3D Snake Design using 3D Sculpture Gel

Kirsty: Hi everybody, I’m Kirsty Meakin from Naio Nails. In this video, I’m gonna show you how to create a Snake Design. Now, I’m really inspired by Snake jewellery at the minute, so we thought, why not do it on a nail? I had a play the other day and did a snake. Snake! JJ: I know a few of them. Kirsty: Yeah, me too. Kirsty: I’m gonna start by putting Serious Black on. So, this is going right on the top, straight on top, no basecoat, no nothing, on the top of AcryGel. You could put it on the top of hard gel or acrylic. If you were doing this on a natural nail, you would need to put on a basecoat, but as we are just going straight on top of AcryGel, we don’t need a basecoat. You want a balance to the cuticle, do not touch the cuticle. And do a nice clean application, leaving a very slight border at the cuticle. JJ: Isn’t it amazing how far they’ve come on like, there was never a black that black. Kirsty: I know! It’s so black. Pop that in the lamp. Kirsty: Now, we’re gonna go in with the topcoat. So, this is the Urban Graffiti tack-free topcoat. So, we’ve got a nice black background for our design. You could use any colour really but I want something that really makes the snake stand out. So, we’ve got the 3D Sculpture Gel. This is gold. Adam: Could you do this in like acrylic or in… Kirsty: You could do it with acrylic. Adam: Hmm! Kirsty: Mmmm! I want the freedom of time, Adam: Okay! Kirsty: Something that I never have. Adam: Hmm! Kirsty: So, you can do this two ways. You can pop it in your hand. I’ve just folded that over at the top just to make the head a bit thicker. That’s it! A snake. I’m gonna put the head here. So, you need a 3D brush with some of the Gel Residue Wipe-off Solution on, you’re gonna start to press that down. You pick it up and you start to do your little waves. Kirtsy: That was quick. A lot quicker than how I originally did it JJ: Yeah! Kirsty: And I’m gonna press at the sides to sort of make his face. Just to build it up a little bit higher. Can you see how it’s just sneaking up a little bit higher and it’ll become more of like a diamond shape? And we can start to press. You get those waves really neat and it’ll also press it into the nail. Make it stick. I’m just stretching this one to make it a little bit thinner and a little bit longer. JJ: Oh, I’m gonna like playing all over that. You know, you’ll love it. Kirsty: You need like nails where you can feel…
JJ: Like texture nails. Kirsty: Hmm! And a little point at the end. You want to clean the nail up at the same time. What I’m gonna do with this snake is, I’m gonna take my dotting tool, pop it into the liquid. and I’m gonna press to create a little hole for his eyes. Because, in those holes, I’m gonna put some crystals… and then, I’m gonna take… this is the Pointy tool. This is what I use to do my Bubble Roses. You could use like a dressmaker’s needle if you don’t have something like this. Make sure I’m dipping it into the Gel Residue Wipe-off Solution. So, just use a little bit on the end, I know everything won’t stick. And then I’m just gonna… dot in and make the snake textured. I’m creating those scales. Alright! So, that looks more realistic now. I love that! JJ: I don’t think we have to paint that. Kirsty: Pop it in the lamp. We will. Kirsty: So, this is the perfect product for doing things like this because it doesn’t set until you put it in the lamp. Adam: Looks really cool, that. JJ: Does. Don’t it?
Adam: Mm-hmm! Kirsty: Looks better than mine. JJ: So, you could leave them like that. Well, leave it like that, but we just wanna make it a bit more fantabulous. So, what I’m gonna do is, with this little gel brush, I’m gonna take some of the… Urban Graffiti Topcoat, load it into the brush. I’m really pressing, so it goes through all those bristles. So, don’t want it dripping like that, I want it just fed through, so it’s just got it a little bit of it on, yeah. And we’re gonna go over the snake, just lightly brushing. JJ: Give him a stroke. Kirsty: Just give him a tickle. JJ: Nice snake. Kirsty: Tickle the snake. JJ: Watch him grow. Kirsty: Right! So, now we’re gonna cure that. Wipe over with the Gel Residue Wipe-off Solution just to clean it up. If there’s any sticky layers from any of the residue from the 3D Sculpture Gel, it’s going to clean that up. Adam: It’s called Persephone. Kirsty: Persephone.
JJ: What does that mean? Adam: I don’t know. Kirsty: Oh! Adam doesn’t know. Adam: I’ve heard it before but I don’t know.
Kirsty: I don’t believe you. Adam: I can read it, so… Kirsty: Okay. So, I’ve coloured that. So, we’ve now changed the colour of the snake and we need to put that into the lamp to encourage that to dry. Look at that once it’s all dry. Oh my God! The snake is all textured. That is so gorgeous. I am pretty jealous right about now. I’m gonna put some more of the Urban Graffiti Topcoat onto either some backing form. Anyway, you can put it anywhere that you can get rid of, basically. So, we’re gonna put it on the brush. We’re gonna cover the snake and only the snake. The hardest part about doing this is this part. Literally just painting on top of the snake. And what I love as well is the texture. It’s there because we only lightly brushed… the topcoat on the top of the metallic and then everywhere else that was porous sucked up the topcoat, so you can see there’s different shades. Because if you put the metallic directly onto the top of the Sculpture Gel, because it’s quite porous and it’s got a matte sort of finish to it, it’ll suck up or soak up, the metallic. Whereas, everywhere we’ve put the topcoat, that is shiny. Then and I’m gonna use this brush… to just paint. Pop that in the lamp for me. So, now we’re gonna get Acetone on a Lint-free wipe. Give it a good scrub. Ahh! Look at that. Don’t you just love it? JJ: The gold’s come through hasn’t it?
Kirsty: Yeah, the gold will come through as well. So, if you look on mine… JJ: Wow! That have got a little bit for black coming through. So, with the Metallics, you can wipe it off with Acetone before you apply your topcoat because it’s not a true gel, so it doesn’t cure as such. It air dries. Adam: Does that mean it’s more like a nail polish rather than…
Kirsty: It’s not a nail polish because it’s so thin. Kirsty: It’s more like a laquer, I suppose. Right! I’m gonna do his tongue again. So, what I’m gonna do this time is, gonna take a really fine detailing brush. So, I’ve got some of the metallic on here. So, can you just see his little tongue. His little split… tongue. You’re gonna cover the whole thing with the Urban Graffiti Topcoat. This will hold the snake on better as well. And it’ll seal the snake even more. Once you’ve covered the whole nail, you wanna sort of take off the excess off your brush and go in and drag the excess from those… little curls. So, we’ve got the little tiny AB Crystals that have the pointy backs. So, these are gonna sit in the eye. So, I’m gonna take a tiny crystal, and drop that in that space while the gel is still wet. JJ: That’s so cool! Kirsty: Because we made a hole, they’ll sit inside and they’ll hold the stone on, the gel will keep it in place. Pop that in the lamp. So, we’re gonna finish this nail with some Cuticle Oil. I think we should have a competition. JJ: A Snake Off. Kirsty: A Snake Off. Who has the best snake? JJ: Me! Kirsty: You know what? You have. JJ: I know. Kirsty: It’s more textured, It’s got diamonds in the eyes. JJ: Oooh! Kirsty: JJ, I think you’ve won that Snake Off there. JJ: Well, it was hard, but I did it. Adam: Hmm!
Kirsty: Beautiful colours. So there you are, guys. I hope you’ve enjoyed that Slippery Snake Design. Have a go. Do you know what? I might make myself some earrings like that. What do you think?
JJ: Hmm! Adam: Hmm! Kirsty Meakin jewellery line.
JJ: It’s a good idea. Kirsty: Ooh! More videos, maybe. Kirsty: Hope you’ve enjoyed the video anyway! Everything that I’ve used today will be listed below as it always is. Don’t forget to check us out on Facebook and Instagram and I will see you soon in the next video. Bye-bye! Kirsty: Burps!

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  1. Love as usual my daughter and her daughter so my granddaughter both had snakes Humphrey and Dan lol and you used to be able to take Dan everywhere with you they were cute. Nobody knows how they died but they did which was sad. She also had a tarantula going to say this is some of the animals at this child gets. New note I did order one of the cats and I have to say that that Urban Graffiti top coat is like the most fabulous topcoat ever used it is unbelievable and the timing I mean you get your shipment within like a week so there is no waiting for months and months and months but that top coat just I am just so thrilled with it thank you Kirsty for another video!

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