100 Replies to “21-Year-Old Dating Teen He’s Never Met In Person Speaks Out About Relationship”

  1. He said " most of the girls I've been with have been close to my age" a 21 year old is a woman.. not a girl…says a lot

  2. i'm 21 and 17 year olds are kids to me. myself and everyone i knew were very different and way less mature at 17. she isn't even legal. dude is a weirdo.

  3. My boyfriend and I also met through a mutual friend and our relationship is over the phone at the moment. He's in florida and I'm in jersey and we're setting up to meet soon. It's been a bit over 3 months up to this point, though, not 20… and me and him are closer in age (both 18) so… It does kinda strike me as odd that they never got around to finally meeting after 20 months, and he is a bit older for her, but other than that I don't see anything really wrong with this type of relationship.

  4. Honestly meeting on the internet is not weird… it's more weird that he's 21 and she's a child. Like that's the weird thing.

  5. ?dr phil .. stop trying to bash long distance relationships.. alot of people in long distance relationships actually get happily married

  6. He’s waiting until she’s 18 for them to meet and they’ve been talking for years. It’s only a year gap and when she’s 18 literally no one can do anything about it so they need to just stop pushing her away. Dr Phil and his team do extensive research and know the guys age I’m positive. If he were older than 21 Dr Phil would’ve exposed him.

  7. Is anyone going to address the fact that the “boyfriend” is using a voice changer?!?! And the fact that that they have been talking since she was like 15?!

  8. The voice scared me at first and then I realized it was altered to hide his identity more. But it makes me wonder why he would be so scared to reveal himself ??

  9. Dr Phil, how do I get these skin care people to stop sending a product that's not Robin McGraw's. $184 every month! Help me with Immortelle!

  10. So many people are saying that 21 year olds don’t talk like this in terms of vocabulary. He didn’t say anything abstract.. What idiotic 21 year olds do you know?

  11. Hi everyone, I’m also 17 and would just like to voice my opinion?. I think doctor Phil and the parents are very uncultured in the society we have today. She is a 17 year old girl, wise enough to make choices and to face consequences. She is at the age to understand a true meaning of love. People should be wiser to assume he must have something wrong with him. What we need to consider here, is that her age is legal in a lot of other countries like my own, uk. It’s not up to us to tell them love doesn’t work out online because I’ll tell you different. My Mother met a lovely man online who is now my stepfather ! They have been married for 7 years. I hope not everyone is offended by my comment, love from uk ??

  12. The parents are silly. You can't fight against this stuff folks! They should encourage a meeting, see if he shows up. Get to know him. let them spend time together, even if supervised. And let it take a normal course, under their discernment. If they fight them on this they will cause a rift and they will be more secretive and then they could have real problems. I'm surprised Phil didn't fly the boy in to meet her. At least that takes some of the 'mystery' and gaps out of the situation which can make it seem more inviting. I mean, parents have to be a little philosophical about these things and not just do the 'banning' thing, which never works. This is their little girls first thoughts of love and most likely, heart-break. Share it with her and listen more. You will always be there to protect her and she is more likely to listen if you are on close terms with her. She and he, are not the enemy.

  13. I feel like there is such a bad outlook on ldr relationships when there shouldn't be. our world is surrounded by technology and this is becoming more of a common thing. The reason most of these kids "rebel" against there parents when it comes to this is because they just don't understand and it seems they don't want to.

  14. okay i used to watch Onision for years and this fits his speech pattern VERY well, he stutters similarly as well as the way he describes the relationship is similar

  15. He just wants the virgin red haired Becky. She’s so ignorant and naive. A few years and kids later she’s gonna regret meeting the predator. Wow I feel bad for her. Live your damn life first before you start birthing this dudes seed. Sad

  16. Men develop slower in general. I started out thinking the guy was a creep. Now I think he’s just a guy that fell in love with a girl that has wacky parents.

  17. I met my fiance online and were long distance until a year ago, but we're the same age and are both adults and we actually met several times before we moved in together.

  18. He does not sound 21 … and guys yes I know it’s a voice changer I’m talking about the way he speaks, the words he use sound very mature.

  19. There’s not nearly enough mention of how YOUNG this girl is. This girl is 17, and they say they’ve been “dating” for a year and a half, a grown man meeting 16 year olds online, soliciting naked pictures from them should be in JAIL.

  20. honestly if they love each other frfr, they should be together. but i'm not judging anyone here, i just believe in true love so…

  21. I think online relationships (in the beginning then eventually in person) make a lot of sense. 7 billion+ people on the planet, and you expect the person you're meant to be with to be within like 2 hours from you?

  22. theres nothing wrong with meeting your partner online but there is everything wrong with dating a minor as an adult that is gross and wrong dude is a 21 legal adult praying on a 17 year old girl

  23. Now that the comment section is open. I don't really know what to say here..good luck maybe? Yea, no. Okay bye

  24. The grandma should smack everyone. ? As soon as she’s 18 she’s gonna leave so this kind of pointless. Nothing anyone says will change her mind. The only thing that will change her mind is if he’s a total creeper in person.

  25. I’ve been going through the comment section and I couldn’t help but notice that this show has gotten popular among the really young generation

  26. I would like to see a picture of him and then the two sitting together. You can get a feeling between a couple, if they seem good together

  27. He sounds controlling and not there for her best interest plus causing further damage in her family. Why would they want to meet someone who tells their child to disobey them or not to even go on vacation with her family?

  28. Robert Browning and Elizabeth Barrett fell in love WRITING LETTERS and were married until she died 15 years later, and that's just the most famous example I can think of. I don't know whether this guy and this girl will work out, if he's trustworthy or not, if she's naive and being misled – I honestly don't know. But for Dr. Phil to act like no one ever fell in love long distance before is disingenuous at best.

  29. … it's rlly not that serious. in many states it's only illegal if they're sexually active & they've never even met soo , & when she's 18 it won't matter anyway she's practically already 18 dang

  30. Has he made some mistakes? Yes, but I feel like if it wasn't for her over controlling unaccepting parents he wouldn't have. He tried and offered to meet with them in person, he even got his sick grandma to want to do the same. The least they could do is actually see what he's like in person and not just disapprove of him before they even get the chance to know him. And some of Dr. Phil's questions just don't make sense. Why her? You just can't ask that. It's like asking him why he's married to his wife Robin and not someone else? Like come on, you can't question what the heart wants and chooses. If the connection is there, it's there. Distance shouldn't matter… I'm not gonna fall in love with my ugly neighbor just because she's next door. If that happens, it happens and that's great and everything. But if it doesn't, you can't be like "Why would you love/date someone long distance instead of someone from your own town, your own neighborhood?". I mean it's not like they live in 2 different countries.

  31. I hate that people are trying to defend this relationship; "It's a new age people meet each other online all the time." "She's going to be 18 in a few months."

    This man is trying to separate her from her parents, it's very obvious she has a strained relationship with them, instead of being a supportive partner in trying to help them rebuild their relationship, he is telling her to rebel against them, to live with him, and in general just trying to create more tension between them. This is a red flag. He's trying to isolate her.

    People aren't who they seem to be online. Yeah it's a new age. Tinder, Bumble, Instagram, Discord… whatever. There are aspects that people unintentionally/intentionally leave out. This leaves room for people to be attracted to the idea of someone.

    Yeah she's about to be 18, but would you let your 18 year old self run your life now?

  32. This is why my age gap limiter for a partner is 2 years. A guy seven years older than me asked me out. Im 18. No thank you.

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