24 Clothing Items That Raise A Lot Of Questions

24 Clothing Items That Raise A Lot Of Questions This has been a pretty crazy year, so perhaps
it’s no surprise that fashion experts have declared that ugly is the new fashionable. Platform crocs have flourished on runways,
ground-dragging sleeves and garish colors have had their time in the sun, and overalls
are, overall, still popular. We must confess that we have a deep fondness
in our hearts for ugly clothes. In a prevailing fashion climate of beautiful,
airbrushed perfection, the deliberately ugly is a statement of rebellion. Still, there are limits to how ugly you want
your ugly fashion to be. Some clothes, like the inexplicably popular
UGG boot (named after the sound we make when we see that people are still wearing them)
are just too much. So we rated the year’s weirdest clothing
items; the good, the bad, and, yes, the ugly. But before we begin this video, don’t forget
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you never miss our new videos! Alright, so where were we… ah right, ugly
clothes. Yes, welcome to the Bestie Ugly Fashion Power
Hour. Today we’re going to be rating the clothing
we look at on a scale from 0-7 UGG Boots because 7 is obviously the most fashionable number,
and Uggs are just the best of the worst. Like, they’re the worst, but they’re also
the best because they’re the worst. Got it? Good. Alright folks, let’s get catty! 1. Going For Bust: On the one (creepy polyester)
hand, we support the designer’s desire to add fun to fashion. On the other (equally creepy) hand, given
the recent spate of harassment allegations, we’re not sure that they really have their
finger on the pulse of the times. Or, if they do, they’re definitely all thumbs
at their delivery, and someone needs to give them a helping hand. 3/7 UGG Boots. 2. Wait A Minute, Mr. Postman: Yep, this Vivienne
Westwood shirt is literally a postage envelope, and it literally has Westwood’s London address
on it. So, if you stuck a stamp on it, could you
use it to mail them a strongly worded letter asking “Why, God, why?” 2/7 UGG Boots, and we’re not even addressing
how much my eyes rolled back in our heads when we read the words “Intellectuals Unite!” 3. Get Your Head In The Game (of Thrones): This
Black Milk jersey isn’t even bad, it just brings up a lot of questions. Like, “has this product escaped from an
alternate universe where Game of Thrones is actually a High School Musical knockoff?”
and “in this hypothetical universe, are we still forced to see 3000 articles a day
about “exciting” new show fan theories?” 3/7 UGG Boots. 4. Wardrobe Malfunction: 2017 has blessed our
ugly-denim-loving souls with some truly ugly jeans, but this is a bridge too far. What’s the worst thing about it: the deliberate
attempt at looking like your low-rise pants have failed you at the worst possible moment,
the ugly side zips, or the pocketless back? 2/7 UGG Boots. Truly a disgrace to all unfashionable ugly
denim. 5. Very Punny: This is more like it! When we hear “ugly denim”, we want it
to be stupid, impractical, probably uncomfortable, and look like you did it with nail scissors
while drunk and this lovely Topshop jacket hits all of those markers! 7/7 Ugg Boots, because they actually call
this stupid monstrosity “the cold shoulder jacket.” 6. Seems Fishy: We guess since so many people
are excited to see the R-rated scenes from Guillermo Del Toro’s upcoming Fishman movie,
Gucci took the initiative and created an outfit that would allow you to look like the hot
Fishman in real life? 5/7 UGG Boots to Guicci, for knowing what
their customers want and need. 7. Sweat It Out: Combining garters with sweatpants
to create something that’s neither cozy nor sexy is such an unbelievable power move. This astounding piece is part of Rihanna’s
collection for Puma and, yes, the whole collection is pretty much like this. 5/7 UGG Boots, because we don’t like it,
but we can’t help but respect it. 8. MINions more like SINions: “The beast was
given a mouth to utter proud words and blasphemies and to exercise its authority for forty-two
months. It opened its mouth to blaspheme God and to
slander his name and his dwelling place and those who live in heaven. It was given the power to wage war against
God’s holy people and to conquer them. And it was given authority over every tribe,
people, language, and nation.” (Revelations, 13:5). 666/7 UGG Boots. 9. Thigh-High: Fishnet tights? We guess, fine. Fishnet boots? Ugh, sure, we guess they have to exist somewhere. Fishnet boots with weird protuberances that
make you look like some kind of polygonal glitch in the Matrix? … You know what, nothing else that’s happened
this year makes sense, so why not? 3/7 UGG Boots. 10. I, Robot: Do you want to look like a cyborg
with detachable legs and a debatable comprehension of human culture? These T-Project convertible pants (shorts? shorts/pants? shants?) are probably the best way to do that. Bonus: some truly out-of-this-world tan lines! 3/7 UGG Boots 11. Haunting:  Best case scenario if you decide
to wear this: it doesn’t do anything, and you just get a bunch of gross comments from
creepy dudes about “touching your Ouija board” and “communing with your spirits.” Worst case scenario: it actually works, and
you’re forced to have the world’s most awkward exorcism. 4/7 Ugg Boots. 12. Hmm: This piece is listed as a “biker jacket,”
despite the fact that wearing it would probably get you beat up by any actual bikers, or at
least any bikers with an investment in fashion. It’s not … the worst thing on this list,
but we have to deduct points for the fact that its bright stripes brought me unwanted
memories of 7th grade P.E. classes. 4/7 UGG Boots. 13. Liar, Liar, Pants On Fire: Remarkably, these
are not the only fire-adorned jeans that ASOS in selling; their “Raggedy Priest” pants
feature flames sprouting from the ripped knees, for a cool £ 90. Both sets of pants bear an uncanny semblance
to the tacky retro-chic of Guy Fieri’s button downs. But we guess, in this political climate, flaming
pants are in. 5/7 UGG boots 14. 4:20, it is: On the one hand, this “Yoda
Stoner Sweater” is a definite violation of copyright, Fair Use laws, George Lucas’
creative vision for the original Star Wars trilogy, and my childhood memories. On the other hand, Yoda did spend a lot of
time surrounded by “mist,” encouraging Luke to chill out and tune into the cosmic
energies surrounding the universe, so we guess it’s not …. entirely wrong? 4/7 UGG Boots. 15. No! No! No!: Listen, we know that the women’s fashion
industry is in love with thin, cruddy shirts that do nothing to conceal one’s underclothes,
but usually, there’s some plausible deniability. With this shirt, the message is loud and clear:
“We’re gonna force you to buy 7 different translucent shirts so that you can put together
a reasonably modest outfit. We see your suffering, and we enjoy it.” 2/7 UGG Boots. 16. Take Me To Your Leader: This unbelievably
incredible shirt looks like the kind of thing you’d wear to wander around spooky fields
in the dead of night while banging pots and pans together and shouting “GEE, I SURE
HOPE THAT ATTRACTIVE ALIENS DON’T COME ABDUCT ME.” 6/7 UGG Boots. 17. Nerd Is The Word: Listen, we know it’s cool
to be a nerd right now and that, after a lifetime of social martyrdom, nerds are excited about
their time in the spotlight. But every time we see one of these shirts
or one of the ghastly I (anatomical) Heart Nerds tees, we are filled with the overwhelming,
all-consuming need to shove someone into a locker. 2/7 Ugg Boots. 18. Wait, what?: The ridiculous straps, the unflattering
cut, the is-it-jeans-or-is-it-a-jumpsuit-please-god-help-me-i’m-so-confused cut, the weird flaps at the armpits, the attempt
at a cleavage window with the unzipped top of the pants? As the French say: Incroyable. 4/7 UGG Boots. 19. Naked Truth: Internet clothing company Beloved
has the temerity, the absolute unmitigated gall, to call this monstrosity a “sexy”
bodysuit. Oh well, it could be worse. It could be even more … ahem … anatomically
accurate. 1/7 UGG Boots, because I don’t want to encourage
them. 20. Oh Honey, No: Sure, your outfit may be bad,
but is it actually a hate crime? Earlier this year, Zara put out this snazzy
denim piece, having somehow failed to notice that the cartoon critters on the front look
unmistakably like internet hate symbol Pepe the Frog. It was pulled shortly after, for obvious reasons. -3/7 Ugg Boots. 21. Police Don’t Touch Me: Listen, we hate everything
about these leggings, from the ridiculous print to the crappy elastic waist, but what
kind of a power move is it to  roll up to the club wearing sexy leggings that literally
say “don’t touch me?” 2/7 Ugg Boots. 22. Fashion Nightmare … And some clothing literally
asks questions of the viewer. Designer Raf Simons described this snazzy
shirt, part of his 2017 runway collection, as having a “politically-charged undertone.” 5/7 UGG Boots, for being great but depressing. 23. Let’s Be Frank: This is it. This is the ugly denim which all other ugly
denim flows from, the ugly denim which has no beginning and end, which was created with
the universe and will not die unless the last star has winked out.  

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  2. This video raises a lot of questions why is he rating the items by using uggs and why did he give a low rating to something that is actually useful and a high rating to something that has no use???

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