427 Year Old Style Spring Mouse Trap In Action. 4 Mice in 1 Night.

Today for mousetrap Monday I have another really old-style mousetrap to show you I recreated this from a book that was written in 1590 by muscala that makes this mousetrap design over four hundred and twenty-seven years old People have been asking about that book, so I’ll list the title there you notice It’s really long And he spells words differently in that book he lists different traps for various sized animals Wolves buzzards pole cats and twelve different designs for catching mice and rats. I’ve been recreating those twelve traps I’ll put a playlist together. This is number 11, so I have one more to go This is going to be one of the most effective because it can catch multiple mice it has four holes You can even build this with a larger trap with more holes I recently saw one on eBay of a similar style a mousetrap from France had nine holes I was gonna try to buy that and do a video But some other collector wanted it and was willing to pay more than I was willing to I was only gonna go to 150 and they went to over $200 But this style of trap is really common. Here’s one called Lucifer again from France basically the same style I’m gonna try out this more modern version, but first we’re gonna test out Mascalls, to build this It’s a block of wood pretty easy I drilled four holes about two inches deep Then you do smaller holes two on the front on each hole two in the back that are closer together This is a wire noose in the back you have your Springs here each Hole has a spring you attach it with a little staple bend It around So it has tension and then attach it to the noose in front just like this you can see that going up and down To set it you pull it down each one And then you actually have to tie these I found it’s pretty difficult to thread a string through those tiny holes without a needle So I have the needle here I’ll show you how I tie that off But the idea is you tie it off the needle goes all the way through the front and bottom there and Then when it’s tied off It’s blocking the weight of the bait you put the bait in the back the mouse will stick his head through that noose hit that String chew it release it the spring will go up and that noose will catch them on the neck So I’m gonna tie these off show you how that works And then we’re gonna go set this up with motion cameras in my garage Try to catch mice mice have moved into my house in the garage, and I want to take care of this infestation So hopefully we can get four mice to set this you pull the spring down which lowers the noose Then you your needle through that hole there, just like that Come back through the bottom And then you just tie these two ends off with an overhand knot to keep that spring down You cut off the extra string tie down the next three Springs And you’re ready to go mice will come along Want to get the bait stick their head in there comes up, and you got them, they’re stuck, so let’s go test this out Here’s the results after just one night of setting up the Mascalls’ spring-trap in my garage With the colder weather mice have been moving into my house I’ve been trapping quite a few of them but there are at least four left because last night one by one they came along stuck their head in the hole to get the Bait chewed through the string released that wire noose and got caught Mice are definitely not scared to go next to a dead mouse They just want that bait, and they’ll squeeze right in there and be the next one in line This is one of Mascalls’ best traps because it catches multiple mice and clearly it works Those are the kind of results you want to see I can see why the French have been using the style trap for hundreds of years the mystical spring trap a 427 year old design that is one of the best

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