11-Year-Old Girl Shatters Climbing Records

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  2. Anything with mass has gravity, even you. If you are wondering why you don't notice your own gravitational effect, its cos its cancelled out by the earth. The greater the mass, the great the gravitational force.

  3. cool …but I must say the parents must be retarded to let there little girl climb a rock face with out a helmet…????

  4. because if she would fall a helmet would be enough to save her life? When shes fallin a helmet wont help her much to survive the impact -.-

  5. Anything can happen, such as rocks falling. Wearing a helmet isn't necessarily about falling off the wall.

  6. That's it, I'm going to start training for the Olympics!!! O.K. not really.
    Brooke is a Rock Star with an amazing drive, Go Brooke!!!!

  7. I think with enough practice and exercise it shouldn't be hard for a child since perhaps her less weight helps her to do it easily. I don't really know. Just making an assumption

  8. I have taken a lead fall and smashed my head into the rock. Helmet saved me. There are also instances in which a deck, or fall to the ground, was not fatal because of a helmet.

  9. I think climbing competitions should be divided up by weight these days. Kind of like ufc, the weight of the climber (or lack there of) is a huge advantage.

  10. Are you serious. How would they be able to do that anyway. There is a huge difference to fighting and every other sport.

  11. This girl's going to the top, we will hear her name for while. She just made me realize that as much as I would like to think that I'm a good climber I really suck at the sport.

  12. Of course these kids are talented they started learning their talents at such young ages and most of their parents are already involved in the sports andcan afford the equipment and lessons

  13. Brook is a great climber with heart, she has a great view of climbing. I think that climbing is amazing as long as your having fun. When the brother tossed the gri-gri down like a coal miner tossing his pick down on the ground, it did not look like he was having fun. If you have passion for climbing you may also have a passion for other things. I love the husbands expressions.

  14. Climbing isnt that hard. The way to success is dont be afraid of heights or falling if you think you fall, you will fall.

  15. anyone that frequents a local climbing gym can tell you that children are incredible climbers and that it comes easy to them. Will she continue climbing when she hits puberty and gains weight without strength and suddenly can't climb routes that used to be easy for her. I've seen quite a few child climbers quit as soon as it gets difficult.

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