessed we have brought 2 more new machines to the shop picked up them from metal scrap junk yard, saved them from melting One of them very interesting and rare It’ll be all about it Lets do its restoration, rebuild it and then will see if we need it in shop As this machine is quite rare so videos suppose to be more extended and detailed So take a sit, make tea, let us started! Show blin This is vintage rare multi-purpose milling machine high precision Schaublin 12 Made in Switzerland This name speaks for itself This is its logo on the door I don’t know how long he was there but he got rusted badly. But the table is OK, like new one quality printing there are brushes in here But equipment is minimal One thing we got is vertical… vertical spindle head What’s cool is… This machine is small smaller then NGF-110, but spindles have Morse 4 taper bores vertical and horizontal both Awesome! There is collet chuck or… just collet… with drawbar 4 Morse, awesome! The table plate is here Yes, it’s genuine motor Yes, it’s native motor, but it’s painted… Is it “SWISS” may be? official languages in Switzerland are German and French that’s why all inscriptions are on German and French no a Russian word transmission is achieved by means of v-belts… belt drive to both spindles. And this stuff as I got it from speed gearbox and right here a cardan shaft is mounting and it goes to the long feed There is a video where a man restore the same machine but there it’s fully equipped, better condition I have not seen any russian video Look, even spindle revolves! Great! When we loaded him water flowed from it Chrome is still left here and there but got off from cast iron Let’s see specification It’s not service manual, this is so-called catalogue a short description… like technical data or something Multi-purpose high precision milling machine There is the road if you gonna go to Switzerland… Use this map I used to go there many times, didn’t know… Weight is 450 kilograms Morse 4 taper in both heads How much the table moves? Let’s see Speed to 2200 rpm vertical is to 2700 rpm that is pretty high-speed machine… and there are… count how many movements horizontal stroke of table by screw, crosswheel or automatic 200 mm longitudinal move vertical movement 200 mm as well this one… like 675, 676-th have vertical slide and work table hanging on it Stroke of head by screw or lever 120 mm cross move 120 this head goes and more… and more 80 mm is smth… I don’t get it yet 1 kW motor 710 or 1420 rpm Descriptions and pictures Here works which can be done To cut splines, boring head Another table like this… circular We’ve got no overarm… No overarm See, aluminum cap instead Rotary table See a lever supposed to be this one is crap What about coolant? elegant tube must came out from see cardan shaft from here? cardan goes… somewhere… there Something is missing There is no box like that Coolant hose seemed to come out from here, yes But there is a stub and lamp is mounted This is coolant tank It looks like chips tank. Now for chips… Because there is a drainer. Where? Here. And chips dropped in here All of this could not be in basic equipment These were an extra-cost option Yeah, Swiss know a lot in contraptions They knew ones upon a time in 1950 Godzilla That’s not all. This 3-headed monster 3 drill presses are mounted on one bench Three 106-th drill presses High speed Folks say… I asked on Chipmaker.ru How to use it? What for? They say: set pilot drill here, here drill, here countersink It make sense We have not decided yet to leave it or not. What you think Olegator? No slack though… Some guys propose to cut it into 3 pieses some suggests to pull out the heads and sell them separately and use this table as workbench It has a slot The slot is useful They all have motors, all was in the rain… Alive or not I don’t know Tomorrow there was casing Yesterday already not Where is it gone I don’t know… Gas welders were there May be they stolen it Let’s take a look, the belt is here Such a belt… remains They flat, yes they are flat well rpm is up to 18000 carbide drills can work Why that much rpm for drilling? Probably they drilled PCB When there was no CNC and robots Here one bracket is wrecked Type is 2N106P-3 means triple Start, stop and Light I have lied. Speed up to 8000, not 18000 Most rpm Sling by yourself Never trust loaders working at scrap metal yards It’s garbage for them They began to sling… Who are they? Slingers or just workers Always pick up by yourself They tied around a sling It has high center of gravity First of all it rolled over and bumped into I-beam or smth. Shield was bent these rods to crushed this electric… It was my fault.. Crushed this transformer So that sling by yourself as you need! I forgot to say that mill is 1950 year of manufacture 380 volts AC factory number 950 Considering that machines was manufactured from the late 1930s early 1940s it can be assumed that was producing less than 100 machines a year About accuracy Longitudinal feed screw pitch is 4 mm acme thread The dial has 40 digit divisions which is also divided by 10 Thus, one graduation corresponds 0.01 mm High precision is confirmed It has 100 divisions So this is vertical feed 100 divisions as well I’m not sure what travel is… Cleaning OK, now I’m gonna get rid of this trash Cos it’s not belongs to it… disassembly Somebody help to engage gears and slot already got there End mill don’t let. Take away then! Where here “high precision”? Well it’s gone But theoretically it stayed… Check the dials are one-hundredth On top in French, below in German is written You’re not gonna hold Draw bar Like brand new Here it is Brand new! yap See? Swiss quality See? This is Morse 4 And it’s for collet Good. This is draw collet Must be engage with key Got rusted outside of course to clean it up… WD-40 will help no scratch. Nice! The same locking manner… Yeah Here is your head Heavy… Come on Water attend oil don’t let it get in What is not covered that rust badly The rain wash lubricant away If there is an oil, then it push water away Look, scraped That man… scraping who restored the same mill, who is he? didn’t speak German may be And there are russian comments Who scrape by chisel! Bad example for that! Sofa experts It was true! He scraped by real chisel Sharped chisel moreover, with little millimeter strokes no chips we scrape rough, like hell But who’s ignorant say “Oh, skilled method!” Look, SV logo I think may be to spray WD? Schaublin Village 🙂 Should we shift it? and then… Ah, we’ve exit from here Look at his original color Hand with brush didn’t get here Stucked together with rust push it Somehow have found the wedge! Or there kinda stops Ups, stop! Stops are here Work using adjustment stops Yes Here please Gear rack and stop Screw is good What is in the housing? A bearing? Or a sleeve? Which you’re rotate… At least it play Yeah, interesting part Non-translating wordplay Jaw coupling. That’s not comfy, adjustment from below Its not a problem Oh, a shim is here Somebody worked much It’s supposed to be pins here, but they are not Look at this! Telescopic Cool! It’s stucked, that’s why chips here If it could work See, the hook is wreck 950… serial number again even digits punched neat, yeah? What a system! It locks by jaw that’s all On the other side the same one, in which screw it up just pulls together hi-tech non-standard solution That’s not good A piece is welded to it. We’ve seen welded wedges yet Needed to turn? The screw went there I knocked it… but not hard You know why milling machine has “a mirror”? Front surface is finished In order to a miller could see his mug just a sleeve, yes? just a sleeve with knurling for some reson Obviously is tighten by clamp I believe it’s tapered Well, it’s a swiss school, it’s different a little bit Four nuts hold this column Here please He! Easy. Nothing special… Oh! Look at this worm! Show This is worm gear but… angular worm gear Awesome! Weirdos… You hear this? Vacuum. ground in polished And the screw can be unscrew HUILE, when come home look in dictionary translate from which language? German or French? oil strong word (RU) was fixed by set screw it was opposite part for rack Try this one to move Should go up? And this how? Like on CNC Here it is stuff Guard Telescopic guard It has the same hooks Yes it is Very angled teethed Like this. Pull over Another end goes to the motor, yes?
Yes Quite interesting type of the thrust bearing I’ve never seen before It has no ball paths It represents just 2 ground plates and retainer with ball set between them 8 balls run on 2 various diameters And no joint groove Such bearing is self-aligning and allow axis run-out Show me. That’s a nut Just a nut inserted in housing? Or it has adjustment? 950 is punched again You’ll cope by yourself! The belt! The belt! Drop it! Why you pull it? I told you… Wire… That’s your fault A wire from nowhere… I told you throw it No problem God damned belt… Day one is finished It is now a good time for painting. To paint and sell…

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