10 Amazing Handmade Cars That Are On Another Level…

Have you ever thought about what your dream
car is? Maybe a Rolls Royce or a Lamborghini? Probably something along those lines right? Fast, flashy, and above all, very expensive. For most people that seems to be the way it
goes, however for some incredibly creative people out there, money isn’t stopping them,
and instead of just going out and purchasing their dream cars, they get their hands dirty
and set out to build them. While you’ll probably never be lucky enough
to see these cars in action, we’ve done the hard work for you, and today we’re gonna
take a look at some of the most incredible, extreme, and downright unbelievably cool handmade
cars the world has ever seen. Ready to be amazed? Lets get it on! LAMBORGHINI AVENTADOR
Many people dream of having a Lamborghini, but by the basic rules of economics, most
people will never be able to afford one. While most people will call it a dream car,
for Russian youtuber and mechanic Ilya Strekalovsky, that just wasn’t enough. Ilya decided that a lamborghini wouldn’t just
be a dream car, it would be a dream project, and so he set to work constructing his very
own Lamborghini Aventador. Believe it or not, this insane blue supercar
is built out of the basic components and engine of a Nissan Maxima, while the body was handcrafted
and custom mounted by Ilya himself, as he details over the course of several months
in several videos on his channel. To up the performance of the Maxima engine,
Ilya handcrafted any pieces he couldn’t find second hand, or any that really just didn’t
exist because, there isn’t exactly a big market for handmade lamborghinis out there. The homemade aventador commonly turns heads
whenever it hits the streets, and I totally understand why. You could stare at this car all day and never
think it was anything less than the original Italian supercar! All in all, it just goes to show that you
don’t have to shell out a quarter million to get your dream car, you’ve just gotta call
upon your inner Tony Stark. RUSSIAN CYBER-TRUCK
Enter Garage 54, a Russian Youtube channel run by a rather ingenious auto mechanic who
takes on a ton of original car building projects. After seeing the hype around the cybertruck,
Garage 54 set to work on making their own version of it, and at first glance, you might
actually just think this is an unfinished test model from the Tesla factory itself. But take a closer look and you’ll realize
that this is far from any regular old prototype. Made from the body of a UAZ van and actual
scrap metal, the polished angular body really does match the look of Elon’s crazy concept. While not everything about the car is perfect,
for example it has no doors so passengers have to climb in through the hatchback, it’s
actually totally driveable, and has caused quite a stir on social media whenever passerbys
in rural Russia see a car that shouldn’t even be available in major cities for another
year casually riding around. While this custom may be cool, I think I’ll
probably wait around for the real thing. VAYDOR
Suicide Squad was many things, but this isn’t a movie review channel. No we’re talking about cool handmade cars,
and believe it or not, Suicide Squad actually featured a pretty amazing one. No matter what you thought of the Joker’s
redesign, you’ve gotta admit that his purple supercar looks amazing. While at first glance this might just seem
like a tricked out Aventador or Lycan like something out of Fast and Furious, but actually
this car, better known as the Vaydor, can be yours too for about the same price as a
Toyota Prius. How is this possible? Look through the dreams and hard work of Matt
McEntegart, car designer extraordinaire. Matt runs a custom car shop with the idea
of bringing supercar levels of luxury to the average consumer. By stripping down all the body plating of
average, affordable cars, he creates blank canvases on which to build whatever he can
dream of for little more than the cost of fiberglass and paint. And with its sleek body and crazy handling
on the road, it’s easy to see why the Vaydor was the perfect pick for the kind of car The
Joker might rip through the streets of Gotham in. Just remember, if someone tells you that you’ll
never be able to achieve your dreams, follow Matt’s example, and just make it happen
At first glance you might think the Maverick just looks like an antique car from the 1920s,
but look a little harder and you might see…Is that a propeller? Someone had not just the crazy idea to combine
a plane and a car, but the crazy genius to actually construct it. And while you can whip around on the freeway
in style in this classy looking car, tucked away inside is your ticket onto an airfield:
a massive set of wings and a crazy high canopy. Hit the gas down the airstrip, and see a scene
straight out of science fiction, a real flying car. With a price tag of 96 thousand dollars, the
maverick might be a little on the expensive side for a car, but it’s on the very cheap
side for a plane. Honestly it seems like the ultimate uber ride,
you can avoid all the traffic, turning plenty of heads all the while. LANDSPEEDER
As colorful and deep as the internet can be, it’s easy to lose sight of how cool some of
the stuff you can find online is until you stumble across something really mind blowing. Well the Landspeeder is definitely one thing
that could stir that appreciation in you. Plucked straight out of the alien worlds of
Star Wars, the Landspeeder was hand-dreamed and designed by none other than a YouTuber,
the imaginative engineer Colin Firth. Originally coming from nothing more than the
body of a stripped down golf cart, Colin has custom fitted pieces of sheet metal, fiberglass
and other materials to make the iconic outer body of Luke Skywalker’s original vehicle
from the first films. Made to be pretty close to scale, the Landspeeder
measures over 12 feet long, and weighs just over a thousand pounds, which makes it all
the more impressive to hear that this heavy contraption can reach speeds of more than
40 miles per hour on the highway! Not sure how fast the real Landspeeder might’ve
gone, but that’s a lot faster than most things on a desert planet could probably move. At the end of the day it goes to show that
with some inspiration and a bit of hard work and determination, you can accomplish even
the most out-there seeming dreams you can think of. BATMOBILE
Of all the fictional cars out there, the Batmobile is arguably the most famous, and realistically
one of the best. However what better way to make something
that’s cool in fiction even cooler, than by actually making it in real life? That’s where Zac Mihajlovic started his
own superhero journey. Inspired by the 1980s iteration of the big-screen
batmobile, Zac along with the help of his grandfather got to work constructing as close
to a copy as they could muster. And while there are 9 other replicas of this
version of the batmobile in existence, Zac boasts owning the only one that’s not only
driveable but legally able to be driven, which allows for some seriously awesome trips around
town. Plus if you really wanted to, you could even
use it to make homemade s’mores. Honestly, I don’t think I’ve ever seen
a more unique vehicle than this! LIMOJET
Limousines are often seen as the peak of class and elegance, but for Frank DeAngelo, professional
limo builder, a limo just wasn’t high class enough. So what’s a step up from a limousine? Well a private jet of course, so how do you
make a limo or a private jet even better? Combining the two, and fusing them into the
incredible Limojet. No really, look at this thing. It’s an actual limojet! The limojet is a custom built supercar, having
cost over a million dollars to build, and listing at 5 million dollars on the market
if anyone out there is interested. Moreover, it’s also entirely street legal,
even while measuring in at 42 feet long, and if you’re taking a ride in this fiberglass
beast, the party doesn’t stop when you step outside, with its built in external and interior
sound system, complete with 12 inch subwoofers and a whole mess of stealthily hidden speakers. While the limojet doesn’t exactly get airborne,
riding around town in this is no doubt gonna turn a lot more heads than you’d get in
the sky, so it’s a pretty fair trade-off for such a unique custom vehicle. And while it runs on regular gasoline, how
you’re ever supposed to park this thing at a gas station is something I don’t think
I’ll ever figure out. Either way, if fueling up your five million
dollar limo jet is the biggest problem you’ve got, then life is probably going pretty well. ICE G-WAGON
Russia is famous for being unforgivably cold, and if you’ve ever lived in the extreme
cold you’ll know that getting your car to start under those conditions can be a bit
challenging to say the least. But, what better way to combat the cold than
to harness its power and make it your own? It’s actually what the team over at Garage
54 in Russia took on as a winter project, by creating a fully functional, and life-accurate
Mercedes G Wagon entirely out of ice! Using the cold to their advantage, the team
took the body and mechanics of a car and covered it in massive ice blocks, weighing a total
of 6 metric tonnes, and froze them into place with nothing but water and Siberian temperatures. Using an ice sculpting chainsaw, they whittled
down the blocks to perfectly match the shape of the German luxury vehicle, and even added
in neon lights that shine through the translucent body of the ice car and give it an almost
magical air. The motor and other internal components are
fully functional, and the so engineer behind this crazy cool contraption takes it out on
the town, to provide an impromptu show for any passerbys wild enough to go out and about
in the Siberian winter. I’m pretty sure that thing’s not fitted
with heated seats, so I’ll be more than satisfied just looking at it from a screen,
thank you very much. CARDBOARD LEXUS
Cars are traditionally made of sturdy materials like metal, steel, or fiberglass, things that
can stand up high speed collisions and the elements of the outside world, but sometimes
you’ve gotta push the status quo to get some heads turning, and after years of making
ordinary cars, the team over at Lexus came up with the crazy idea to make a car entirely
out of cardboard. Inspired by the art of origami, the team of
high class automotive engineers got to work on their unbelievable project that pretty
much anyone would say is bound to fail. Against all odds, and running on sheer determination
and creativity, they proved all the naysayers wrong and created an incredible piece of automotive
art. The interior of the cardboard car features
every facet of an actual Lexus IS, from seats to steering wheel, even the wheels were perfectly
crafted to be able to hold the weight of the body and the real mechanical and electrical
components tucked away under the cardboard hood. All in all the experimental project required
over 1700 individually designed pieces of cardboard, which were able to be laser-cut
in a matter of weeks. The best part? It actually drives. Imagine being stuck in traffic behind a fully
functional car made entirely out of paper! Just be sure to keep an eye on the weather
or things may go south pretty quickly. RUNGE CARS
One of the selling points of crazy designer cars like Lamborghinis and Ferraris is usually
the craftsmanship behind the car itself; the idea that there’s something unique and special
about, not just how the car was designed, but how it was put together. Luckily, Chris Rünge is definitely counting
on that, because when he gets to work on some of his eye catching, mesmerizing and above
all, original cars it can take well over 2 thousand hours to arrive at the completed
product, but with results like these, the wait is definitely worth it. Using the same kinds of tool blacksmiths in
medieval England might have wielded, Runge manually builds the frame and body of the
car before hard-working the metal for the exterior, still leaving it with that smooth
and finish look in a way that’s just naturally way more impressive than anything off an assembly
line. While based on the order the price is always
going to vary, Chris’ cars are so precisely and famously well made that they can fetch
a whopping two hundred and seventy five thousand dollar price tag each, and that’s on the lower
end. Still, one project can take almost 6 full
months to complete, but with results like these, I’d say most people aren’t gonna mind
waiting for their custom Runge Car.

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