#177 Artistic Dining Set for 6, 100% Handcrafted in India @Aarsun Woods​

Namashkaar Friends, Ashish Mittal again from Aarsun
Today I have a 6 seater dining set for you, in off-white with golden highlighting in a
very beautiful fabric on the top. It’s a 6 x 4 dining set with an open top. No, on the top here, you can either use glass
or a marble and this would match the interiors of the living room you have. A very beautifully carved table here with
designs on the legs and on the sides. This table is a folding unit and it is very
easy to transport it. The legs, the sides everything goes in folding
state. So, people who have transferable jobs would
find it very comfortable to move this table around easily. Let’s move to the chair first. A very nicely carved chair from the front
beige with golden highlighting a floral fabric and the plain fabric on the top. This is as per the client’s requirement. A very nice looking chair for your living
room for your dining. Nicely carved set. Now this color can be changed as per your
requirement. We have all the colors available. It can be in natural teak polish, walnut polish,
gold, silver, copper, off-white, white, with highlighting, without highlighting – this
is completely your choice. A very beautiful unit, all hand carved by
the artisans of Aarsun – our quality in Teak Wood. When you have floral interiors for your home,
your curtains, your shades, these types of settings, this type of design would compliment
the inner, the interiors of your house and would provide a beautiful look. Whoever comes in would certainly appreciate
the design, the choice you have for the unit. I’m sure you’ll like it. Thank You

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