4 Slingshot Challenges You Sent Me “SHOT Bullet Splitting Playing Card” (Trick Shot Tuesday Ep.8)

100 Replies to “4 Slingshot Challenges You Sent Me “SHOT Bullet Splitting Playing Card” (Trick Shot Tuesday Ep.8)”

  1. Thanks for putting me in the video Do you work at teds pizza or did you buy so much pizza so they gave you a shirt

  2. ยิงหนังสติกบ้าไรยืดสะเลยหูตัวเอง

  3. This is the first video iv watched by you and bye far a realy good video i just subbed, i also like how you reply to your subs and the people that comment not alot of YouTubers do that mutch respect for you sir have a good day:)

  4. I'm turkiyede you live in these days, I started to follow turkiyede satmiyo slings and sling me if you want me too I want you send

  5. What slingshot do you personally think is the strongest and most accurate? I know you can change bands but the frame can break if it’s too strong

  6. This guy reminds me of a man from canada , Steve Smith ( aka ) Red Green .. But true enough he has true skill for sure..

  7. Heaven is where I can shoot my slingshot any time I want, also an air rifle, a staff sling, a blowgun, a BB gun, a shotgun, a Bersa Thunder .380, and anything that projects a projectile.

  8. The problem with the knife shooting is that the blade shaope is different, with a knife it’s more slim so it won’t spread out as much but with an axe the spread is larger due to the sale of the axe and how it’s made to split logs…. that’s what I think is the problem

  9. Ok Zack, For an old guy just trying to get into slingshots and can't justify spending lots of money on one. what do you suggest?

  10. Tôi nói thật tôi rất khăm phục tài bắn ná của chú,chú bắn ná mà thật sự phải nói là không có chỗ chê

  11. Hi, I'm Brazilian, so sorry for my English (google translator). I am your fan, I would like to see one day, you doing the trick of Ulysses "the odyssey".

  12. Pretty cool shooting and tricks, Zach. I had a sling shot when I was a kid (won't tell you what we called them back in those days 😡 ) but I never got anywhere near that good. I will say that I was proficient at hitting windows and street lights.

  13. This guy is like the Mr. Rogers of slingshots. Comes in changes his shirt, puts on his ammo pouch to a catchy little tune.

  14. I think the balloon are too apart.. just saying… And the knife is thinner at the back compare to the axe blade which has a wide back… Can you get my point…. I can't speak good English…

  15. hey Fowler i know this is a weird video to ask a few questions but i was wondering about sighted slingshots i need to get a slingshot soon as i have just bought flat bands and ammo again i love shooting em tried all manner of em just wondering how much the sighted ones are and if they are and good also i dont wanna spend much i have just had a kid and dont have the money to so if u have any good ones that are very budget yet safe i would love to here from u thanks

  16. Sir love your videos they have really helped my shooting. I am 63 years just starting shooting a sling shot. I would like to know what diameter ammo do recomand for all around shooting and hunting. Thanks
    Ps. Still working on accurate and consistent shoots.

  17. @Fowler’s Makery and Mischief That is so cool . I like your theme song who is that by . I also have four slingshots I have two I need to fix . What your best option how to fix them and what do you like better. The flat band or the round one . And your a cool slingshot master .

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