15 Years Old G-Shock with built-in RIFD Chip for wireless payment!

ever since the year 1983 when Casio
introduced their first g-shock watch into the market thry had always been
trying on different kind of build structure, adding different kind of
technology, also making a lot of collaboration with big brand in Japan
and today we’re gonna have a look at a model that has all of those three box
ticked together. This is the GWS-900 a collaboration with G shock and Speedpass, if you’re not familiar speed pass is a keychain radio frequency
identification device introduced way back in the year 1997 by Mobile for
electronic payment in their gas stations and since Casio make a
collaboration using this watch and speed pass, they are now managed to jammed in a unique RFID chip, instead of using a keychain you can now use this watch to
pay for things. There’s a laser etch serial number at the back to identify
the RFID chip built-in this model, each model is different and you’re gonna need to use this number to fill in the application form from the box as well
and apply for a new credit card and then you could keep the card and you can use
this watch as it is and pay for stuff; gas convenience store or commuting on public transport way back in the year 2004 in which this model was introduced. Keep in
mind we are looking at a 15 years old G Shock watch and it has a technology that
is way ahead of its time and that really makes me proud to be an owner of this
watch. This is one of a kind, if you own other models, it might looks like this
called the GW-900 or a GS-900, those two are solar wave-ceptor, whereas this
one is solar-rfid instead, so there’s different. Aside from the built-in RFID chip this watch also known as a shell-back models
because it literally has a shell on its back, you’ll notice that it looks very
much similar like most g-shock watch, locked with four screws metal cover and
that’s pretty much it but if you look at it on the sides you’ll see that the back
cover actually extend even further to the front, notice that this watch also has an IP plated-to-black stainless-steell metal ring to guard it front of it not just to protect the mineral glass but
also to protect the side as well so overall this watch is fully covered with
metal with a resin bezel on the exterior to add most texture, color, and more
shapes to the watch; like most G-Shock watch. This metal ring
will acts also as an indicator to the button purposes, they’ll have your
reverse, forward, mode, and adjust put it over there and one EL backlighting
button at the front, being a full solar powered G Shock watch, Casio utilize that
and add a full-auto-EL as well which means all you have to do is turn on the auto-light
like switch and then you are good to go. Just tilt your wrist and this watch will
automatically turn on the EL by using the solar panel as a sensor; as a form of
light sensor. Aside from that, you only have four
button operation, two on both side in black colorway. They are big in size and they are easy to use, but they are just made out of plastics but as we all know this
button is well guarded with metal front and back which means every much safe. So with all these combinations, RFID for business and Shell-back design; I’m gonna nickname this ‘The Shelby’ because it is really tough and it always talked about
business. Pretty cool. Moving on, this watch as it is,
works very much similar like most a shock watch. You’ll have year, months, date. day of the week, and time at the center. Everything is in positive display, although I haver to say that the display could be a bit blurry depending on the angle that
you’re viewing it, but still it is really big which means a lot of you guys could
find it beneficial especially those with bad eye conditions. Lastly, you do have a battery indicator to indicate the power source or the
power reserve for this model. Since this watch was only made for day-to-day wear,
Casio add a few functions only. Pressing mode button once will brings you into the
Telememo Mode, which is gonna be very beneficial in 2004, but pretty much
obsolete today. However, if you are planning to give this watch to your kids,
I’m sure you could find this feature beneficial it could stores up to 30 sets
of phone number. Pressing Mode button again brings you to the next mode, called the
world time. I’ll add a chart/table over here so you can see all the registered city in
the watch basically, you only have 29 time-zone pre-registered in. World-Time will be the one at the center, your local time will be displayed at the bottom which
means, you do have dual time. Next mode what brings us into the countdown timer
with timekeeping at the bottom, it only has range to 60 minutes but you could
set it up to an auto repeat setting or an elapsed setting, once it is in elapsed, it
could goes all the way to 99 hours. Essentially the timer in this model
works very much the same as a yacht timer G Shock watch. Next, you’ll have
five alarm, the first alarmcould be program as a regular alarm or a snooze
alarm. We do have signal and lastly bright alarm.
Where it will use this the solar panel as a form of light sensors (again) and beep the alarm 15 minutes after detects presence of light, so it really acts as automatic
alarm. Last but not least, is the stopwatch. You don’t have your timekeeping anymore but you do have a range to 99 hours
which I think could be beneficial depending on what you’re doing but for
me personally I rarely use this feature most of the time 60 minutes is just enough for me but still, you do have a 99 hours stopwatch. Lastly, back to home timekeeping and that will summarize all the function that this watch could do. Again very much
similar like most g-shock watch that was intended to be used for a day-to-day
wear. Speaking on wearing the watch, let me put it on right away.. and the fit,
in my opinion looks really really good even if you have a skinny wrist, like me
my wrist size is only 15 centimeters and it fits just fine. Overall, I have to say it looks really good but, since the lug and the watch
bezel was built to be integrated together like that, it ends up making
this section super tough, too tough that they could give a bit of discomfort as
you’re wearing the watch throughout your day depending on how you wear your watch (too fit?). Overall I’m very impressed with this model and considering the cost of this
thing only gonna be around hundred bucks (used/beater).. due to its unpopularity, I’m sure you
could find this watch beneficial. Especially that RFID feature, I’m not
entirely sure if my local credit card provider will allow me to pair this watch
to my credit card but if your country allows that you will find this much
super convenience.

10 Replies to “15 Years Old G-Shock with built-in RIFD Chip for wireless payment!”

  1. Quite advanced for an old watch. Quite shocked myself, I hadn't heard of Speedpass before and holding phone numbers? Wow that alone would be useful feature even now. I've left my phone at home before and had no numbers to ring, this would have been a life saver.

  2. hello, I have a question about the gpr-b1000. how to use the latitude and longitude given by the watch without going through the phone. because the longitude and latitude information is not the same on the watch and on the phone for the same location. ex: gps watch say: Lat. N 50.55317 ° Lon. E. 5.45914 ° and phone say: N50 ° 33'11.4 "E5 ° 27'32.9" the numbers given by the phone works on google map but not the numbers of the watch so how do they get from Lat. N 50.55317 ° Lon. E. 5.45914 ° to N50 ° 33'11.4 "E5 ° 27'32.9" I recall the 2 coordinate sound for the same location. welp: D my question is how to use the watch gps corrdonner without going through the g-shock app ?

    proof: https://imgur.com/a/EU2PbqL

    if i am lost with my watch without a phone how i use the latitude longitude information given by the watch on a gps or on a map since it doesn’t have the same data as on the g-shock app. I do not understand

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