12 Stone Toddler – My Machine ( Official Music Promo )

[Music] [Applause] – Oh [Music] in a place [Music] my and us [Music] l’chaim shucks you way Sacha’s fixing [Music] laughter [Music] don’t make things like people with no [Music] Sanju [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music]

21 Replies to “12 Stone Toddler – My Machine ( Official Music Promo )”

  1. This is pretty cool for a halloween music video
    weirdly themed though
    gives me a vibe of salad fingers for some reason.

  2. Man this channel has so little views compared to what it should be getting , nowadays people dont appreciate Indie music and bands, and this spooky vibe is so good that it gives me chills , love it 10/10. Happy Spooktober.

  3. Amazing style . The thick rich sound transports you through time and on occasion you'd swear its the Doors at the height of their musical prowess blanketing you with their sound. Love My Machine, Time for tea & Just enough rope …

  4. Wow ! Thumb down to prove you're a moron, otherwise this is a free pass to an amazing band. Tour, please tour extensively.

  5. Nice one – Love the quirky style of this & I find my foot can't keep still listening it! 🙂 I'm sure the 12 stoners will the delighted to know this has made Modern Art Rock's 'Video of the day'!! (as on our facebook page) If you are here reading this it probably means you love creative and original art rock. Join the movement, relish the classics and discover and support new art rock bands coming through; please 'like' and share our Facebook page (link via you tube channel)

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