$110,000.00 PROFIT inside $7,000.00 STORAGE UNIT I bought an abandoned storage unit

What is this, is that a real doozy here Harold hey, you’re gonna like this box right here Last but not least this we’re gonna see what’s in this box right? Here. It is a gun box Ladies and gentlemen boys and girls Of all ages. We are back with the sky So if you’re laughing at my interest in my videos, do you think it’s funny when I go? Ya’ll comment below if you like it or not. Let him know say Scott I love when a pirate does that and if you don’t like it, don’t say nothing Please anyway, we are about to do one of the last final unboxings if you can see right here One little stack of boxes left to go and we got some back They were say we’re gonna do one unbox with grime. So you get to see him do one unboxing. Anyway, let’s get on with this DVD All right, let’s look at him let’s look at who’s coming off with A beer, right? Oh Uh, oh you don’t even know that’s one of my fav, I think I might keep The rest of my skateboard It ain’t even a skateboard, oh, it’s a practice one. Is it yeah you sitting in your balance I should have done that. I did my name. I’ve only ever skateboarding one Very nice Good tools, oh why that’s the seat. It’s a seat Ceci Filson nice Bilson in the house. That’s money cowboy boots Tony llama Well I said I know classic old west-style maker They got my own midget man, look at that Look at that Jamie. I got my own midget, man That’s pretty cool when I get the Grimes and Grimes is gonna have a midget man Military Everybody Oh, what is this, is that a real doozie ham and I want to point that Look at that it is a nice camera. It’s very for this BB gun. Oh Yeah, well I’ve got a tip no no is there’s no tip on it if you were slightly industry I haven’t done a thumbnail like this in a while Okay, don’t make a funny face and point down at the gun like this like this and do that make a funny face Okay, this is crazy military flashlight Those coats nice Doing this trading company, that’s a good one That’s for bullet reloading their Lyman Luber incisor Look at the hose look at those crisp clean things South bait company the cup pristine those are Wow South Bend surf arena In the box very whoo-hoo That could be a lot of money right there I’ve don’t even know off the top of my head, but I think that could be a very some people can tell me That the lures could be $20 and some people say they could be like 200 so I don’t know I just the one I wish bar It’s bigger it’s a box Kenwood wool products Norway, that’s probably not quite a good right. That bag is empty. Hey, you’re gonna like this box right here I’m pausing you. Look at that. Look at that That’s a weird look at them Oh see them show the cam – OH Who saw this See you pop elite that’s like a Navy SEAL knife I think specialty knows Maybe I could be wrong, but I know they do make This American no, it’s a German k98 She didn’t Know It’s a German Kelly 90a it might have been later turn it around that’s a German girl I know the top looks like no it’s definitely German k98 and they’re mr. German mark, not a Russian though. Yeah Let me see the back of the Frog. This pits called a frog. Yeah a While ago you did it could have the eagle on it while I was looking for. It doesn’t a nice package What’s that one like three four hundred bucks? No Nicely okay. No, that’s nice. This would have when their box with em Good one like that’s 100. Yes, my friend specially you have my knife, by the way. I have some Charade that’s good too. I think Shrade USA won 5-3 0h with like the bone handle that boner Norfolk Normark, that’s a fishing that’s very like skinning a fish when you catch my things. Okay, just a way That’s annoys m9 Probus 3 I have never seen one of those held of you I’ve never seen an m9 probe is 3 you have to do I don’t We have the Googlers right away. He says we can’t even wait here you hol didn’t touch it. I will google it Sorry camera, here you go 1980s Universal military homeschool Camera we need camera here. Get on camera. My yeah, that’s what it is right there. No Seriously see I told you let me see that yeah. 399 is a 1493. Yes afar. You can feel it Just take a look at this That’s a very much and that’s a very saleable Commercial fishing methods are speaking of fishing American Indeed I D day Look at all the people in the war Diving equipment remember when you had one of those You know, why didn’t we have we found one of those that’s what I thought in my head I Have a treasure to me Sonia Smithsonian mortgage the Howard William Jones paintings. They’re on the same with Gramps. He’s in the Smithsonian going I’m sending him everything. He’s getting everything. Oh Yeah, great latest exciting thing out of there was definitely the 9:30 We show them at one let’s do this one more time guys this one right here Look at that flawless than the tip it’s been used on 99 do you know how unusual? It is to find one of these with a matching. Look at the number on the blade for five to four Look at the number on the scale of the air fifties It’s matching the way we roll Harold is matching numbers can eyeball 50 of these if two of them actually numbers of match this very unusual hard to find they mix to match them during the war Is a front scene from World War two, right I was expecting that earlier one in World War two What you need fix to bail Is this is a swivel bound you see This is a big expand. The fixed bow is the first generation of helmet This will be a front CV you see we can go three four hundred. Can we show the world? What do you see the fixed rail? I think we underestimated this one wheeler because we said Vietnam or something Oh, no, this is early 40 1938 242 helmet that’s welcome. Please see that with the primary and it’s got the fixed original pained Rigid looking. Oh I just went up down underestimate is covered it with destroying That’s an original World War two cover very hard fight The cub is very hard for him because you can imagine that Mike is that’s three four hundred bucks Now these home is a very good very good helmet Back to what? I was saying. It’s another Native American wants to give you this Liners are worth more than helmets when you find the right one in this may well be you want a Westinghouse lineup? Yeah, this is what turns Harold Hahn is military stuff This is another 200 to possibly $20,000 of the people who made it what tried I didn’t even show you I found like eight of them yesterday. Yeah Oh Look at this beauty right here. It’s a robust Maryville absolute beauty If you’re into where to fight that doesn’t you’re in the weather vanes he said if your thing is rather vain for me I’ve seen to it. I’m telling you. Oh, look at the size of the thing. You’ll be very simple. Look at the size of its Mayo aptitude in auction that’s gonna go that’s funny that even has that on there like that ladies and gentlemen, it’s brilliant What do you think? This is worth Harold? Awesome, I love four to six hundred dollar items. This is not to be underestimated. Everything is not to be underestimated Really each thing has to be scrutinized because you have some absolute gems like that You just pulled out you may think there’s nothing no, that’s something pens on the pattern There’s no but ideally those boots are Something I just have different piles where it makes it easier to set it out of the sides. I gotta get this process better Look at that one. Oh Look at a pipe collectors jury All right, you have I didn’t say if I click I saw you a special photo from no. I have like 20 sterling silver ones It’s just nuts. I See motion parts That’s like a dragon’s tail or something. This is cool, man I know I know what you want to use that one for The connection do you know I’ve coveted things probably Japanese sources and yeah No look at it Okay, yes, all right, here we go I think you should get more of yourself like they’re just the I am how do you get It I got it. I got it. Let me be cameraman. Where’d you go you? Need a pretty unique all these yeah, those are older due to their old ones there are Exactly blonde gloss. This old wise man told me This old wise man told me about how their hand blown if you guys watch back in the previous videos, he’s over here helping me you might know him he’ll Santa cruz wharf Mele what? That’s kind of cool. Sorry, we ever think mitochondria being amateur pottery Welcoming leaders, these are Specific collectors pervasion. These are the ones that we looking for just look at this trick. Just how long do you imagine? Is this really? How it gets 19th century. I mean it’s got to be over on remember if you live around you want to show the Kami have to lift it up, right but The string makes a huge difference to make don’t you see it a lot because look at the world gives it a Look at it weighs tied, how would you do that? It’s magnificent. You know, what’s on my hand look I love it Actually the I have a base somewhere. I Know nothing about fishing Look at those straps, there’s going to be pre-war. Hasn’t it? Yeah, that’s a good job Yeah, put it on the top of the pile cause it’s fragile look at this one here Elect appreciate these things because you are crazy for that. That’s the best the bo lawrence company. Look at that established in 1850 It is probably older ones we looked up the hell barrier Everybody There they’re slightly better I like the way you look at life and you know, I just reminds me like how I think about That’s the bizarre thing is I was at the fair recently a magic But not least this we’re gonna see what’s in this box right here it is a gun box feels kind of light, but I still got a check and on three All right, we are done with this unboxing we probably have one or two more to go it’s crazy that things keep coming This was an amazing video. You saw a lot of money come out of these knives I don’t know if you took the time to research them. I looked one or two em up. It’s nuts But anyway, thanks for watching Don’t forget the like button share buttons subscribe and check out the playlist in the description For this whole entire playlist and you’ll be able to purchase everything on Grimes fines auction house

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  1. Pirate– that gun 3 position safety– which means its fully automatic– U can go to a class 3 dealer to sell it– its worth well around $15, 000.00

  2. Hey Mike, been meaning to tell ya. For what you’ll be paying for a house in Cali. you can more the double your square footage for less than half down here in Texas. Then again you’ll have to deal with our humidity, lol. Just when I do my resales out of my garage, I’ll change shirts 3 times.

  3. You have soooo much stuff in this one unit. Days and days worth of unboxing. If you were to list all of this out it would take up 40 to 50 pages

  4. I just checked your eBay account and no knives or Earnhardt stuff or any military stuff either. Are you going to post anything like that?

  5. The SOG Seal knife new on ebay is $1500. https://www.ebay.com/itm/SOG-Specialty-Knives-SEAL-2000-Super-rare-model-with-Box-Never-used/333305936307?hash=item4d9a94f9b3:g:ntYAAOSwraNdNfVR

  6. Scott, I love it when the Pirate does that whisper, but you do have a nice laugh! The intro, middle, and outro are all fabulous, Pirate! 👍👍 OOPS! MAN DOWN! ⚠ Is Harold okay? Gotta love neon lights! With Harold as cameraman, I can hear all of his funny quips. Oooooohhhh, I'm drooling over the blue fishing weights. Tyfs.

  7. I probably.said this before that locker was great .And you are so lucky to have friends willing to help you.. Hope you reach your goal for a perfect home for you and ur kiddos!! Grimes seems to be the best eager to help a friend .God works in mysterious ways. Believe

  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sOEy5ni0yFM Mike, this is a cool, short video on Fishing Floats. They kind of go with your Pirate theme. I hope you don't auction them off.

  9. " oh……Ohh look …… OH LOOK AT THAT …….look……. A Pipe collectors dream ……" Harold , you are without doubt a true Gem .

  10. Mike did you ever figure out the back story on the people? Are you going to share? I’m so curious as to why they had so many amazing things.

  11. You are one lucky guy! What the name of the auction house that your using to sell some of the items from this locker? Do they have a website? Thanks, AL

  12. Pirates love your intro and yes Harold I think your either nuts or funny, have just not decided yet about Harold.

  13. WTG Pirate you have some amazing things to sell. So happy for you and your family you guys deserve this. Hard work gives you rewards! Loved the video🥰
    #PiratesBooty, #GrimesFinds #StorageAuctionPirate

  14. entropy. Live on the Oregon coast and have loads of sea shells. You found much nicer ones. Looking forward to your next unboxing.

  15. ADVICE FOR BUYERS at #pirateauction: I Just LOST OUT on a set of CONFIRMED MINIMUM $3,000 BOOKS on #Grimesfind Auction because I went to the hospital and FORGOT TO HAVE SOMEONE WATCH MY BIDS!!!! I REGAINED CONSCIOUSNESS to find I LOST I am MORE ANGRY ABOUT THE LOSS OF BOOKS THAN THE HOSPITAL BILL!! 😫😪😥

  16. Love your intro! Keep it! It’s just specifically you Mike! Some intro’s bug me but yours makes me smile every time! Keep unboxing that money! I’m a little behind and catching up. The auction stuff is up and I gotta say those guys did great! Everything displayed looks wonderful and the boots I was worried about are shiny and great! Much love from West Texas Mike. Keep smiling sweet man! D.

  17. Yo pirate. What did you see in this unit that convinced you to risk bidding 7K? I saw your vids and you talked about the bats but was that it?

  18. I so wish I hadn't stumbled upon this video. It has been like watching Bigfoot in a china shop. You're going to lose a bundle with your careless handling and quick sale of these items.

  19. I have watched this series from the start and I'm amazed by how much disrespect you have for this mans possessions and by how much you don't know about what you talk about. Not everything military is WWII and not everything western is Native American.

  20. Helmet steel can be ww2 fo sure but they where reused for other wars, and that helmet cover isent ww2 its a mitchel vietnam cover, original can go for high dollar

  21. I've watched every single video since you've bought this locker, and I know they're few & far between, but it makes me wanna get into this business

  22. Did you not fined cowboy boots I every.box opening you
    Shared with us? And did you just find a gun a real gun now that is amazing.if that gun is real it's only one I have saw.

  23. love it, keep up the good work.Nothing wrong with your opening catch phrase, it's cool, maybe throw more emphasis on.."Pirates of All Ages!!"….be BOLD with it….have fun.

  24. The phrobis III's sell on eBay for $150-$200 all day depending on condition. Awesome US military fixed blade bayonets.

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