2020 BuJo Setup | Vintage Bullet Journal | muji dot grid notebook

Hello Tropical Sunshines 2019 is ending, and I decided to setup my Bullet Journal for 2020 If you want to know more on how I did these spreads, please stay Before starting with the new notebook I wanted to show you how my 2019 BuJo ended It started Dec. 2018 and lasted until Nov. 2019 Truth is… It was a learning experience and experimentation After I read Ryder Carroll’s book about the Bullet Journal Method I realized how to use my BuJo and.. I had a really great time I learned how to treat my dailies as what they are meant, to be written daily not making spreads in advance That meant I finished a day, and I picked up where I left off I remember telling you I was really bad at following monthly themes Sometimes I started with a theme and in the end I got tired and ended up changing it It’s time to say goodbye to my old notebook I had a really great time experimenting with it I’ll be using tons of supplies that I already own Scrapbooking paper, washi tapes Sticky notes I’ll be using craft paper and others I have cut. I also printed some stickers on regular sticker paper and on vellum. You’ll see how I use it later I’ll also use stamps I started by making a cover page I made… Well, I don’t know Sometimes I try to be super hyped and bubbly but in reality I’m extra awkward I’m a little bit of a mess on this video thingy I feel you’ll get tired of me If you wish you can put this video on mute And only watch it I don’t know, but I’ll keep talking to you because we are here, you are here, and well… As you can see, I was laying all the cut-outs, trying to figure out how to paste everything I printed some flowers I’ll leave the link in the description from where I took them I printed them on adhesive paper and some in vellum paper And it works super nice You can print it with any printer you own You can buy vellum paper, cut it to a Letter size and print it Honestly, it looks sooo good! Here I just wrote a quote by F. Scott Fitzgerald I wrote as a starter, to motivate myself That’s the first sentence of the quote I really felt it and liked it a lot Right now, I’m just writing 2020 with my brush pen A Tombow Fude Brush, with two brush tips On side black, and the other one gray I’m using the gray one to add a drop shadow And I’ll be using some letter stamps I got on a Swap Party we hosted this year I saw these and immediately knew they’ll be mine I loved how they looked on my journal, and I kept using them in the other spreads What I wanted to achieve was go back to how I did my Bullet Journal couple years ago sweetly decorated vintage-styled with different textures and recycling paper Mixing and matching different lettering and stuff I liked it a lot I feel super happy on how it all went I’ll keep using my BuJo with dailies as daily as possible But, I wanted spreads that motivated me to keep using it I feel Like a got the grip of it to use it day by day But now, I also want to have some decorated pages I’m doing the Key and the Index pages In my old bujo I realized that I didn’t need too many pages for the Index So, that’s why I just left one for that If I ever need more, I’ll add them later on Or work with two columns I made a draft of the bullets I wanted to use And i’m doing that right now I’m decorating a little bit the page with the images I printed on sticker paper I used a ruler, because the Kraft paper doesn’t have any guide I used the dots on the notebook alongside it, to write everything straight and that it didn’t look crooked I HATE writing in blank notebooks because of that Here, I’m just taking a sticky note with a grid pattern and tearing it, so it looks organic Finally I’m just completing with the bullets and their meaning In the sticky note, I’m writing my color code I’ll be doing my color coding with Stabilo Boss Pastel Highlighters I’ll leave links so you can watch other videos I made with these highlighters To color code your planner (The video is linked above) Where you can learn how to use colors for your activities Regarding the Index page I tried to decorate as simple as possible So I could have space to write all collections (I’m just babbling and talking about how you can mute the vid if you want…) (blah blah…) (yeah..) Here I’m starting the future log For those who are not familiar with Bullet Journaling Is the section where we write all future tasks, from coming months as we don’t have them prepared, using it daily not having like templates and such compared to traditional planners So I just did my Future Log I always recommend doing them 6 months at a time taking into consideration how thin is your notebook I wanted to do it just the first 4 months But I remembered I have important events in May and June next year *wedding* That’s why i had to change my plans I’m using the same sticky notes as before, I bought them in Ximi Vogue, an asian products store These come in a 4-pack, but this time i’m using the Kraft paper square grid (I forgot the words…) I made them 7×5 squares, so I could use them as mini calendars Again using the stamps I really really loved them I can feel the vintage vibe when I use them That’s why I used ton of kraft paper and hand tearing I’m using a Sakura Gelly Roll to write the numbers of the month This pen was a gift from my friend Kari from Kariligraphy (link to her channel) She’s my instabestie

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