Hello guys,
welcome again, Today I have for you this
fantastic package sent to
me by my friend GAZZ from
www.uklocksport.co.uk a picking fellow,
a great friend, thank you very much It contains locks that
I have been buying on ebay and that he has received
at home to reduce
shipping costs and that now sends
me in this package I don’t even remember
what they were
and how they were so let’s open it and
let’s see what it
brings inside they should be
vintage locks collectibles or that I have
considered to be collectibles
and that I like so much let’s see…
I don’t know if
I can save the box I hope there is no personal
information inside if it wasn’t for the help
of GAZZ I couldn’t
acquire these locks because the shipping
costs exceed the value
of the lock itself what do we have here… what is this… Oh yeah I did not remember…
here come some picks let’s see some tweezers…
to be able to
take them out there it is here are some
Sparrows picks it’s the SSDeV set, a set that I use a lot,
you will have seen me
use it many times, let’s see,
here I have it, this, this and this,
these 3 picks,
which I use a lot they are long hooks, to access short pins These are those of
normal thickness,
which I usually use and I bought the thick ones…
I think it’s 0.40mm I think they can be
really useful I will try them and after
trying I will a review
of the two sets of this and this,
comparing them, They are some picks that
I hope will allow me to get
where these others
do not allow me and it is not easy since
these usually work
very very well very good,
perfect, Now here I start to see padlocks,
and I start to get nervous let’s see,
let’s take this away these are about YALE and I was lucky to be able to get,
I think at a good price, here you have them,
I think it’s the 840 model, They are really
spectacular, massive,
very very heavy and
that can be disassembled a true gem,
I recently sent one of
them to Lockmania as part of an exchange
for a very beautiful old Ruko and these are the ones
that are going to replace
that in the collection awesome padlocks,
awesome very heavy Yale here it is I don’t know how
old they can be, I think I change upper and lower
case letters in the 80s or
something like that, or 90 but they are very pretty
and have a very pretty patina,
completely brass, a weakness,
a weakness for me,
here you have them here you have them I will not be able
to part with them they have an RKM 97 inscription,
they are probably identical are keyed alike I will try to get a key
with this keyway I will consult a
locksmith friend spectacular, very very beautiful,
they are very heavy,
they are awesome made in England beautiful I will do some video,
although I have already made
some videos of these models, I think it’s worth it I love them and I like
to make the videos and even if it is repeating
the same padlock model
I will make a video because
they are beautiful spectacular the perfect lock for me brass,
detachable, very very pretty,
very nice let’s see what else… it’s going to be hard
to beat those, Here is one that
comes with a key… let´s see yes, yes,
I might get over it…
I don’t know… this is very pretty too let’s see if it works, there it is ZENI padlock there you have it, ZENI,
I don’t know how
to pronounce it,
Z16 a lock that looks like
a very old made in England, Brass again,
with this beautiful shape, with rounded edges and here is “British made”
ZENI, the original key spectacular 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 the biting
is not very very spectacular,
but it is not important, It is a very very nice padlock
that are the five caps the patina is spectacular,
very beautiful very very pretty, completely brass,
well you see you see where
my weakness goes very nice,
look at the logo I love it, I saw it and I couldn’t resist,
I love it very very pretty, a collection lock,
without a doubt without a doubt let’s see what else,
because there is still some more yes here is something… the key has something blue that we will certainly
take away this UNION UNION, yes, the key is the original,
we throw that out there It is a wafer lock He has a keyway…
I don’t know if it is… if so, it’s a padlock It looks like galvanized steel
or something,
it had a green paint on top, I don’t know if it’s the original
painting or they painted it later look at the logo UNION,
made in England,
and the original key comes out in this position,
oblique, is very interesting,
I had never seen one like that and the mechanism, the mechanism is that
that piece rotates let’s see if we can
make it spin yes, it moves very little,
really to open moves just that, but I don’t think you can bypass it,
it won’t be easy, It has a square profile very beautiful,
very beautiful padlock,
floor tend more to brass locks, but this one would be
very cheap, or it would be
part of a lot with someone else, and I like it,
I like it a lot the biting… It’s almost non-existent,
I don’t know how many
wafers will have but these first three go
to the same height three or four,
I don’t know how many
can fit there, let’s take a look in there let’s see what there is… let’s see,
there is too much light,
there I see several wafers let’s get closer 1, 2, 3, at the same height, there seems to be
a couple more here on the side
those were the guards and there is nothing it will be very easy
to open this apparently very beautiful,
very beautiful with the original key I like it, let’s see why I think
there is another one yes, here is another I have…
and I have already recorded it,
I hope to offer you soon, other padlock of this brand I don’t want to scratch it look how pretty ZENITH 38, in this case it is 38 and I have another record on video,
with the original key and that it was nothing easy
at all to open because
the conditions in which it was The key is the original, I have a ZENITH 43 open,
I think it is, and recorded,
to offer it on the channel this one is very clean,
very polished,
it seems to me that someone
is entertaining cleaning it a big mistake,
very bad very bad don’t clean the padlocks,
I sure had a very pretty dark patina even if it was irregular or dirty,
but hey It’s something that
time can solve again, It works perfect has the original key and that is much
of the important ZENITH 38 I don’t have 43 here,
but well when
I go to pick it I will show you both a couple for the collection, ZENITH 38,
I think it’s French,
but I’m not sure, spectacular lock,
spectacular well, you see They are very
beautiful padlocks, really pretty, I will make a video to each
one because they really deserve it vintage padlocks,
very unusual padlocks here in Spain, impossible to get and I enjoy collecting a lot and offering them on video
with itspickings, although
the most important thing
is always to show the padlock not so much the picking,,
which is not usually
difficult in these cases and if it is,
it is more due to age, that the quality of the padlock
or the tolerances it may have well, thank you very much,
GAZZ I thank you very much thanks to you I have been
able to acquire them
and bring them here, I really appreciate it and for all of you, This has been the package
that GAZZ send me, I hope to make
the picking vids soon, thank you very much
for your time,
bye ;o))


  1. Im glad they got there safe. Im looking forward to seeing each one picked :). Thanks for sharing Tallan and take care mate.

  2. Aaaah los compras y alguien te los guarda hasta tener un paquete que te salga más barato ..buena idea . y buen amigo. ..si quisiera apuntarme al canal uk. Loksport el que mencionas… tu usas el traslate para traducir?

  3. A super package from Gazz R there Tallan, and some awesome vintage locks and cool picks, from him in this one buddy 😃👏 Really appreciate you sharing, his fantastic package to you with us all my friend, and can't wait to see your future videos, with you featuring some of these soon mate 😁👍 Great video as always sir, and hope you have a wonderful weekend ahead too – thanks! 😎👏👏👏

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