๐Ÿ”ต TD Jakes – 7 Steps to a Turnaround (Make It Happen in 2019!) – Motivational Video!

We’re going to the Book of Ruth. Hallelujah, I have not forgotten where I am. We’re in the third chapter of the Book
of Ruth, verse one through five. Would you stand for the reading of the
word? Ruth chapter three, verse one through five. Those of you that are just
coming in, you are joining a message that’s already in progress. We’ve been in
a series if you’re just joining us this Sunday you’re going to catch the “B” part
of a series that I’ve been preaching on making it happen mm-hmm and there are
some things that we’ve been on the verge of that we’re about to come into mmm
we’ve been on the verge and it’s so wonderful what God is about to do that
we about tour the church up shouting over just being on the verge of it and
if you think we shouting now wait till we come into what we’ve been on the
verge of we love to tear this place up meet another place a man beginning at
chapter 3 verse 1 then they owe me her mother-in-law said unto her my daughter
shall I not seek rest for thee that it may be well with thee and now if not
more ads of our kindred with whose maidens vow was behold he winter worth
of barley tonight in the threshing floor watch this closely washed myself
therefore and anoint thee put down raiment upon being get me down to the
floor but make not thyself known unto the man until he shall have done eating
and drinking and it should be that when he lieth down that now so marked the
place where he lie and I’ll so go in and uncover his feet and lay thee down and
he will tell thee what thou to do and she said unto her all that thou sayeth
unto me everything you said every step you gave unto me I will do I
want to talk to you about seven steps and it will happen seven steps there’s
simple steps in this text seven things that Naomi told Ruth that if you apply
these seven steps to your life the thing that you’ve been looking forward to
happen will happen I’m gonna give you these steps I won’t take long I’ll get
out of your way I’m not trying to make you shout I’m not trying to make you
happy I’m trying to make you ready trying to make you ready seven
significant steps let’s pray father I thank you for their opportunity you’ve
given me to feed the flock of God of which the Holy Ghost has made me
overseer I seize this opportunity to preach the word without fear and without
favor thank you for being God in the midst of your people thank you because
your word is true heaven and earth shall pass away but your word shall stand
forever speak to us today out of the volume of the book Oh God
that we might hear the Word of God and be edified thereby and we ask it in the
name of Jesus and for his sake we pray somebody shout amen
on your way to your seat look at somebody with defiance in your eyes and
say it will happen the Methodists and the fundamentals of their faith and
concepts of their faith have understood the Methodius the methodology of God
that God is the God that has a method and through understanding his methods we
therefore understand him through understanding his methods were able to
approach him more effectively to understanding his methods we become
acquainted with what’s going to happen and how to approach him because there is
a method to approaching God we don’t just approach God any way and it’s very
difficult in this culture that we’re Ian to teach anything relative to methods
because we have raised the generation of people that have no protocol they just
they just come in and who they want to see and call who they
want to call but in other cultures as a protocol you didn’t come before the king
any kind of way you didn’t do whatever you wanted to do whenever you wanted to
do it and so there is a method that goes along with walking with God that is very
very significant what we’re seeing in the text today is one woman named Naomi
teaching a younger woman named Ruth how to approach Boaz
she gives her seven simple steps that I see as life lessons that can be
effective for any of you who have anything that is pending and you want to
see God do that thing in your life I’m gonna give you those seven steps and I’m
going to get out of your way because the greatest child of victory that you can
have is when this thing begins to work in your life when it begins to operate
for you you begin to move into the things of God are you ready for this
quickly number one you must know what you’re going after you must know what
you are going after you can’t live your life in me and ring around hoping you
hit something and whatever you hit you say that’s what I was aiming at you have
to have a specific target in mind Ruth was just looking for any man she
wasn’t looking for a man she was looking for the man she knew exactly which man
it was she knew exactly where it was she had a specific goal all of her life
was preparing her for this moment her more recent years having been in
Bethlehem she had encountered him – she knew something about him Naomi knew
where he was she knew when he was gonna be there she knew she knew what she was
going after most people don’t succeed at getting what they’re going after because
they don’t take the time to research what they’re going after they asked for
things and then see if they want them but you have to be careful about that
because if you ask for something you might get it and before you start
blaming what all you want to see God do you need to be sure that that’s what you
want to see happen in your life know what you’re going after the old
patriarchs in the Bible before they went after anything they asked God is it your
will for me to have it that’s a very
significant question in knowing what you’re going after before you go after
it ask God is it yours because if it’s not
your then the only reason you’re going after it is because it looked good on
somebody else you begin to covet what belongs to somebody else over and over
through Deuteronomy the Book of Leviticus over and over again God speaks
against coveting things that belong to your neighbor because God didn’t want us
to be jealous of each other he wanted you to only want what he meant for you
to have and not want what he meant for me to have now you say Amen of that but
there’s very few people who live by that principle most people want everything
they see somebody else will they buy clothes that don’t look good on them
they wear hairstyles that don’t look good on them they may buy houses they
can’t afford because they’re trying to keep up with somebody else but if you
really want to be a winner if you really want to come off as successful if you
really want to be bright only go after things that are meant for you to have it
will make you look successful and it actually is not that you’re successful I
can show you or I could make you think that I know kung-fu
I could I could make you think I know kung-fu as long as you let me choose who
I do it to I kicked you in the head if it’s the right one and what makes you
look bright is when you pick your battles there are some things that you
don’t fight because that’s not your fight you don’t get into that thing you
don’t pick those battles you don’t covet what you see somebody else fight down
because they’re anointed to fight that they can do that you might not be gifted
to fight that area and you don’t want to cover it somebody else’s battle or
covering somebody else’s success covet and the other word I want you to think
about is the word Envy because Envy is the attitude that you have about other
people’s success when you become envious of other people’s success you fail to
become everything that God would have you to be and the quickest way to stop
being envious of other people’s success is to know that God has something for
you that everything in your life is preparing you for that
thing that there are in your life defining moments this is a critical
issue there are in your life defining moments moment said if you handle
properly they are pivotal points that change your life for a lifetime it is at
these moments that if you know what you’re going after everything that you
went through before is justified in preparing you for these defining moments
this is basically what Romans 8:28 means when it says all things work together
for the good of them that love the Lord when you come to the defining moments in
your life you can look at the other moments in your life and say lord I
wasn’t happy about that when that happened but when it happened but I’m
glad now that it happened because I realized that if I hadn’t have gone
through that I wouldn’t be ready for this everything you took me through
before was preparing me for this moment and now I’m ready to go after what God
has promised me and receive it at all costs know what you’re going after be
clear about your direction don’t wake up in the morning and see if something’s
gonna happen wake up in the morning to make something happen get up out of the
bed with an agenda oh I lost half of you on that because you’re just so happy
that you got up you don’t care what nerve happened you say well they leave
them up but people get up like that nothing does happen and and the days
turn into weeks and the week’s turned into months and the months turned to
years years of mediocrity is what causes people to be bitter if you want to get
around bitter and complaining people get around people who are not seeing much
activity they’re bitter bitter they’re complaining they’re cynical and they’re
jealous because nothing that nothing is happening if you want to get around less
gossip and less jealousy get around successful busy people because busy
people don’t have time to care what’s going on in your life I have no need to
investigate what’s going on in your life I have so much going on in my own life
that I’m not interested in what I heard that they said that you thought that if
I thought what you said that I didn’t mean if you earned it the only people would have time for that
is people who are not doing anything and they watch your life like it’s a soap
opera because they’re living their life vicariously through you what’s going on
in your life and treats them because nothing is going on in their life and if
you want to stop that from happening to you wake up in the bed and know what
you’re going after get up out of the bed with an agenda when you have an agenda
you don’t spend time worrying about how you feel because it doesn’t make any
difference how you feel you woke up with something to do oh god help me a little
well she says to her number two she says wash your face once your face is a
significant issue because it means literally don’t let your past affect
your present wash your face means wash everything off
you that you collected along your journey and prepare yourself for where
you’re going what’s your path off of you so that it doesn’t pollute your present
you’d be surprised at the people who have ruined where they are with where
they came from you can sit across the table to
interview them and when you start interviewing that they start talking
about what they went through and what they went through on the last job they
just wasn’t ready for me and they just didn’t understand my gifting of the
person of my color and after why you can see bitterness and the whole problem is
regardless whether they went through a bad experience or not the whole problem
is they’ve never washed their face and you’re not ready for what God is about
to give you now because you’re still polluted with what you went through then
you’d be surprised at the people who are married to two or three people not
legally but mentally and emotionally you’re with Fred but you’re still angry
about Jimmy and you got an attitude about Willy and now you would Fred
treating him like he might be Willy and just in case you have a Jimmy used to do
that and I’m telling you right now if you try to and you really weren’t ready to get
married yet because you never washed your face you have readily you have
walked up on this new man with with two layers of other men still clinging on to
your face and you’re ruining your present because your past is still
active in your life the old woman talked the young girl before you go in and
further wash your face look at somebody I don’t care how clean there are look
I’m right in the face and say wash your face wash it off you you can’t go
forward until you washes the pass off you I don’t care how long it takes if it
takes laying on the altar if it takes six months if it takes six years
you cannot go forward until you wash your face you’re not ready for bow ass
until you wash your face you got too much stuff on you from yesterday you
must wash your face oh just sit there I’m gonna get to you clinging issues from the past residue
that we can readily detect I shouldn’t be able to look at you and see your pass
on your face means you didn’t wash your face it is possible to be delivered from
something and still not wash the effects of it out of your lifestyle if you’re
not a lesbian stop pimping even if you have to get in the mirror
and practice walking like a woman practice it I don’t care what you got to
do to wash your face wash your face until people get no longer to look at
you and determine what you were before if you’re not home essential stop
switching get in the mirror and work on it wash your face wash look at somebody say
wash your face wash your face you’d be surprised at the people who can’t figure
out why their life is being polluted they’ve actually been delivered they’ve
actually gone on in their life but they failed a wash from their face where they
came from and they look like where they were and so they’re still penalized as
if they were where they were even though they’ve come up higher they didn’t wash
their face you gotta wash your pass off of you or you will forfeit your
opportunity to go forward and you’ll be angry at people and upset at people but
people wouldn’t be talking about you if you were just wash your face now they
told roof wash your face girl you can’t go to the bed of Bo ass looking like a
Moabite it amazing how God’s will and purpose will take you to places that if
you’re not prepared for you will keep losing them and not know
why because nobody has the nerve to look you in the eye and tell you face to face
you need to wash your face education doesn’t fix this education does not fix
it you can go to the University have more degrees than a thermometer and
still talk like a hoochie somebody said what is that who will tell
you later it’s bad you don’t want to know it’s not anything you want to be
but but you you haven’t washed your face you had the academics you have the
intellect you have the ability you had the school loan you have the tenacity
you did everything you got the degree you’re in the upper echelon you’re
moving amongst certain people of influence and affluence but you’re not
able to handle it because you’ve never washed your face you might as well be in
the back of a trailer over in the project somewhere
spitting watermelon seeds over your Grandmama’s backports because for all of
your training education you never didn’t wash your face and prepare yourself for
where you are now and you’re trying to change the whole system to fit you when
you have to fit the situation everything’s not gonna change for you
you’ve got to all God who am I talking to today the second the third thing the
third point on what you get she says anoint your face anoint your face which
basically means put on a fresh attitude there knowing that they’re facing the
Bible days that did to them what makeup does stuff it it brightened your
countenance it gave you a fresh clean glowing look and that’s what the
anointing does it gives you a glowing look it gives you an effervescence it
gives you a sense of excitement it gives you a positive attitude where you walked
into a room glowing understand this is something you have to put on this is not
you you put it on our generation has a philosophy keeping it real and we think
keeping it real means expressing everything you think but keeping it real
will keep you broke it will keep you unemployed it will keep you divorced
because people really cannot handle that they don’t want that what they want from
you is to come to work with your face glowing and walk up and say good morning
may I help you today it’s such a joy to see you this way right this way we’ll be
with you in just a few moments they don’t want you to coming there
scratching your hand brother-in-law I had
Justin service traffic and my babies babysitting with late and I’m not
fitting a big dude today my head his head but they ought to be glad I’m here
nobody wants to hear that they want you to put it on whether it’s
you or not put it on see people never teach you this but it the Bible said put
ye on the Lord Jesus it doesn’t matter whether you feel spiritual or not if
you’re going to fight the devil put ye on the Lord Jesus walk into the
anointing of the holy God it doesn’t matter whether you feelin on
it nobody feels annoying it all the time but you must put it off because if you
don’t start changing your attitude you will miss your altitude God will want to
take you up but your attitude will keep pulling you back down and you’ll wonder
what’s cursing you it’s not a demon cursing you it’s not a witch cursing you
it’s your countenance person you they don’t hire you because they don’t like
you and when people don’t like you they don’t work with you oh you’re not ready
for this how many times have you been approached by a sales clerk who couldn’t
sell you anything because they had a bad attitude somebody else walked up to you
and shoulder to you and you bought it with the quickness because they knew how
to approach you don’t think that it’s all about the product it’s about the
personality too if you got a personality God will bless you even the Lord didn’t
want you to serve him with an attitude the Bible says serve the Lord with
gladness he didn’t ask you how you felt he says he’s gonna do something for me
do it smiling come before my presence with Thanksgiving he said I want you to
come before me singing don’t come in here moaning and groaning and when I
start not to come to church like you did God a favor he said when you hit my
house come in singing this is the day this is the day
that the hard happen it don’t matter how you feel put it on when you put it on
God will change how you feel he will give you the garment of praise for the
spirit of heaviness but you’ve got to put it on until it becomes you I know in your face get a new glow
you’re coming into a new era and God is getting you ready for new things and you
can’t bring that old sad sombre depress defeated I got an attitude
head bopping me jerkin attitude and expect to receive what God has for you
if God has given you a new day and a new opportunity it is time for you to anoint
your face number four change your garments change your garments changing
your garments means to prepare for something that hasn’t even happened yet
she hadn’t even made it to Boaz’s but Ruth Naomi told us before you can go
you’ve got to get the garments on now for where you’re going to be then to be
prepared God is going to bless people who are prepared a prepared person in a
prepared place prepared pre before pair their word pair PA re pair pairing knife
you know what a paring knife either when you when you take an apple and you take
a paring knife you can peel it with a paring knife because it cuts to the
contours of a particular shape it’s a parent pre pear pre-cut pre-cut into
shape prepared for something that hadn’t even happened yet
are there any faith filled people in the room
see because I want to tell the faith-filled people what it means not to
change your garments for a place you haven’t gotten to means that number one
now of us all of a sudden if you do this you will look ridiculous where you are
because you are prepared for where you’re going though you’re not where
you’re going yet you’re already prepared for something that hasn’t happened yet
well why would you do that because when it does happen you won’t have a chance
to get ready you’re gonna have to be ready when it does happen and not
talking to anybody and the other thing you have to understand is anytime you
get ready for something that hasn’t happened yet you feel out of place with
what is happening have you ever been in a hotel or somewhere and you were going
to a wedding and you had on a tux or a down and everybody else forgot on
swimming trunks and blue jeans bigotry go down to the pool and you come
down in the lobby with your tux or your gown on and everybody’s looking at you
and you know how you immediately want to explain I’m going to a wedding I’m going
to a wedding because you know you look ridiculous
but but but not if you understood where I was going I’m going to wait and what
you do is rather than to tell everybody I’m going to a wedding you start
striking up a conversation with somebody well what time does the wedding start
well it’s not that you really want to know what time the wedding start you’re
trying to explain to anybody everybody why you look different because when you
look different from the people you’re around people like funny
but you’ve got to understand that you don’t need to tell them all of that
because when they saw you in the tux what you put on and told them that you
weren’t going to the pool you need to prepare in the direction
that you’re going is I want to be able to look at your preparation and see your
destination your destination needs to be on you right now understand my brothers
and sisters that when you do put it on there’s going to be a certain amount of
peer pressure where people start treating you differently where you are
because you’re dressed for where you’re going but let them stare it’s worth them
staring to be prepared touch the neighbor and tell them I’m
prepared it hadn’t happened yet but I’m dressed for it I’m ready for it I’m
learning about it I’m ready to do it I’m ready to walk them to it I’m ready to
receive it I’m practicing on being blessed I’m getting ready for it right
now when it does happen I’ll already have my stuff when it does happen I’ll
already be in place when the cry is made the whole the bridegroom cometh I’m
gonna have my stuff prepared to go out to meet him you should have got ready
when I was preaching get ready get ready get ready get ready get ready get ready
I’m not preaching get ready get ready get ready get ready get ready because
now you ought to be ready be ready be ready be ready be ready be ready you
ought to be ready right now for things that your eyes haven’t seen and your
ears haven’t heard you ought to be so ready that people who knew you before
ought to be confused by what you’re doing right now
I said there ought to be saying stuff like see things see so much now he’s trying to be all of that I knew
him win who am i preaching to everything my God my God my God my God my God this is says get down to the floor
that’s number five she says go to the place in other words moving to the place
where the blessing is going to come if you ever noticed that whenever
depression comes one of the first things it tries to do is get you to stay in the
house because the devil knows that in order to get a certain level of
blessings you have to be in a certain place and he’ll do anything he can to
get you to be all dressed up but in the wrong place it’s a dangerous thing to
stay too long in a place that you’re overdressed it’s alright to be in the
lobby as long as you leave but if you’re gonna stay in the lobby too long it will
mess things up because you got to move into the place that you are preparing
for that’s why no matter how much I love people I can’t stay in no place that I’m
not trying to be if I’m trying to go to the next level it doesn’t matter where I
start it matters where I finish and I don’t mind you seeing me dressed
differently from you as long as you understand moan my way you know how
y’all y’all on the way to the beach y’all have fun
you’re going to pull have a good time yea I’m going on over here why why am I going in this direction
because he’s calling me he’s calling me you gone wherever you
want to go going to the beach gone swimmin do what you want to do play Bid
Whist gentlemanly or something I don’t care do whatever it is you want to do
but he’s calling me he’s calling me he’s calling me he’s calling me and here she
comes into a new environment because she’s getting in the place and when you
start getting in the place you don’t fit you don’t fit but you there see being
successful is lonely because you didn’t fit where you came from because she was
dressed for where you’re going and you don’t fit where you’re going because you
just left where you came from and so you got to be prepared to be a misfit if
God’s gonna give you this blessing if you gotta have a strong support system
you can’t get this level of blessing because you’re too in to be out but
you’re too out to be in you you’re too close to your destiny to let your
history hinder you from getting to your destiny and so when you start moving
into your destiny you’re in the position but you don’t feel comfortable is there
anybody in here who knows what it’s like to be in a position that God gave you
and you don’t feel comfortable in it you’re in it but you don’t feel worthy
of it you don’t feel right to be in it you feel how to place in it but God gave
it to you well get in the place and stay there God knew who you were when he put
you in the position stop feeling sorry for yourself and stop feeling unworthy
and get yourself ready for what God he did me tell you he would do a new thing
you didn’t he tell you he would make you the head and not the tail don’t blow
this miracle dis mirror who am i preaching to this miracle is for you so she’s moving into a place that you
never stop moving in the place I’m moving into place I’m giving myself
situated try and get into place and the next one can I give you this next one
I’m almost through when she got to the next station said now when you get into
place this is critical when you get in the place Ruth shut your mouth she says don’t get in the place and try
to make something happen all God wants you to do is get in the place and wait
she says get to the bed of bow ass and don’t wait now here this woman is is all
dressed up in the bed of bow ass excited waited all of her life on the verge of
her miracle something that’s gonna change her destiny and the one that
God’s gonna use to change it is sleep in the strange to be excited about
something nobody’s excited but you and your first tendency is try to make them
be excited about something they’re not excited about but God says just wait
touch three people and say just wait just wait don’t try to make it happen
don’t try to force it to happen don’t try to throw out your business card
don’t try to get no reputation for yourself just be prepared and just wait
when you wait on the Lord said whoever this is that needed to get this message
you not gonna have to open this door God is going to open this door for you win
win win when God opens the door let me tell this ahead a few folks who know
what it’s like for God to open the door when God opens the door it’s
mind-boggling it seems like it comes out of nowhere it just happens just when the
devil said you wasn’t go get up just with your flesh said you’re too stupid
and you’ll never be anything God just opens up the door he said I set before
you an open door let me tell you what’s good about God opening the door if you
open the door you have to keep it open but when God opens the door he said
doors are open doors are open no man can shut them
whoever I’m preaching to the day God is getting ready to open up a door for you
that is utterly mind-boggling you won’t have to defend it you won’t have to
fight for it all you got to do is stand still and see the salvation of the Lord
God is going to open the door if you just wait on them they that wait upon
the Lord shall renew that strength if you just wait on him this time you will
walk through the door into your destiny you just stop you’re going to get your
breakthrough and all you got to do is wait touch somebody and tell them
something is about to happen ah I’ve been feeling it I’ve been feeling it I’ve been feeling
it I’ve been feeling it for a long time I’ve been right on the verge for a long
time but the thing that I’ve been on the verge of is about to happen in my life
and so I’m going to just sit here like roots and wait on the Lord for he may
not come when you warn him but he’s right on time and though the vision teri
I’m just going to wait on him they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their
strength there’s about upon ways like heals they
serve one and not be weary they shall walk and not Satan devil I’m not gonna
fence if you wanted me to faint you should have gotten me to faint in Moab
you should have got me to faint when I was in the court or other field you
should have got me to faint when I was waiting on people to drop me a blessing
but after going through hell and high water I will not faint now touch
somebody say I will not fail I will not fade now because my blessing
is about to take all of my life and I’m on the verge of the greatest miracle
I’ve ever had in my way I understand you devil and I respect you I see why you
fought me you knew I was getting close didn’t you yeah I see why you tried to
kill me you do it was about to happen for me didn’t you
I see why you tried to mess up my name you knew God was about to use me but I
tell you what I’m going to do I’m going to stand still and see the salvation of
the Lord touch your neighbor and say something’s about to open up for you
something here about to open up for you something in
to open up for you and all I’m concerned about it says you’re ready I just want
you to be ready for what God is about to open up in your life and so Ruth was
just laying there waiting and when you’re waiting your flesh will say you
ought to do something but there are some times that you are not doing nothing
what do you do when you don’t know what to do
sometimes you don’t do nothing at all but just know that God have not
forgotten you and when the time is right and you’re in the right place and you
get the right place for the right pace if the timing of God can I tell you
about the timing of God God have the time to bless you and when it’s your
time to be blessed I don’t care how many other people wanted that blessing when
it’s your time to be blessed what God has for you is for you look at your
neighbor and say goodbye the hand say neighbor
I clap for you every time you succeed I’ve encouraged you every time you get
bless I waited in line I held my peace but it’s my turn now it’s my turn now
it’s my turn now it’s my turn I don’t know who I’m preaching to but you’ve
been holding your peace for a long time and the Lord sent you here today to find
out it’s your turn to be blessed somebody prays and right now yes yes yes
high-five somebody say it’s about time it’s about time it’s about time I’ve
been laying here feeling rejected I’ve been laying here feeling forgotten I’ve
been laying here feeling overlooked but it’s about time for my breakthrough it’s
about time for my miracle somebody give God a praise right now somebody who’s got a watch look at what
time it is and say it’s my time now it’s my time now I’ve been waiting on it but
it’s my time now praise it for your time God said just in time now I’m going to
bless you somebody say and I’ll be out of your way
number seven number seven roots never spoke to bow
ass until Boaz spoke to her and number seven is never try to shine when the
light ain’t on here it’s a cheap trick to try to be wonderful when it’s not
your time but when you find out it’s your time that’s the time for you to
come out no-holds-barred and give it everything you got
touch somebody say giving everything when a woman gets ready to have a baby
they monitor how strongly she pushes and say don’t push now because it’s not time I see folks
pushing all over the place trying to birth stuff and at a time trying to open
up a co company and open up this and start worldwide ministry go here and
there you got a two year old you got the right idea but it’s the wrong time and
so you got a ride home God you gotta wait on the right time and no matter how
much you want to push but all doctors say don’t push it
it’s not time and the nurses say in a few minutes I want you to push and when
I tell you to push I want you to stand up in these stirrups I want you to give
it everything you got and when a woman really wants to have a baby
she don’t worry about looking cute she don’t worry about a hairstyle when she
really gets ready to push I mean she starts acting like a football player she
feels her cheeks up with hair she balls up her fists because she’s getting ready
to push touch your neighbor and say I’m getting ready to push
you better give me some room I didn’t ready to push I’m getting ready to get
my miracle huh you didn’t do it till it was time huh but when it was time grab
somebody by the head said get ready now when it’s your time to push go for broke
when he the Bible said he woke up suddenly and discovered Ruth in his bed
and he said who is this woman and she said I’m Ruth the Moabitess and the
reason I’m here is that I need you to cover me with your skirts she knew who
she was she knew where she was and she knew why she was when it’s your time you
got to know who you are you got to know where you are you got to know why you
are you can’t still be trying to figure out what you want from the Lord when God
gives you a miracle you got to go for it and name it look at somebody and say
Navin now watch this when it was her time she was not afraid
to speak up for herself ruse trip wasn’t knowing when to be silent and knowing
when to speak whoo it reminds me of the children of Israel marching around the
Jericho wall i heard mr. pearson mention it this morning
I used to think it was the shout that made the wall come down but I didn’t
realize that it was the silence they spent more days in silence than they did
in shouting and if it was a shout that broke down the wall then it was the
silence that made the shout yes because what makes a shout a shout is when it’s
contrasted by silence and so you got to walk around and say nothing until you
get the sign and when you get the sign that’s when you got to let it fly I
don’t know who I’m preaching to but whoever it is you’re not on the first
step you’re not on the second step you’re not on the third step not on the
fourth the fifth or the sixth step it’s time now for you to kick in the gear and
sound on the God if you push now if you push now if you
push now if you push now if you push now if you push now but but I tried to push
for foreign and the company fair and I tried to press before my son’s fiance
did get said man I tried to push before my husband ferry went coming in it said
I’m not talking about what you did before
if you push okay miss Johnson okay miss Johnson get a deep breath get it be
breath get a deep breath calm yourself get ready miss Johnson get ready get
ready get ready get ready right okay all right come on come on come on mister
push come on push push now plus plus plus plus plus plus
once plus plus plus plus plus plus what now the only people I want to
preach to is people who want to see it happen look at somebody say it will
happen Tessa by us it will happen
I want you to get up on your feet just you just you just see the rest of it you
don’t have to get up put down your notepad put away your
Bible get your pocketbook out of your hair cuz we didn’t ready to push did in
your mind the things that you’re expecting God to do in your life in your
finances in your marriage in your ministry in your body in your spirit
get it in your mind get ready see it happening see yourself moving
into it you already wash your face you through
with your pass you’re already anointed yourself with
fresh all you got a new attitude you already changed your garments huh you
got the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness you already moved into the
place change your environment change your friendship you already held your
peace and waited your turn that get ready get ready get ready are you ready
are you ready are you ready the thing that God told you he was gonna do in
your life it’s time now for it to happen that’s why all hell has been breaking
loose in your life because this time for that thing to
happen huh that’s why you’ll be going through labor pains to come this time
for that thing to happen you couldn’t push it sooner because it wasn’t time
yet but now it is your time are you Anna
get somebody by the head get him by the head get it by the head we get ready to
bus when my wife started twisting see like two broke my fingers get rid get you a deep breath imagine you maybe see your business see
your company see a book the contractor see your restoration Center see that
marriage see that thing that God taught you people caught doing that I’d see it
say it said said said are you ready are you ready are you ready it’s time boss some of the Chloe Chloe Chloe glory glory glory it will
I’ve been shot it it will profit you

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