3D Acrylic Rose on a Matte Nail with Glossy Design – Step by Step Nail Tutorial

Hi everyone, I’m Kirsty Meakin from Naio Nails. In this video, we are going to do JJ’s middle finger. That’s JJ giving a middle finger, not me. Right! I’m gonna sculpt this nail out. I’ve wiped it, haven’t I? JJ: No! Kirsty: I’ve not wiped it? I’ve not wipey, wipey. Aah! We need to wipey, wipey. So, we gonna wipe over with gel residue wipe off solution. Now, you can prime and dehydrate either when the form’s on or when it’s off. It depends how good you are at fitting the form. If you think that you’re gonna touch the finger a lot when you’re putting the form on, then you can prep the nail with the prep products once the forms on. You get me? So, I’ve dehydrated and now this is primer. I’m gonna sculpt out a full back nail. Strong black nail. Nice big bead working in the centre first and I’m gonna make sure I’ve got the full length done. There’s a lot of pigment in this black. So, what you’ll find… once… when there’s a lot of pigment it tends to set up a little bit slower. So, you do have a little bit more time, so don’t get too panicky. And that one bead’s done all the length. Next bead, you go a little bit smaller with this and you want to get this cuticle area really nice and neat. Don’t flood the cuticle, it’s really pigmented this powder is, so it’s what make it quite difficult to get out of the cuticle area, plus, you don’t want any lifting. If you flood the cuticle area you gonna cause the product to lift. Smoothen this out with with another bead. Then, I’m gonna use the crystal clear to add strength to this nail. Don’t bleed out the clear. And when you’ve laid out the bead it will have bubbles. So, I’m adding the apex with the clear, so the black is just purely there for colour. I’m gonna let that set a little bit then I will pinch it to make the structure even stronger. I’m gonna go ahead and pinch this nail, it’s gone matte, so it’s ready to pinch. Test pinch it first and then take it off, check if it’s not dented at the sides and if it has then, oh my God! You’ve gotta repair it. I can feel it getting warm, you know that’s the key to pinching. Now, I’m gonna remove the form and we’re gonna get these side-walls nice and straight. So, we basically can shape this in to quite a pointy almond. I wouldn’t say it was a stiletto because it’s not super super sharp, it’s just a pointy almond. Adam, say almond. Almond not Almond. JJ: Everybody says Almond, though don’t they. Kirsty: Everybody says almond. Almond! So, normal filing routine. Get around the cuticle area, make that nice and smooth. Because you’re doing a full black nail, make sure you don’t over file too much here because you’re gonna start to remove the colour and you don’t want that. It’s another reason that I put the clear on top, that is. It helps to protect the colour underneath. Just gonna buff over now with the white block just to smooth. I’m gonna wipe over with acetone now just to smooth this nail out and it does add a little bit of sheen. Now, we want this to be really matte, so what I’m gonna do is take a 240 grit file and just buff over. I’m going really light. I’m just getting rid of any of that shine. The acetone is important to make everything nice and matte. I wanna get rid of that shine. Adam: so whats the difference between doing this and then matte top coat on. Kirsty: The matte topcoat is nice, it’s matte and it’s great for sealing in artwork. You know, if you do… I couldn’t do free under artwork with acrylic paint and do this, it just wear off. Adam: Right! Kirsty: So, you would definitely need the matte topcoat for that. This is an alternative way of doing it and it’s also super super matte. because with any matte topcoat, it will never be as matte as this kind of look is. It’ll be matte but not as matte. You know what I mean. JJ: Super matte!
Kirsty: This is super matte, yeah! I’m gonna wipe over with the gel residue wipe off solution now, just to clean that dust off. And you can see that it’s a lot more matte than it was before. We will have a 3D flower on here, but I want to work in a little bit of this gel polish. Now, this gel polish is from this number. It’s from the pearly collection. And that’s the number, probably has a name by now. You don’t want a lot on your brush. Neaten that edge with a 3D brush. I’m just gonna tap and pull through the middle. By doing this, you’re leaving more of the gel polish towards the outer edge and less in the middle. You have like a silver piece running through. Pop me that in the lamp. Gonna use serious black gel polish just a little bit. [Kirsty singing] Who sung that? Come on, DJ Adam: What? Kirsty: pump this party, the song “little bit, just a little bit” Adam: No…
Kirsty: sing it, sing it Kirsty: Not salt and pepper is it. first of all I’m gonna line, this edge with the black, so it actually will be a little bit raised. So, I’m going to do this little pattern. It’s any old pattern, you don’t have to copy me. You can do your own little pattern or you can do the same. You could even stamp a design in this little section. Pop me that in the lamp. With a dotting tool, I’m just gonna add some dots around this edge just to make it more interesting. Pop me that in the lamp. I’m gonna wipe over with the gel residue wipe off solution. Now, that’s gonna take off the shine in the sticky layer as well. So, you can see it’s raised. It’s also quite matte. It’s not completely as matte as the nail. It’s a matte design as well, so you’ve got matte nail on the matte design. And then, what we’re gonna do is a matte 3/4D flower. Not made up my mind which it is yet. So, I’ve got pure black. So, this is glam gold acrylic powder. Kirsty: Oh, it’s delish!
JJ: Oh yeah. Right! I don’t need your finger at the moment, so you can chill your beans. JJ: K, can you move you hair then? Kirsty: I’m moving my hair, oh my God. JJ: You don’t need me finger
Kirsty: I don’t think so. Yeah, sorry, yeah. Right! So, we’re gonna start off with just a blob, small bead. And then, what we’re gonna do is, we’re gonna dip it into the gold and then into the black. Pop that on. Give it a little bit of press. Make sure that the gold stays on one side and the black stays on the other side. We’re gonna work as quick as we can, so we’ll do a few at a time. Now, I’m gonna press this one. I’m gonna press that one out and while they’re setting a little bit. I’m gonna make some more. So, we picked the Rose up and have a look where we’re gonna place it. So we’re gonna place it about here. And what we’ll do is, we’ll figure out, you know, which way round will work best. So, I’m gonna pop up some clear acrylic, pick it up, place it on, position the flower, tuck all that clear acrylic in and put it up to the petals. That’s just gonna give it, you know, some stability. So, if you look underneath here, I’m gonna fill in with some clear acrylic to make it stronger. You’ll also fill out underneath some of the petals as well, to make those stronger so we don’t break them. I’m gonna take some more petals and fill in the gaps around here. You’re also gonna do some leaves and they’ll also fill in the gap as well. Adam: It’s new bad that like. Kirsty: it’s new bad. I like the leaves, I do. JJ: I like the leaves i do, it’s really finished it hasn’t it? Kirsty: Yeah! If you wondering why I’ve gone gold, it’s because we are matching nails, so we do a bit of silver and gold. I love the matte nail though. The matte nail and matte flower as well. Looks like it’s just growing out of your finger. How did that happen? JJ: Just happened? Kirsty: Wait! Plant a seed. JJ: been having my vitamins. Kirsty: shouldn’t have your vitamins, stuff will… grow. Adam: [inaudible] Kirsty: flowers
JJ: Yeah! So, there you are guys. I hope you’ve enjoyed that. Oh! One more thing, a little bit of cuticle oil. I will make sure I haven’t got any on the nail because I don’t want it to take away from the matte design. Just give that a little bit of wipe. So it’s pretty complex because you have the matte nail and then you’ve got this design work here and we’ve got the rose as well. I hope you’ve enjoyed that. Don’t forget to check us out on Facebook and Instagram. Give me a thumbs up, please! And I’ll see you in the next video. Bye bye! What’s her name? JJ: Charlene. Kirsty: Charlene what, just Charlene? So, anybody watch the little girl on Youtube? JJ & Kirsty: Looking flawless like my dreams.
Kirsty: Charlene what, just Charlene? So, anybody watch the little girl on Youtube? JJ & Kirsty: Looking flawless like my dreams. Kirsty: Do you watch it? Adam: Really? I’m watch UFC. Boring science fiction stuff. JJ: I’ll tag him in. Adam: Oh, thanks! Kirsty: Till she goes delish…

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