【The Beauties of Chinese Antique TV Series】风花雪月谁最美 『古裝女子群像』

I came here to learn a few words, but I still don’t know what they mean Is there anyone here who can explain these words to me? These words are “wind, flowers, snow and moon” It’s easy
You just need to listen to my interpretation The wind came across the mountain and across the water Flowers are scattered into mud and often bloom without fail The snow on the eaves will melt at sunrise The moon represents the distance between us and the ages to come Even though it is the top of a mountain, I will cap it with you Newcomers generally go without hindrance It’s not necessary to investigate the loss of miscellaneous things day and night If I stay away, if I go crazy The deep water flows to the end Those who leave suffer more How can heaven and earth be in the ascendant again and again Don’t give up, don’t forget

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