3Ds Max Tutorial : How to make a wine glass and vase in 3ds max

Hello friends make a plane size which is similar to reference image make length segment and width segment 1 now put your reference image go to object properties freeze the reference image go to spline panel and take line tool and draw the shape of glass now go to hierarchy and go to affect pivot point only change the position of pivot point now go to the spline sub mod and select vertexes between start and end vertex and make them smooth then give the lathe modifier give the shell modifier for thickness and then give turbosmooth now i am resizing this for my next image size of plane and image must be same in ratio now i am putting next reference image make pivot point center of object now again frezze and draw with spline tool go to the vertex level and make them smooth now change the pivot point give the lathe modifier and then gave shell modifier and then make pivot point on center of object now modeling is complete thanks for watching please subscribe our channel

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