hello everyone and welcome back to my
channel so today’s video is going to be my morning cleaning routine I’m just
going to give you a little peek at my morning and show you what my daily pick
up looks like on a daily basis the cleaning routine that I do first thing
in the morning before I get started with my work and stuff but before we get
started with that I just wanted to give you guys a really quick peek at this
awesome baby carrier from Moby and they are the
sponsor of today’s video which I am so excited about so I’ve got my little
helper here to help me show you guys this product this is Owen he just turned
two years old a few weeks ago he is my youngest boy so this product is the mobi
two-in-one carrier and hypsi and I know that a lot of my viewers are momma’s so
I really am excited to share this product with you moms because I wish
that I would have had this thing like a year ago for Owen so I could have been
using it all this time and using your carrier can make your life so much
easier as a mom it can make shopping way easier and traveling than just everyday
around the house as you’re cleaning and cooking and what I love about this
carrier is that it comes apart and you have this hip seat so I just lost my
little helper because he had to go potty we’re currently potty training I want to
give you a closer look at this anyway before we attach the top part got this
super comfy white belt velcro and then a buckle literally takes
like two seconds right here it has a zipper if you need to pull off the
insert so you can wash it and there’s also room in here that you could put
like a couple of diapers or a little thing of wipes or something or you got a
velcro pocket that is perfect for your phone perhaps the carrier you’ve got a
little zipper here Owen spilled a cup of water on his shirt
so we had to do a shirt change but I’m gonna show you how I put him into this
and get him onto my back once they’re this big like over two years old I
usually like to only carry them on my back okay so I got him in the carrier he
has so much support with this seat and being that he’s heavier he’s two years
old he needs that support I need that support because it makes it easier for
me to carry him and I love that it can grow with your baby through all their
stages so this is just such an awesome investment to have it’s something that
you’re going to use for the first couple of years of their lives I’ve linked down
below that you mamas can go and check it out
so make a great baby shower gift for a mama okay so now after that we are going
to get started with this morning cleaning routine I hope that you guys
enjoy it it thumbs up tell me so of course I always start my morning
with coffee I didn’t make any fancy coffee lately I’ve been making
frappuccinos but I just made a quick cup of hot coffee with a little bit of
creamer in and then I got started on my morning cleaning routine so after I get
ready for the day then I just start my cleaning right here in the master
bedroom and bathroom since I’m already in here right after I get ready for the
day so I start off by making the bed tidy up anything that’s on the floor and
then I head into the master bathroom and get that a quick tidy up this cleaning routine that I’m sharing
with you in this video is just the quick tidy up that I do throughout the house
in each room before I get started with my day first thing in the morning I just
work room by room as you’re seen here started off in the master bedroom then I
go into the master bathroom then a laundry room and just work my way
through the house just doing a quick cleanup I do this every morning before I
get started with my work unless I’m going to be filming a cleaning video of
course but then on Mondays I do kind of like my weekly cleaning routine at
that’s more of like a deep clean throughout each room in the house and
the house is usually messy after the weekend and stuff but then after I do
that deep clean on a Monday then I can just do this quick tidy up throughout
the house each morning throughout the week and I don’t do laundry every single
day usually just about two or three days out of the week I do a few loads of
laundry but there have been a load of laundry in the dryer the night before
and so I needed to fold that here this morning and then after that I just
tidied up the laundry room and then headed straight into the kitchen to get
that tidied up now how my see the kitchen is in the morning just depends
on how much I cleaned up from the night before sometimes I only have to clean up
the breakfast dishes but if I didn’t quite finish up cleaning up the kitchen
from supper the night before then I have to finish that up like sometimes after
supper I’ll just tidy up the kitchen but leave the pans in the sink for the next
morning if I want to just go and relax for the evening or something and these
clothes here my husband’s work shirts have been drying on the kitchen chairs
because I don’t like to put those in the tires so I had to fold them before I
finished up the dishes and everyone’s morning cleaning routine
is going to look different just depending on your life and what’s going
on that day like my morning cleaning routine can change some mornings it’s
not exactly the same every single morning but this is the routine that I
like to stick to but obviously some mornings if I have to leave and go be
somewhere then I can only do a quick pickup so I have to just decide what is
most important to get tidied up and usually that is just to make the beds
and clean up the dishes and stuff in the kitchen but if you don’t have a lot of
time in the morning maybe just like make a list of just five things that you need
to get done that morning before you head out the door to go to work or to drop
the kids off at school whatever it is so just make a quick list the night before
of a couple of things that you need to get done before you run out the door in
the morning even if it’s just like 15 to 20 minutes it’s all the time that you
have at least you can do a little tidy up even just a little bit can make a big
difference your list could be like to unload the dishwasher wipe down the
countertops make the beds start one load of laundry and maybe have the kids pick
up the toys in the living room or something like that just a couple of
minutes at least in the morning is going to make a huge difference and it can
also help your day to go better because you know that when you get back home
your house is at least going to be a little bit tidied up and it just makes
your day go better even just making your bed just that one simple thing can help
your day to go better so here as you can see I got the boys ready for the day got
them dressed and then I had them start clean up their toys so while I’m
cleaning up my bedroom the laundry room in the kitchen they are just playing
toys and their pajamas and then once I’m done with that I will head back get them
dressed for the day and then I have them start picking up their toys because at
this point in the morning Kyle wants to head outside and play so I like to have
him help tidy up the toys before he heads outside I usually have the kids
pick up the toys once in the morning and then before they go to bed at night and
that just sort of helps to keep the mess under control obviously after they
picked them up they’re probably gonna make another mess
right away again but at least it’s just helping to keep the toy mess under
control so at least about three mornings out of
the week I will let Kyle grab the cordless vacuum and vacuum at the whole
house he just goes through room by room and just does a quick vacuum he actually
does a really good job for only being five years old obviously I vacuum the
house and all the other days the week and sometimes he’ll just only get
halfway done vacuuming and then he says he’s done and so I’ll just finish up for
him but he actually begs me to vacuum he really loves to do it so why not just
let him do it and then I’m able to go and get some cleaning done elsewhere so
while he was vacuuming I was able to go and clean the whole bathroom and do a
little bit of tidying up in the living room so I hope that you all enjoy getting to
see my morning clean routine and if you’re wondering how long it took me on
this morning it took me around 45 minutes to do all of this cleaning so if
you enjoyed this video and you want to see all the other videos that I will be
posting in the future then make sure that you click that red subscribe button
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that I upload a new video and thank you so much for watching I will see you in a
few days with a brand new video bye


  1. Great job, Hannah! Could you do a video sometime about modest fashion ideas or a modest haul?
    Love from a Christian channel❤️

  2. I’ve used my carrier quiet a few times to get things done around the house. I loved my moby wrap carrier when they were little but had no idea they had a carrier like that! I need to be more proactive on actually getting my laundry folded straight out of the dryer. Your boys are so cute! ?

  3. I need to get better at having a morning routine. I never feel really together in the mornings. Thanks for the inspiration!!!!

  4. Hello Everyone!!? I hope you enjoyed my Morning Cleaning Routine⛅️ Thanks for Watching, Liking, Commenting, and Subscribing!??

  5. Hi Hannah,
    Your advise on doing things one at a time, and doing the smallest things and finishing them gives you as feeling of satisfaction . I've been doing things that make me feel overwhelmed a little at a time, and slowly but surely things are finally coming together. One day I'll be able to do things again like I use to. Somewhere along the way I got lost, I'm slowly finding my way back. God bless, Warm thoughts I send your way Raquel ?????‍♂️?

  6. I the moby carrier! I have a 18 month old that loves to be held especially when I'm busy lol! Love my foster babies!!?

  7. It's good that you show your son's that it's not only a woman's job to clean the house that men can do it too, and it's really good that he likes doing it.

  8. ??Morning girl!! I love little helpers! One of the reasons I love morning routines is that they help kinda wake me up and get me moving. Gives me some pretty good energy to start my day!????

  9. Not only are your boys helping you, but you're training them to be able to take care of themselves when they're older or help their future wives. Way to go, Mom!

  10. Hello from Connecticut
    Your son so cute while helping you vacuum lol
    Love you channel and wish you guy have a happy day

  11. The Simply Earth oils looked so good had to order some. They should come any day now. Used your promo code, thank you for that!! The bonus box and a $40 gift card is an awesome deal!!! I have a Moby wrap and love it, the 2 in 1 carrier looks neat too. I really need to start a better morning and evening routine!!

  12. I love the idea of a hip seat! People don't realize that you can really mess up your hip muscles if you constantly have a (not so) tiny human on your hip all day! 2:45 am?!? I am lucky if I get myself out of bed for the gym at 9!

  13. oh my goodness…bless his little heart…Kyle is gonna grow up to be a great man…hope he got a good reward for his help…

  14. First of all, a huge congratulations on hitting 60,000 subscribers! Woohoo ??????
    And, second…thank you for being such an incredible inspiration to me! I enjoy watching you clean, organize, decorate, and cook, but most of all, I love watching you be a mother! And, your love for Jesus is admirable. May all that we do be to glorify Him! ❤

  15. Your home looks so cozy and welcoming. I have 2 girls under the age of two. My almost 2 year old likes to help with putting groceries away and picking up toys ?

  16. My older son loves to help me clean up especially during the mornings he’s got to get ready for school. Very motivating ?

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