1940s Metal Lathe [Restoration]

There is no room on the other side of the pin to punch it out These will need to be fixed Surprise! This is locked in…for now This needs replacing, so I can be aggressive. The set screw made a large burr Check to see how worn the bushing are These need new bushings I’ll try to open this after rust removal The original paint is not too bad, but it needs to be redone. This bushing needs to be replaced No lead paint…odd Using wax instead of paint Self-etching primer 4 coats of grey enamel paint This part is aluminum, so I am not going to paint it Making sure all machined surfaces are “flat” These small parts help hold the cross-slide to the ways… These gibs should really be made of brass Apply maple syrup liberally I almost forgot the spacer! This wing-nut clamps the cross-slide down to the bed of the lathe… This amount of movement is not ok… I installed a spacer to help with the slack New bronze bushings Manual says to use oil, not grease This nut adjusts the tightness of the bushing I re-installed the brass washers on the gears as well I am replacing this with the dead-centre from the spindle “New” wheel from some guy on the internet Centring the tailstock Centring the cutter Not that bad!

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  2. Esta bien eso de reacondicionar antiguas maquinas y aparatos, a mi también me gusta y lo hago a veces, pero yo no soy muy meticuloso con los acabados, tengo torno y fresadora pero no se demasiado utilizarlos para reparar ciertas cosas. saludos

  3. I wonder why someone who spends so much time resroring old things that they have a monetized you tube channel would use a spray can for paint. getting a sprayer and buying the paint by the pint would cost way less.

  4. "it's not that bad" he says after watching the whole lathe rattle it self to pieces trying to power feed into bronze….

  5. Don't feel bad because the belts, there wasn't any belt when you started to disassemble the lathe.
    It 's natural you forget it.

  6. Epic video (as usual), beautiful work, and the very much appreciated sense of humor (which other "rescue" channels quickly forget!). One thing which I always wonder about: How do you remember how to re-assemble these tools which have 1,000 pieces? And how long do you spend hunting for escaped parts on the floor? Thank you for posting!

  7. I'll never understand why people will shove a part with a giant burr or massive amounts of rust on it through the hole it is in before filing or sanding it off. Using the part to broach or abrade the mating part just ensures that instead of one damaged part, you end up with at least two. If you've got a part stuck on, maybe figure out why before you hit it with a hammer or reach for a puller.

    Outside of that, this isn't a restoration, its a paint job. Since this is a tool, it's meant to be useful and a tired clapped out lathe is the same thing as a shiny tired clapped out lathe. The ability of this tool to make good parts is exactly the same as when you started apart from the fact that you freed up the chuck. Its a shame really.

  8. The under appreciated hobby laith I have done tones of work eith it.
    I changed all the gibs to brass and it made things so much tighter and easy to use..

  9. That was a long piece of tape…. but totally necessary while painting. Looks spiffy! I have machinist lathe envy……. 😛

  10. I have to admit I really thought the table ways would need to be dressed. Not the first time I’ve been wrong in my life, not the last timeeither!

  11. I thoroughly enjoyed watching this. I literally laughed and cried…for some reason, I started mourning the loss of my two cats, I recently lost to coyotes here in LA. It just happened this week and I hadn't had the time or the moment yet to fully let myself go there. Then somewhere you made me laugh. The machine is all put together and it's so satisfying. Anyway, thank you for that. ✌🏼💕

  12. i just bought a Skat Blast gun for my blast cabinet. you should get one, they're amazing. it virtually never clogs, or fails to siphon abrasive. it was like going to a pressurized cabinet it hit so hard! it just rips through stuff my Harbor freight gun couldn't touch and saves me a lot of time. it's really efficient with air too and you can get one thats CFM matched to your compressor. best $90 i've spent in quite a while.

  13. Без восстановления геометрии станины и других узлов станка, это просто музейный экспонат. Одним удалением ржавчины здесь не обойтись.

  14. You did pretty good, but need to straighten the pulley belt guides. They are bent, and will lead to premature belt wear.

  15. Cómo en muchos vídeos de restauración que lo hacen todo bien y la cagan con el trabajo estético de pintura…….todo el trabajo bien hecho y al final por falta de empastar o lijar un poco la joden…..!!!!!!

  16. это швейная машинка работаю на станке удмурте до военном не о чем но работать можно все от рук и головы как всегда

  17. Quando você estava montando a polia você esqueceu de colocar a correia, isso acontece com qualquer um, já aconteceu comigo também.

  18. у патрона нехилое такое биение, да и реставрация так себе, как выставочная модель сойдет, а как инструмент нет

  19. das futter schlägt ja furchtbar. hättest das lieber mal neu gelagert. so kann man nichts genaues herstellen. öl auf die zahnräder – das bleibt da keine 2 minuten…. da nimmt man fett… also leider daumen runter. das kan ja jeder azubi besser. restauration = fail!

  20. 14 000 likes zeigt das hier 14 000 blinde zu gange waren. aber vielleicht bin ich ja zu hart… immerhin hat er ja die maschine geputzt und es dreht sich ja!

  21. i restored the same exact lathe last year and also shot that little ball and had to go find it. Also, my t-bolts were in same condition. I too also fell for the "didnt put the belt around" trap

  22. Looks maybe an Atlas sold by sears. Cool indeed. Oil was 30 weight and not meaning auto 30w oil. Machine oils are numbered. I have 90 weight for weigh oil. 5w for spindle and 30 for general machine and 60 for pumping in oil pressured lines to drive tables and gearing. A point in the jaws and a point in the tail stock to align it. Thin strip of metal between and slowly press forward – watch the metal deflect showing offset. Can be done by eye but love the metal. Good job.

  23. Subscribed. I watched literally hundreds of "restoration" videos lately. But most of them are just guys giving old stuff a new paint-job and polishing stuff.
    This one is different. You clearly show some really good craftsmanship. It´s simple things like the use of that bronze rod that shows you´re quite an experienced mechanic.

  24. You must have magical WD40. Yours works right away. I spray that crap on,wait a week hit it with a torch and still wont come off,

  25. внешне красиво. но при таком маленьком съеме биение на резце охренительное! от такой реставрации никакого смысла нет!

  26. Just letting you no, you forgot to put the brass washers back in the piece with three small cogs on the big cog! Other then that fantastic work as always sir..

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