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  1. I love my RAT2. I had a later version without the LM308 so I bought one online and installed it. The only thing it lacks is bottom end, so I run a Way Huge Green Rhino with the drive almost all the way off and the bass boosted. Sounds amazing. The Rhino is pretty transparent so it still totally sounds like a Rat, but with more balls. They should have a mod for the Rat, if they don't already, which accomplishes this same tone. Just add a bass boost like the on on the Green Rhino MkII and it would be perfect.

  2. came to listen to the good old Rat..great demo. Exactly for the reason you mentioned , it sounded great with solid state amps. not all distortions do. I'm building one as part of preamp for solid state practice amp I'm building. Thinking, i could maybe tame it though, by dropping the distortion pot from 100k down to 50 or even 25. Could even leave the 100k, and add dpdt switch with a 100k resistor (or greater) across the outside pins of the distortion pot, which would be in paralell and with the flick of a switch, could drop the pot down to 50k. Long time since i owned that Rat, but when the distortion was dialled up on my cheap fender frontman it was too over the top, i always liked it better for blues dialled back. Anyways sounds great in this demo. Don't have any lm308..will use a tl071..see how that goes. Mine will be less Rat, more Mickey mouse 🙂 Think i read somewhere that the Turbo rat, was basically a rat with led as clippers..yes definitely will socket the diodes and experiment. gonna be a fun weekend

  3. Andy you're the man and it's great that you're on Reverb, but can you keep saying "Hi this is Andy from Pro Guitar shop" just to keep it vintage acurate? Thanks

  4. I bought this pedal in 1994 and we all thought it was a cheap piece of crap just cause it didn't look cool or flashy like a Tube Screamer, also the fact that we had shit amps and shit guitars. Ironically, all these years later I'm getting ready to purchase this pedal again, it's exactly the sound I've been looking for, shouldn't have sold it.

  5. THE RAT FAMILY has shut down many a boutique! Don't think so? Then call the health inspector, but you better hurry because The Rat is CRUNCHIN' a BIG MUFF Pi!

  6. I use a rat 2 from ‘93 (it’s got an lm308n chip) and I use it to nail the early melvins sound. i got a video on my channel of my attempt at capturing the tone on Lysol by the Melvins

  7. Ah shit the Rat. Hands down the greatest IC Distortion made, and honestly my first love. This pedal is perfect, especially the Rat 2 98’ and previous, so much cut and with all the ones I’ve had with some drifting you can get some hot fire gems. The Reissue is the same circuit as the WF and OG Black Rat which is softer but sounds damn amazing through a bright JMP. Rats are love, Rats are life.

  8. Tube Screamer mini -> Fat Rat is a killer combo. I get a nice 80s tone that's great for rock and metal for that decade. I have a Timmy on the way that I hear sounds great after the Rat, which I hope to get a Turbo and Dirty Rat I have to sound closer to what I want from them.

  9. My tone as a teen in the late 70s had people calling it "the cleanest dirty I ever heard" was by accident. I bought a Acoustic SS head with a 4 speaker cab only because it was the biggest one the store had. Big = good right? It was as clean as glass but when I threw in a Rat and a few EHX effects it was killer. Others with tube amps were lost in the swampy mix and mine cut right through. The "real" local musicians only used Marshalls and all sounded alike.

  10. Been accumulating pedals since the 70s and have all the Rat pedals including some of the rare 79 "tone" big boxes. Can't go wrong picking up some vintage ones if the price is not to bad. If you are just wanting a taste of everything and want to tweek get the Deucetone. Done countless side by sides and yes the 308 based do have a "sizzle" a good ear can catch but not worth the $$$ imo. The best value and closest pedal to get that $500+ lm308 sizzle is the Cmatmods Brownie. Classic "brown" EVH sizzle and sag.

  11. i had one of these for many years because my 90s indie rock guitar heroes played them. also my first pedal, also from early 80s with the original circuitry. never got a sound out of it that i liked. IMHO these things are totally overrated. but if you like it, rock on and on

  12. Dude, Andys guitar playing is always a good time, but I have to ask, are there any interviews of Andy where hes not in "professional mode"? Dont get me wrong, "professional mode" is great for what he does, no stuttering or stammering and a very clear speaking voice. I just wanna see Andy out of that element

  13. Andy is one of my favorite players of all time. Never thought I'd say that about a guy who does demos. Greg Koch and Pete Thorn are also aces. Kudos to Andy for being the best demo guy in the world.

  14. I have it emulated on my amp and find it to have a very singing lead tone. I did something different on mine. I find that if you have the gain all the way up and the volume around 1, you have almost a "Clean distortion" where it is more of a saturation rather than just a dominating effect. You add that with a slap back delay and you have almost one version of the David Gilmour tone. I tend to like note clarity even on an overdriven channel where you can still hear every note in a chord.

  15. Great video!! I have a weird question: I use my Rat 2 as my main distortion (since I'm using a clean one channel solid state amp) dose anybody know how the Rat 2 works if boosted by an overdrive like let's say I put a Tube Screamer before the Rat, will it give me that extra sustain I need for the solos? Or will the Rat destroy the signal too much because of its Fuzzlike qualities?

  16. I remember when they came out everyone in the NYC punk,hardcore and metal scene switched to one… very rock n roll, never too much bass filtering through to muddy stuff up, but it needed another pedal to boost it, a common combination was the yellow Turbo Overdrive pedal.. I had a couple of buddies using that combination with a LP and Marshall..
    classic 80’s metalcore crunch…

  17. Also sounds great on bass guitar – it saps some of the low frequencies but for a dirty Stoner / Doom sound it's perfect.

  18. Andy could make a rubber band fart uncontrollably and screech like a banshee all while laying the world to waste with superior savoir faire tone. Meet the new boss, shame we had an old boss.

  19. In my late teens I ran a rat as my soul pedal on a 5 month tour of the east coast.i really liked it and swore it. Was the best until i got more into fuzzy big muff tone. It just seemed to fit better for more of what i was doing… Now that im not broke and basicly living out of a van and motel rooms i still Squeeze A nano rat into a board with 7 other "gain" pedals. Very few pedals are so versatile but still have there own sound. A rat can do smother dirty blues, chunky medal, high-gain clasic rock, and the gnarliest thrash, all while still soinding like a rat pedal.luckily its such a simple circuit the copys are just as good and many make subtle improvements, i personally like the " turbo togle" mod. For a snappy gated trebble boost.

  20. Rat never really stood out to me , until I heard that sponge w the dist maxed, now I get it. Never really got how Graham from blur made it sound so great and raunchy compared to rat pedal demos I was hearing

  21. Yeah, the high-gain sponge is cool. It reminds me a bit of the sponge you get from amps with tube rectifiers, especially when you don't remove any low end prior to distortion. To me, the magic of the RAT is that the op-amp clips on its power rails long before hitting the hard clipping diodes, so it can take advantage of that rolloff in high end as gain is increased (gain-bandwidth product of the op-amp) and allow for that sponge (slew rate and recovery time from hitting the rails).

  22. I bought a Vintage Rat new in the late 90s. Didn’t use it much but when I dug it out a few years ago, I realised it was just epically good.

  23. dudes help, i recently fixed my RAT to put it down on the board again after ten years, how to chain it with EHX soul food to get the best of both? appreciating your answers already!

  24. I have an 80's Rat 2, and I'll never part with it. This vid made me want to pick up my single coil guitars again!!

  25. Gain at 9 o’clock and give it a clean boost with a ts9. Sounds amazing through my vox ac30 and Gibson studio.

  26. TL;DR Long winded opinion about the LM308 vs. OP07 Summary: There is a big difference, the LM308 is THE Rat tone in my opinion.

    The LM308 DOES make a big difference. When people say its the same as the OP07 there clearly smoking something(or got ahold of a fake LM308). The OP07 is very bright and thin and rarely does the classic "glitchy" tone rats are known for. Thats because the slew rate of the LM308 is terrible lol, but because its so terrible/inefficient it sounds great and gives it the iconic tone its known for. The LM308 is going to make a huge difference in the Proco Rat 2's with the stock OP07's which is what is in the new production rats. You just cant get the same glitchy, warm, about to explode type tone with the OP07. I put an IC socket in my Proco Rat 2 so i can go back and forth between the OP07 and LM308 relatively easily so i can show people the huge difference there is. More and more people are saying that the LM308 is cork sniffery online latley it seems and whether you believe me or not im telling you that there is without a doubt a huge difference. No cork sniffery about it. The way the two op amps react to playing dynamics are very different. Buy with all that said the OP07 isnt total garbage but in my opinion it doesnt have that something special which is the poor slew rate of the LM308. The OP07 will give you a cool effect pedal but its just not what most people are referring to when they talk about the "Proco Rat tone". If all you can get is the OP07 its still fun to mess around with but for the money i think theres much better options(my proco rat 2 was also soldered very poorly and i had to go back over 25% of the joints cause they were bubbled up making no surface contact creating a "cold joint". Specifically the bubbles happen when there isnt enough heat on the surface that is being solderd to so it just sits on top of the pad rather than flowing over it and bonding with it). I think getting a new Proco Rat pedal is absolutely fine if you understand what i have just stated. Its not that hard to put in a LM308 in place of the OP07(just be really really careful not to damage the eyelets cause its a single sided PCB and the eyelets are paper thin and will lift quite easily with force or the wrong heat setting/too much heat for too long. Thats why i recommend an IC socket cause once its soldered in place you can go back and forth as much as you want and the board should be fine. I got my LM308 and 8 pin socket together from a seller thats on Reverb, Amazon, Ebay etc. by the name of (i think lol, its been awhile) Juried Engineering. I tested their LM308 and the 5th position was null so its likely the real deal considering that and the fact they are a well known supplier on many trusted selling platforms. Anyways that was way too long but i hope it helps somebody get the tone they are after!

  27. I have a 80's white face RAT ants nothing comes close to the articulation and sensitivity is beyond any other pedal I have ever played, and I prefer amp distortion so that sounds should tell you something.

  28. I just picked up a Rat2. I think it is fantastic, especially for the money. It plays really nicely with my vintage Mesa Subway Blues. While the amp can do a nice Fenderish clean, the way the circuit is designed with the EL-84 output tubes being asymmetrically driven by the preamp makes the distorted sound really lush, with lots of lovely overtones. The combo has none of that hard edge nastiness you can get running a hard clip pedal into a Fender.
    This is classic rock crunch. Perfect lead tone w/ distortion cranked. Sustain for days. It turns my little single channel amp into a rock monster. If I want 'edge of breakup' at low volume, I can use my Fulltone F2 I don't like the Fulltone pushed hard, but as clean boost it's great.

    I'm just a hobby guitar player, but I ran pro FoH sound for over a decade. I think it's important to find a distortion pedal and amp that work together. In other words, just because a pedal doesn't work with you amp, doesn't make it a bad pedal. You have to use your ears and test gear in your setup. I used to search for used pedal bargains (and still might by if something cool and really cheap) but now I tend to buy new, just to know I can return with no hassle if thing don't work out. (I got a cheap volume pedal from GC recently. Well cheap for a reason, it has no usable 'sweep'……seems like off or on) It goes back tomorrow. Time to pony up for a Morley, or Vox, or Mission, etc. You usually get what you pay for. But….with the Rat, if you have right amp, you get more.

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