15 Creepy Vintage Medical Photos

Baboon TV Presents 15 Creepy Vintage Medical
Photos Number One: No, these people aren’t mummies.
They are being treated by being wrapped in wet sheets. Number Two: This is the horrific result of
severe brain hemorrhaging. Number Three: These children are being treated
for winter rickets in an orphanage. Number Four: This woman is hiding her face,
I’m guessing because of her prosthetic leg. What’s to be embarrassed about? She’s part
robot! Number Five: This is an old method for blood
transfusions. Number Six: Ever had a neurological exam?
This is what they used to look like. Just a guy in a suit picking at you! Sounds safe! Number Seven: An old prosthetic leg. Looks
ancient. Looks like part of the Mythbuster’s dummy, Buster. Number Eight: Physical therapy? No thanks.
This looks like something out of a horror film. Number Nine: This is called an “invalid cart”,
used for disabled people. Number Ten: Mmm. Radiated water. Surprisingly,
yes, we used to drink radioactive water. Back in the early 1900s, when radium was first
being introduced, people considered it a cure all and would put it in anything they could,
even water. It wasn’t until the 20s when people figured it wasn’t such a good idea. Number Eleven:: This is not a bondage scene,
don’t worry. This is how we used to treat scoliosis. Scoliosis is the sever bending
and twisting of the spine, which can cause many health problems down the line. Number Twelve: No, this isn’t a radio. It’s
a defibrillator. But to be honest, I wouldn’t expect this thing to be a defibrillator. It
certainly seems like a radio to me. How did they connect those sticks to the machine to
give the shock? Number Thirteen: Imagine, ladies, giving birth
this way: sitting in a specially designed chair that reclined. Nowadays we have special
tables and rooms dedicated to giving birth, with all the equipment necessary to deliver
a baby as safely as possible. I can’t believe you used to sit on a special wooden chair
that was hardly padded to give birth. It’s like a toilet seat that you give birth in. Number Fourteen: Doctors used to not be able
to touch women patients at all, so they used a special figuring so women could point to
the pain. I wonder why they were not allowed to touch the women, considering how less tolerant
we were back in the day to bother with that stuff. It seemed like we didn’t care. Then
again, I wasn’t alive way back then, so I don’t know. Number Fifteen: This is a picture of one of
the first surgeries performed with ether as the anesthetic. Can you believe that back
then doctors wore their regular suit and didn’t have all of this special equipment. Forget
certified anesthesiologists. Doctors would let you breathe in ether, which knock you
out; however, there’s no specific time which it lasts, so you would usually start to wake
up mid surgery if it took long enough. Thanks for watching another amazing video!
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  1. I'm guessing the birthing stool was actually pretty effective. Much better than a bed for helping a woman to labor correctly.

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