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Hello~ It’s Lilith, and welcome to House of Tales. Today we will be looking at the story of “The White Snake.” I’m working on
a sketch to experiment with border designs and symmetry because I like
square formats quite a bit personally even though it’s not ideal most of the
time. I started with pencil, my go-to for confronting a blank picture even if most
of the details will be washed away later this will help me work out composition
and value so I don’t have to think too hard when I move on to ink and color. when that happens I tend to overwork the drawing, I think with my hands, and my
lines. because the drawing is so small, I
can’t work as precisely as I’d like. But, it allows me to complete the sketch in one sitting. if something takes too long, I lose motivation but I later realized
this was because I didn’t devote enough time on research and sketching out the
concept. throughout my foundation years at art school, I often cut corners and
skipped out on the sketching phases of a project, thinking I can just start on the
final and get it done sooner, but of course it never worked out that way. later on, I love sketching and researching so much more than the final,
my work became more and more fragmented, but I don’t mind it myself. I got a little off topic, so let us
returned to the story. I’m going to share an excerpt from a poem of the same
title, The White Snake, written by Anne Sexton from her book titled
“Transformations”. In an old time, there was a king as wise
as a dictionary. Each night at supper, a secret dish was brought to him, a secret
dish that kept him wise. His servant, who had won no roses before, thought to lift the lid one night and take a forbidden look. There sat a white snake. The servant thought, why not, and took a bite. it was a furtive weed, oiled and brooding and desireably slim. I have eaten the white snake! Not a whisker on it! he cried. Because of the white snake he heard the animals and all their voices speak. thus, the aura came over him. he was inside. he had walked into a
building with no exit. From all sides, the animals spoke up like puppets. A cold
sweat broke out on his upper lip for now he was wise. Because he was wise he found the Queen’s lost ring, diddling around in a duck’s belly and was thus rewarded with the
horse and a little cash for traveling. On his way, the fish in the weeds were
drowning on air, and he plunked them back in, and the fish covered him with promises. On his way, the army ants in the road pleaded for mercy
Step on us not! and he rode around them and the ants covered him with promises. On his way, the gallow birds asked for food so he killed his horse to give him lunch.
They sucked the blood up like whiskey and covered him with promises At the next town, the local princess was
having a contest. A common way for princesses to marry. 50 men had perished
gargling the sea like soup Still the servant was stage-struck. Nail me to the masthead if you will and make a dance all around me, Put on the gramophone and dance at my ankles. But the princess smiled like warm milk and merely dropped her ring into the sea. If he could not find it he would die, die
trapped in the sea machine. The fish, however, remembered and gave him the ring. But the princess, ever woman, said it wasn’t enough. She scattered ten bags of
grain in the yard and commanded him to pick them up by daybreak. The ants
remembered and carried them in like mailmen, the princess, ever eve, said it
wasn’t enough, and sent him out to find the apple of life. He set forth into the
forest for two years, where the monkeys jabbered, those trolls, with their wine-
colored underbellies. They did not make a pathway for him. The pheasants, those
archbishops, avoided him. And the turtles kept their expressive heads inside. He
was prepared for death when the gallow birds remembered, and dropped that apple on his head. He returned to the princess saying, I am but a traveling man, but
here is what you hunger for. The apple was as smooth as oil skin and when she took a bite, it was as sweet and crisp as the moon. their bodies met over such a dish. His tongue lay in her mouth as delicately as the white snake they played house, little charmers, exceptionally well. so of course, they
were placed in a box, and painted identically blue, and thus passed their days living happily ever after. a kind of coffin a kind of blue funk, is it not? I should get better and talking about my
work too…. this is good practice for me~ I made the terrible mistake of thinking both my ink pens were waterproof because of this blunder, in my lines became blotchy and uneven I don’t like putting down ink lines after the watercolor for some reason, it just doesn’t look as nice is that just me? Maybe I just need more
practice… I read all of your comments from the
first episode, so thank you so much for so thank you so much for the support and feedback. I’m thinking about splitting the series into every other Friday, and alternating with drawing tutorials (finally) where I can include more information about specific mediums, so that will be coming next Friday I think? I also would like to do a
sit-down talk through with coffee and you, I will be answering some frequently
asked questions regarding art school, drawing style, portfolio, etc. So let me
know if that sounds like a good idea. After completing the secondary square, I
move out from the borders to extend and clarify elements. I make notes here to remind myself of what I liked and disliked from the sketch, and what could change. It’s sort of life giving myself a crit in my head but putting a down on
paper it makes the critique finite. I cut myself off at a certain point
because picking on everything I dislike about my drawing for too long makes me
blind to what was successful, and what did work. I was taught not to become too
attached to my work, so I don’t box myself into a specific genre, style, or
subject, but being a taurus, I think I’m still a little too habitual. I was looking at two different artists
for reference. The first is Ivan Bilibin, a Russian illustrator from the 20th Century. I love how his drawings are framed and
his color is absolutely gorgeous. The second is Katsushika Hokusai, an ukiyo-e painter famous for his print, the Great Wave. I bought a book containing
his illustrations of animals, plants, and supernatural beings a few years back. Also, I know I write super small;; it’s out
of convenience! I hate the idea of somebody looking over my shoulder, or accidentally seeing my writing, since I write about my feelings a lot – most of the time actually. I’ve devised quite elaborate formats to prevent people from understanding my handwriting in my journal. And of course, the finishing touches. these supplies are from my mom’s scrapbook studio, which is down the hall from my desk. she’s had this hobby for over 20 years and has collected lots of materials since then. in addition to washi tape, we have these little stickers we
bought from a stationery store in Tokyo(?) they’re coated with something
waxy, and I like the glossy finish. I’m not sure what these are called, I
believe they’re just called pins? I punctured a hole with a bookbinding
needle before inserting them. And now, we’re done~ I had so much fun working on this, and I’ll be doing our sketchbook Sunday this week, too! if you like this video, please stick around, for we put up new episodes every
Friday and Sunday ^~^ Happy weekend, and I’ll see you soon.

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