10 Weirdest Things Found In Old Homes

ten weirdest things left my previous
homeowners number ten hundreds of snakes back in September 2009 Idaho couple
Benin and the sessions couldn’t believe their luck when they happened upon a
house for the bargain price of one hundred and eighty thousand dollars but
surely after they moved in the pair saw an alarming number of long boys
slithering through the house and it only got worse over time at the peak of the
problem been claimed that he killed 43 snakes in one day a number only bested
by Medusa’s hairdresser that’s more than I hope to see well ever even worse the
water took on a foul taste and smell as a result of the anti predator pheromones
released by the creatures it turned out that they had been told the previous
owners made up the snake problem to abandon the house and the none existed
in reality the snakes really drove him out just like the sessions who had to
file for bankruptcy in order to leave neighbours even confessed to the local
news that they would have warned them about the snake house but if they knew
someone was moving in well you know what they say if something seems too good to
be true it’s probably crawling with snakes number 9 mortar moving into a new
house can always be a source of surprises especially when it comes to
former occupiers leaving their junk for you to clean up okay junk is one thing
but junk that can leave you with a lot less house to pay the mortgage on that’s
or less okay that seemed to be the case for the DeForest family of Goshen
Indiana when they moved into their new home as they were cleaning out the
basement to make way for a man cave Linda DeForest spotted what she thought
was a torpedo in any case it was something that was liable to go boom
luckily for them their son was an active-duty soldier on leave so he was
on hand to advise as to whether it was likely to reduce their home to rubble or
just pave the way for some involuntary renovation he told them it was a mortar
that had shown no signs of being deactivated so as you do Lee de forests
called the bomb squad luckily they found the water was inert and probably
memorabilia left by a former homeowner what a way to mess with the
new inhabitants number eight behind the bookcase in 2005 the Brown family of
South Carolina purchased a foreclosed home the bargain sum of 75 thousand
dollars of course when you’re saving hundreds of thousands of dollars on a
property purchase you need to keep an eye out but few people would expect this
after the family began renovations they found a passageway behind a bookcase
seriously could it be the Batcave or a secret nefarious lab well no the passage
led to a hidden room bearing in this note hello if you’re reading this then
you’ve found the secret room I owned this house for a short while and it was
discovered to have a serious mold problem one that actually made my
children very sick to the point that we had to move out upon inspection the room
was found to be crawling with toxic Stachybotrys Aspergillus and Penicillium
mold at five times normal levels after reaching out to the previous owners the
Browns learned that they had bankrupted themselves to abandon the house and
actually snuck back in to leave the notes when they saw it was up for sale
again without fixing the problem that’s so strange I’ve never heard of an
unscrupulous realtor before number seven cryptic videotapes the denizens of
Redditt loves sharing their spookiest stories there are endless subreddits
dedicated to such nightmare fuel whether real or otherwise like many it’s hard to
tell with this one so online you decide for yourself back in 2013 a redditor
with the username lumberjack posted pictures of a previously unknown
crawlspace in his home that contained in this safe inside were various letters a
set of old videotapes in an unusual format and this note reading save
yourself now that’s pretty darn creepy almost too creepy for the real world
many users thought the same so some decided to look into lumberjack
redditors TV arra even claimed that the whole enterprise was a marketing ploy by
linking Lumberjacks previous posts to a filmmaker by the name of Ryan him
Andrews who had a film coming out called you guessed it save yourself well while
that sound a suspect it was never actually
proved and lumberjack even responded with his driver’s license to prove he
wasn’t the person he was accused of being number six the previous homeowner
buying a house that you’ve never seen is always going to be a risk hence why
they’re so cheap at auction that said I don’t think anyone could
expect to see this in 2007 spanish catalan jorge Jiro purchased a new home
in the north eastern region of the country at an auction i hope you’re
seeing a trend here thing is jorge turned out to be the first person to set
foot in the house for six years well living person anyway so – it’s quite
understandable shock george found a mummified body inside the house it
turned out that the body was that of the previous homeowner maria luiza Zamora
who failed to pay off a mortgage and died in 2001 but after the house was
foreclosed no one actually thought to look in sight add the salty sea air of
the town into the mix and you’re left with a body preserved in other words
mummified for six years until our friend George showed up as the first person to
see Maria after she died number five cats in the walls witches have long been
depicted as having feline familiars but unlike a lot of horror tropes
there’s quite a bit of precedent for that idea whether it’s in art literature
or houses in centuries past the supposed connection with witchcraft led to
beliefs that cats could also be a protective force against witches magic
and the supernatural it was even thought the cats had a sixth sense that could
detect ghosts so the logical move for many god-fearing folk in north Europe in
North America was to put the body of a deceased cat inside the walls of one’s
home normally in a place considered vulnerable to witches they aren’t
uncommon to find around the Western world but in one case the Goron
particular leader attention engineers in Pendle Hill Lancashire England uncovered
a 17th century cottage near the site of a witch trial featuring you guessed it a
mummified cat in the wall and it’s not just furry friends you can find all
manner of superstitious possessions left in the walls of old homes from shoes to
underwear all thought to protect you from unnatural forces or maybe they just
MELD number four honey I’m home using walls are one of the most iconic
haunted house horror tropes right up there with the messages in the mirror
and Ouija boards but here’s an example of horror jumping into real life so be
afraid anyway in 2011 Colorado woman Debbie Hill invested in a new home and
nothing seemed to be amiss at first obviously but not long after she moved
in she noticed the walls beginning to leak whose and grip originally just
thinking it was water she called a repairman and that’s when you discovered
a colony of 60,000 bees it turned out that as the beasts had nested inside the
walls over the winter the home inspector didn’t notice any cause for concern but
then when Debbie moved in and the summer heat took hold the frozen honey melted
and made the situation crystal clear but on the plus side Debbie did say it was
the best honey she’d ever tasted so you know makes it all okay maybe number
three Cold War bomb shelter it’s always nice when you get a free gift with a
purchase though it’s one thing to get a free coffee with your so much how about
a free bomb shelter with your house that was the case for Austin Texas resident
Craig Denham who purchased his new mid-century modern home in 2008 the
architecture aficionado was given the somewhat chilling news that the property
had a basement that hadn’t been opened so upon closer inspection he found a
fully stocked bomb shelter complete with tin goods radio and an air filtration
system the shelter had been built by the homes original occupier an Air Force
colonel and inventor who denim believe was privy to knowledge that the public
wasn’t that’s because the shelter was originally constructed just before the
Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962 and for those who need filling in that’s was
generally considered the closest the water’s ever come to nuclear
annihilation due to the deployment of nuclear
missiles off the coast of the island and what would probably hopefully fingers
crossed not approaching nuclear war anytime soon denim found his inner
doomsday prepper and renovated it back to working order
number two frozen body as you’ve probably noticed by now buying a full
closed home is a bit of a gamble I mean there’s a reason the home wasn’t sold by
normal means and it’s probably not a good one in this particular case a buyer
who purchased a disused and foreclosed property in the Bronx in 2017 found
something that no one ever hopes to see a frozen body police investigators
claimed the body of an unknown 30-something male was found in the
bedroom by the new owner when he first visited the property after the sale
according to reports the face was also covered in bruises but unfortunately
it’s hard to know what could have happened to cause the tragic death since
the house has been abandoned since 2015 as a result of a weak structure and
illegal construction work in the years between the house was a known squat and
drug spot but neighbors never called the police since no one ever caused an issue
on the street plus you know snitches get stitches but in any case the case
appears and not to have been solved to this day number one breaking home ties
losing a parent is always going to be a trying time not least when it comes to
sorting through their possessions those discoveries can often be strange but
rarely are they this huge in 2006 the sons of comic strip artist and on track
C jr. were looking through his attic after his death and found a suspiciously
hidden area inside that space so they found a set of paintings including this
iconic Norman Rockwell piece breaking home ties but here’s the kicker the
piece had been displayed in galleries and exhibitions for decades everywhere
from Washington DC to Moscow and Cairo even the Norman Rockwell museum itself
but that piece was evidently a forgery it turned out to the track T purchased
the original from Rockwell his personal friend for just nine hundred dollars
then recreated it himself nearly perfectly then he hid away the original
until his death after all that the Sons auctioned off the original with fifteen
million dollars along with several other old paintings sold separately you can
even observe them side-by-side at the Norman Rockwell Museum so that was the
10 weirdest things left by pre homeowners have you ever found anything
strange in your house let us know in the comments below and if you like this
video check out the one playing on screen now

14 Replies to “10 Weirdest Things Found In Old Homes”

  1. Just moved into a foreclosed home and found 2 foam swords and a bb gun. and a whole lot of spiders

  2. When my parents moved into their new home there was a lot of strange things. Oh the house was brought at auction. The bath had a bath mat on it . When removed the previous owner had made multiple holes underneath. Worst was the overflow drain on the bath. Instead of going outside it was bent to go into the walls. My dad was on the toilet and heard strange noises. Seconds later he had fallen through the ceiling into the kitchen below. The water in the wall capacity had built up causing major structural damage

    It turns out that the previous owner didn’t like that they had lost their home so damaged it to cause more problems

  3. Yeah if I bought a house a s found out it was over ran by snakes I would be suing the home sales company or whoever I bought the house from for not telling me.

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