10 Things ALL Best Friends Do!!

Hey guys! It’s Wengie. Welcome back and friendship hugs! Today I’m going to be like sharing all the things that I do with my best friend. Actually I’m curious to know how many of these ten things you guys do with your best friends as well. Give me a number out of ten as to how many of these you guys relate to and this video was done in collaboration with Gel-a-Peel where I made this adorable, cute friendship bracelet and I’m going to be showing you guys how I made this during the video, so yeah. I’m so excited. How pretty are the colors? They’re like unicorn colors, but hold up! If you guys aren’t part of the fam yet here already, I encourage you guys to join. Just click the subscribe button and you’ll be automatically entered into the current MacBook Air giveaway, which we’re running and the only other thing you need to do to enter is be part of my Vlog Squad, which means subscribe to my vlog channel, which is linked down below. Good luck with that and for this week’s like challenge let’s try and get 138,000 likes, so click that button and let’s get on with the video. Let’s go. Hey Wendy, I got to go now. Bye! Okay, see ya Wendy, Wendy, Wendy! I made us frienship bracelets. Aww! It’s so cute. Thank you! Look! We’re matching. *gasp* I love it. I know, right? So pretty like unicorns.~ I think it’s so cute to DIY your own friendship bracelets for your bestie and usually I would use beads, but now you can actually make your own beads out of a Gel-a-Peel sparkle bead station which I thought was so cool. So we’re gonna quickly cut to a DIY tutorial so I can show you guys how it’s done! So to start open up these drying stations. Now take out the rods and clip on onto the design station and now you’re ready to design your own beads like this! The’re three glitter gel tubes included and I love the colours because they’re so unicorn and they’ve got glitter like what else do you guys want You can use the included design templates or create your own design! And, that way you can customise and personalise your jewellery to any style you want Make sure you leave some room on both sides of the rod so you can easily remove it from the design station And let it dry on the rack right here and once it’s dry, gently wriggle the beads off the rod but be careful with the thinner designs guys And then measure out the lanyard that’s included to your wrist before threading the beads through And you’re done! It’s such a cute unicorn friendship bracelet You make so many different things out of this station And I love how it lets you to be creative and it’s like a DIY gift that you friends are gonna love Wendy, Wendy! Since you liked the last one so much, I made you more! Wow, thank you! Cute right So many! So pretty right Friends forever! What do you wanna eat? Oh, okay I’ll get them for you No probs Oh hey Wengie, do you wanna come over? Sure! When’s good for you? Any time’s fine Okay, see you Wengie: Bye!
Wendy: Alright, see you soon Oh my God do you know who I bumped into on the way? It was so crazy I like banana Really? What do you like about banana? Well, it’s sweet and even though they’re hard on the outside, the stuff’s mushy on the inside! Yeah Well if you like banana, I’ll take apple Sound good I want banana, got any? Sorry we don’t have any Banana *Ringtone* Oh my God Wengie Wengie you will not believe who I just saw! What? Where am I? Who? It’s banana he’s at Starbucks, you’ve got to get here right away What, Banana? Oh my God, I’m on my way! Okay, see ya Hey Wendy! Oh hi Wengie! Huh? Twinies! Mmh! This is so good! So good Wengie you have something in your teeth What? Do I? Uh, yeah Where is it? Right in the middle! Oh Is it gone? [Music] Which one should I wear to the party? [Music] Hmm Definitely the pink one! [Music] Hey Wengie what are you – *foot hits table leg* *Foot hits table leg* *Foot hits table leg* Oh my God, are you okay? Ohhh! My toe! Oh hang on, hang on [Music] What are you doing? Help me! I am! What filter do you want? The deer one! Okay! Cheese! [Music] *Camera shutter sound* Ohh! You look beautiful by the way Oww! [Music] *Ringtone* Hello? Hey Wendy, did you get any of my texts from before? Uh, no What do you mean? See your texts! What? Hold on, let me check [Music] Did you get them? Yeah I got all 50 of them, thanks Alright so how many out of these ten did you guys relate to? Give me a number down below Also if you guys haven’t checked out Gel-A-Peel I encourage you guys to have a look at it It’s just something I really would’ve loved to have grown up with To make DIY bracelets for my friends I think it’s so cute I love the sparkly colours Who could say no to glitter and unicorn colours? So I’ve linked it down below don’t forget to check it out if you haven’t already During the week I hang out with #wengiecorns on my social media And until next week, I’ll see you soon Bye! *Kiss* Love you!

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  2. I can relate to this all, especially the the text one.
    Wengie, I am 10 years old and I believe in unicorns!
    Please like or pinn my coment wengieeeee. Love your vids from the start😃🤗😍🦄 say hello from me to max,Mia and Mello.
    I am a cat lover too.cats and unicorn for life!🐈

  3. Me and my bff
    °spend hours not talking
    °friendship bracelets
    °short texts only
    °mostly having our own language
    °code words
    °spotting crush
    °always being honest

  4. whos reading this wait are all of you aaaaaaaahhhhh i forgot to do my makeup i gotta go is wengie looking i doest got out of bed

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