5 Bizarre Historical Ethnic Stereotypes | Decoded | MTV News

>>While some people believe racial
and ethnic stereotypes are based on some
sort of unchangeable truth about how people really are, a lot of the stereotypes
we have today used to be the exact opposite. If there’s one thing
most people think of when it comes to Japan,
it’s efficiency and hard work. But in the early 1900s, most Westerners thought
of the Japanese as lazy.>>An American missionary
observed that “many Japanese
give an impression of being lazy and utterly indifferent
to the passage of time”.>>Really?
>>You know that the Japanese have a word for ‘working
themselves to death’, right?>>You guys, this is Japan.
This is them being lazy.>>The Japanese gave us
Playstation and Nintendo, two things to make us
lazy and indifferent to the passage of time. They flipped the script on us. That’s genius.>>“The British lion
and the Irish monkey.” Wow, this sounds like
a really racist Pixar movie.>>I personally think
that it’s really weird when white people are racist
to other white people.>>Man, why do black people
gotta get the hand-me-down stereotypes? We can’t get nothing original?
This is some bull$#!+, man.>>Was there some kind of racist
meeting where they were like, “Alright, what are we gonna call
these people we don’t like?” “Uh, monkeys!” “Okay great, what are we gonna call
THESE people we don’t like?” “Ah, monkeys!”>>Listen, racists,
okay you gotta get more creative.>>So why were the Irish
ever called apes? Because the insult has nothing to do with how someone looks
and has everything to do with dehumanizing them.
>>Here are some quotes:>>“It is long before a German can be brought to comprehend
the bearings of what is new. No wonder that they are not
distinguished by enterprise or activity.”>>“Not distinguished by enterprise
or activity” means they don’t know $#!+ and they don’t do $#!+.
They ain’t nothing.>>“Some will laugh all sorrows away, others will always indulge
in melancholy.”>>So this guy just called the Germans
a bunch of drama queens.>>So lemme get this straight: we used
to think they were dumb and emotional, and now we think Germans
are cold and logical. Both groupings kinda bull$#!+.>>Today people complain
that Mexicans are “taking our jobs”, but up until fairly recently,
Mexicans were thought of as lazy—>>—which is why you can buy
this little sleeping Mexican on Amazon! Look at this little snoozy buddy!>>These are two different products
ordered from two different places. It looks like they have
the same Mexican.>>You decide which stereotype
you want to go with: he’s tired because
he’s lazy or he’s tired because he stole all of your jobs.>>You have to build a wall
to keep him out of your dish? I don’t know.
>>Which is it, racists? Are they lazy, or are they taking
all of our jobs? I just have to know
and it can’t be both.>>While today many generalize Asian men as emasculated and almost nonsexual (we even did an episode about it), during the 1930s, Filipino men
were seen as dangerously hypersexual.>>To quote some newspapers
from the 1920s—>>—“The Filipinos
are hot little rabbits and many of these white women
like them for this reason.” That sounds great! Hot little rabbits? Hell yeah!>>“The love-making
of the Filipinos is primitive, even heathenish, more elaborate.”>>Is it just me or does this sound
like someone’s Tinder profile? “My love-making is primitive,
heathenish, elaborate.”>>So what we learned
is that stereotypes are bull$#!+. It’s not fair to say
all Asian people are hypersexual, even though I personally #*¢% like a hot little rabbit.>>So if you didn’t get it,
stereotypes are basically bull$#!+. Thanks so much for watching. We’ll see you next time,
right here on Decoded.

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  1. They even find a way to be racist against whites when they're trying to "call out" racism against whites. 😂
    German and Irish white girl here.

  2. do these people understand that Filipinos see themselves as Latino and not Asian it is in fact an insult to call a Filipino Asian because they speak Spanish English and the traditional Filipino language

  3. The Lazy Mexican is a folk symbol and has deep roots in Mexican culture! Consider the Mexican film El Infierno, where the carteleros kill their rivals and prop the bodies against cacti with massive sombreros covering their faces.
    Sure, people may interpret it as a "lazy Mexican" because that's a stereotype along with the job-stealing stereotype. But I've (and probly most people) always thought the figure to symbolize life in the desert. And no doubt that is the real meaning, considering it's a folk symbol.

  4. You people are fucking stupid. As if 3/4ths of the viewers hating this video wasn't enough of a sign to make you people quit while you're ahead.

  5. Make room for my debunking please:
    Now I'm not gonna say racism doesn't exist, sure, some people are still racist, not just white people, but every race has at least one racist person in it. You also appear to not be taking into consideration the passage of time, in which cultural values, traditions, and trends change and evolve. You say an american missionary said something racist in 1903, this may very well be historically accurate, however since when did one individual represent the entirety of a race? I go to a predominantly black high school and in my freshman year (I'm now in my senior year) I remember hearing some black kid say "I hate white people" Does this mean that all black people hate white people? No. And it would be incredibly ignorant to even attempt to claim so. You also need to understand that this was 1903, there were some racist ideologies back then, that does not mean white people walk around going "Oh god I just hate black people so much!" all the time today. In fact there is a multitude of laws and regulations in the United States to prevent discrimination such as Affirmative Action. "The white people" are literally creating laws to help prevent discrimination and yet you still attempt to insist that racism is a widespread cultural issue. You also attempt to use the point that a British travel writer named John Russell said something racist about Germans in 1920. After the assassination of Austrian Archduke Franz Ferdinand the world was thrust into the middle of World War I, in which Germany was part of the Central Powers, while the British Empire was part of the Allied Powers, in other words the British Empire and Germany were enemies around 1920. It's not illogical to conclude this racist comment could have originated from negative feelings towards someone that individual saw as "the enemy." The same thing happened after World War II, people hated Germany once again. In essence my point is, you make an illogical argument that simply hasn't been though out well enough to be presented in a manner in which could be taken serious by anyone of average intelligence. Here's a tip MTV, take scientific experiments as an example of what to do, you look at the situation at hand, form a hypothesis and investigate it's legitimacy before stating "I've discovered so and so." Instead of doing this you simply take an idea that's been stated before and just run with it. This is not how it should be.

  6. he finds it crazy that white people can be racist to other white people ? NEWSFLASH Asians can be racist to other Asians. Hispanics can be racist to other Hispanics. blacks can be racist to other blacks. some people are assholes. also what about the stereotype that all white people are racist but no Fuck white people I guess. #decodedisaids.

  7. sorry what was the point of this video? They decoded very old American beliefs from about 100 years ago… for example, if you think the stereotype today is that Filipinos are hypersexual than you're a jackass… everyone knows that well deserved Crown belongs to the Thai's.

  8. Thing is: hardly any white people are racist any more. I am not denying that there are racist white people but black people tend to be more racist as they never stop going on about it. Black people won't accept that racism against them, largely, ended plenty of years ago. However if you say a black person is being racist they say "black people can't be racist". WHY CAN'T THEY??? Because they were oppressed……………hundreds of years ago……. Its like some of them still WANT to be oppressed for some reason to prove their own points.

  9. pls you have to learn the difference between ARCHETYPE AND STEROTYPE. Archetypes are cool, stereotypes are the degeneration of archetypes, which is no good. So unless you handle this right, your video is fucking dumb and invalid. Fuck off 🙂

  10. Fgs why are people like her commenting on British and Irish history when she doesn't know anything about it! There was a series of wars between Britain and Ireland (they wanted to become independent) it was propaganda how is she commenting as if she knows?

  11. This is the worst kind of racism, the entire time you calling out people not to be racist, when in turn you are being racist. you use claims from people who said things hundreds of years ago and constantly referring to the viewer as a white American. And that all, every single white American, is inherently racist. All who put time and effort into this video, are fucking morons who are trying to cover up their own racism. Fuck all of you.

  12. I've been clicking through all of these videos and what I gather is every single video has far more dislikes than likes and also the underlying theme is all whites are racist, creating and perpetuating victim hood is the goal and Francesca is one smug lady. …just kidding! It's the overlying theme!

  13. I know of no one who actively believes stereotypes and stereotyping isn't Racism. Every nation has classic stereotypes…The English Bowlerhat wearing tea drinker; the french Breton Top, Beret wearing Onion Seller; the Italian casanova; the Swedish sex crazed blonde bombshells in saunas. The list is endless and none of these is Racist. Outdated, yes, the World is a lot smaller these days with faster travel and ofcourse the Internet so these stereotypes don't hold up any longer, but racist?? get a fucking grip of reality will you!!
    This channel is actively attempting to encourage Racism. It's actually quite embarassing and gringe worthy how ill informed you are and the fact you will sadly influence weak minded fools into believing your utter bullshit is sad beyond pathetic.

  14. Oh no! 100+ year old racism taken completely out of context. Whatever shall we do to protect ourselves from the threat of 5 generation old and technologically outdated stereotypes. Oh wait, we could go a spoons depth into context to see why they were and why they changed. But then the video wouldn't be less than four minutes of shitting on racist white people based on cherry picked quotes and political cartoons.

  15. I actually agree with this video, stereotypes are dumb and usually false. Yes, I said "usually". I'm sure that on an individual basis, some stereotypes hold true, but again, usually not. Perhaps we should just all agree that our species is a virus and the universe would probably be better off without us.

  16. Francescha is a racist, who gives a shit if a few Americans thought the Japanese were lazy in 1903?!? And franchesca is guilty of how many stereotypes?

  17. So stereotypes are bullshit you say? So not all white people are racist?

    Also, what's the point of digging up all these old ass stereotypes that no one even remembers, let alone care for?

    Go fuck yourselves.

  18. or it could be he worked so hard he's resting…Its a frickin little statue…If your looking for it to be racist it's racist….quit trying to find racism in everything….

  19. ALL stereotypes are grounded in truth and point out shortcomings. Otherwise they wouldn't be offensive to their target audience.

  20. Asian guy- "it's weird when white people are racist to other white people". Aye, the Chinese and Japanese famously love each other.

  21. woah, woah, woah, hold up… I may be white but I am a Japanese citizen, and let me tell you that based on a document that was written in the 1800's doesnt hold true to the future or modern days. Besides this was just one report of one freaking area in Japan! You have to be incredibly ignorant to claim that this was the only reason. At that time was the Tokugawa Shogunate meaning japanese medival time. When the US came, they came to a country that had almost no violence in 200 years with a warrior class still at the top of government. Of course there are people not doing anything. When the Meiji Restoration happened, Japanese factories were being created but of course the US didn't do another report because they had all the information that they wanted, and the Imperial government probably wouldn't allow the visit, them preparing for war and everything. Then after the war, Japan was given an "economic miracle" by the US occupational forces (or at least all of the components for one) which then led to the Playstation and whatever. Please review actual history before making a BULLSHIT video

  22. Everyone of all races and religions have stereotypes. If the race or religion is not being inferior or superior to other races and religions then why does it matter?

  23. What about your video of a retirement for Trump supporters looking to the "good ol' days"? Is that not a stereotype?

  24. wtf? As a Japanese guy, those guys need to know the history of Japan. We really were lazy mofos back then. We didn't even have the sense for time. WTF? PLEASE STFU.

  25. This is the dumbest shit I've ever seen. Who the fuck are you mad at, dead people! Times have changed, why bring up ancient stuff like this and start shit!?

  26. MTV is so disingenuous. Who calls the Japanese lazy? Absolutely no one. Well maybe one American missionary thought that in 1906.

  27. You just said Japanese are hard work that is a stereotype. And they based off reality. all your videos are based off stereotypes typically that all whites are racist

  28. most of these stereotypes were based in facts, and changed after the second World War.
    for example, Japanese people were lazy and corrupted. after the war, they learn how to work hard, to rebuild their country.

  29. 1:05 this is about oppression against white Irish people and somehow black people find a way to make it about them. It's like you want to be oppressed.

  30. did I just hear Them say you could be racist against irish and german? I thought you couldnt be racist towards whites

  31. Listening to the first point I realized that they were just referring to NOBLES before industrialization, so yeah compared to farmers the rulers were fairly lazy.

  32. honestly the german stereotypes jus sound like me
    dumb and emotional? yep thats me alright
    add annoying in there and ull have my whole personality 👍

  33. Funny how there's still white folks in the comments being mad at this video, although it included both the Irish and the German and common stereotypes they faced. You know? When you folks are able to read Austrian the right way, instead of thinking we're Australians, you often say we're either mountainfolk or go straight to calling us Nazis. That's a common stereotype I face a lot to be quite honest.

  34. The "Sorry, We're Closed" sign actually has historical context; the Spanish farmers took siestas (naps) in the heat of the day shortly after they had lunch and then went back to work. I highly doubt that sign was meant to stereotype Mexicans as lazy instead of using a piece of their historical culture as a selling point.

  35. White People: Franny is so racist.
    Black People: Ummm. She has a WHITE husband!!!
    White People: I have a best friend that's Black/My spouse is Black…How am I racist?
    Also Black People: You can have Black friends/a Black spouse & still be racist!!!

  36. Wow! This is horrible woman is such a racist bigoted pig! I can’t believe she is allowed to Post this on any social media site. She should be banned! I find her Comments highly offensive! I would like to start a campaign to get her off the Internet! It is clear she has such hatred toward white people because she is so unbelievably jealous.She is offensive, and speaks hate speech.

  37. The first sex symbol in the United States was in fact an Asian man. White men didn't like Asian men getting white women's panties wet, so they started to emasculate them through stereotypes. The more you know emasculate

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