$5.00 Prepping for Survival ep4

so you want to be a prepper you can’t
afford it you’re broke is too expensive that’s not true five dollars is all it
takes and I’m here to prove it to you coming up we got five items cost us $1
apiece going in a bug-out bag going to be great stay tuned but you want he’s a classic toy hi guys welcome back I’m Matt the DIY
prepper and for those of you that are new here we do this every week we go out
and spend five bucks on getting us prepared prepared for what I’m prepared
for whatever we think might happen we alternate one week of bug out bag that
the next week we do more the long-term food storage so be sure and hit that
like button check back every week we’ll do more what do we pick up this week
well this week we went to the Dollar Tree first thing we picked up was a
tablecloth it is 54 by 108 inches so that’s what
about 9 foot by 4 and a half not quite as big as we would like it to be but
it’s still going to serve us good this is going to be our rain cover for our
pack it’s going to serve as a ground cloth to keep us from getting wet if we
need to sit down on something it’s also going to serve as our shelter this will
make a shelter if we get comes upon a storm and we need to get out of the rain
this is what’s going to do it second thing we got was tea light candles yt
light candles well obviously we can use these as a candle they can extend our
flame if we need a lot of fire it’s a little bit damp our tinder material
isn’t quite dried out this is going to dry that out for us it’s going to
provide a little bit of light and we can take these candles and we can melt them
down light them up let the max get melted and then different match heads
inside the wax once we do that it seals the match heads from moisture make some
waterproof drop them in the water pick the wax off with your thumb nail
your matches are going to work just fine there are eight of these in here or pie
sticks half of them in the bug out bag the other half we’re going to throw over
to our long-term storage stuff we will need to take some care that they don’t
melt but that’ll be something will conquer when the time comes
next item is super glue two bottles of it we’re going to keep one of them in
our long-term storage the other one in the bug out bag
super glue do I have to explain the uses for it my main reason to use it is where
if I get a cut I could seal that Cup
Ballu it’s an alcohol-based I don’t know if it really helps to sterilize or clean
the wound I don’t know you’ll have to check
elsewhere for that but it will seal up the cut it will keep dirt from getting
in it we break our glasses this is going to fix them thousand uses we rip a hole
in our backpack and this is going to fix our hole once again you got it a dollar
tree one dollar next item hand sanitizer this was a
three pack I chose the three packets get up the bigger bottle because if I spill
this and lose it all it’s not near as big a deal as if I knock a hole in the
big bottle and it’s all gone obviously we can clean our hands for this another
thing we can do with it is we could squirt it on to some less than optimum
tender to get a fire going we can light this they’ll be a flame extender it
burns hot and we can use this on our alcohol stove we’re going to make some
alcohol stoves before long I probably another month or so but we’ll get a
couple alcohol stoves made and I’ll show you how to use this great score once
again we got three of them I’m just going to I’m going to keep one of these
one of these will go of long term storage all the others are going to the
other two will go in the bug-out bag great score zip ties the tool of a
thousand uses this package contains sixty that’s plenty
we’re not going to need any more than sixty all these are going in our bug out
bag we can use these to help make shelters to make repairs we break a
shoelace this alert this will work for that two thousand uses there’s no excuse
to not have zip ties in your bag I did pick up one extra thing broke the budget
by one dollar that’s these glow sticks there’s four in a pack these are the
green ones I’m going to keep the green ones in the bug out bag but I bought
another package of them just to test them out
they cut inside the package comes with some strings to time on just little
pieces of ribbon as well as something to hang them on we’re going to use these break it open right quick we’re going to
use these to light up around our camp wherever we may be set up we can hang
them from a tree or hang them on our gear so that if we wander away from camp
at night we can easily find our way back we can crack one of these open each
night drop it inside our bag after we drop these inside of our bag we’ll be
able to see in it in the dark and won’t be using the batteries in our
flashlights so the green ones are the ones that are going in the bag so anyway
this is what we picked up this week not a whole lot but it’s going to get the
job done what I want to know is what about your suggestions I got a
suggestion last week about some paper plates I bought the paper plates
somebody said that there’s a package of 150 of them at the dollar store that
they shopped it there was for three bucks I tell you what that’s worth my
money what would you like to see me get on our $5.00 budget next week whenever
we do our long term food storage well anyway I’m going to end that right here
so be sure to hit that like button subscribe comment and share let me know
what you think and until next time be safe

9 Replies to “$5.00 Prepping for Survival ep4”

  1. $5 gets you one of the following:
     tarp from harbor freight (two if you have a coupon)
    5 gallon bucket (good for storing dry food and container gardening)
     50 rounds of 22 long rifle
     50 ft of para-cord
    a subway footlong sandwich (can't prep on an empty stomach)

  2. I can tell you from experience that super glue will seal a small cut or scrape on your hand, I keep a tube in my Tackle bag for when i go Bass fishing, Also i keep a roll of electric tape in there as well, ya never know…Im subbed :]

  3. I keep the single use super glues in my medical kit for deep wounds. Only thing is it burns like heck. Cut my hand pretty bad one day at the lake used the glue OMG i was dancing around and blowing my hand like crazy. I know people thought oh crap crazy woman lol .Keep up the good work.

  4. good job i want to do a video of getting survival gear for free ..or really cheap too ..hit up the goodwill you never know what you can get

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