5 Scary Toys Caught On Camera And In Real Life

We all have our own favorite childhood toys that hold a special place in our heart. We also all have our own childhood fears…
scary incidents that are burned into our brains forever. Now sometimes childhood fears and childhood toys overlap. Here are the top 5 scary toys caught on camera. Oh, and just to make things a little more
disturbing, and make this video a little different from the typical “scary toys” video… These are ALL toys that people are still buying
for their kids today, right now. Links to all of the scary toys are in the
description if you want to traumatize yourself. Furby, Your Best Friend, Your Worst Enemy Furbies made national news in 1998 as the
first robot ever developed and mass produced as a consumer device, in this case, a toy
for children. The Furby spoke its own unique language called
Furbish when first purchased, but it was programmed to gradually learn English over time so that
it could speak to its child playmate. The launch of this robot toy did NOT go as
planned. The first release of the Furbies were defective. The robot dolls would randomly FREAK OUT,
screeching gibberish and making weird facial expressions while rapidly blinking its eyes
as if possessed. Turns out, the computer chip in the Furby
robot was VERY unstable and often malfunctioned, sending the Furby into a stream of random
frightening behavior and speech, that often traumatized any child in its prescience. These random malfunctioning Furbies are now VERY sought after by toy collectors, but to some, they are nightmarish childhood memories. But, forgetting all of that horrible nightmare
fuel, Furbies are amazingly still sold today. The newest version is the “Furby Connect”. But there are still concerns with the new
Furbies. In 2016 a UK consumer group warned that a
lack of robust security measures made it possible to hack into the toy and use it as a surveillance device. Now tell me that doesn’t sound like a Black
Mirror episode… Anyway, did you have a weird Furby scary toy
experience yourself? Let me know down
in the comments. Creepy Doll
Earlier this year, a scary video surfaced of a creepy doll that was supposedly found
in a graveyard in Mexico, or in some stories, the location was said to be somewhere in Brazil. But creepiest of all, the doll’s eyes seemed
to follow the viewer as they moved. Well, the video was a hoax, but the doll is
VERY real. It was a creation by Oklahoma artist Julia
Lane. Julia’s specialty is making very bizarre,
creepy dolls, some of which have eyes that follow you wherever you move. These scary toys aren’t really made for kids,
but are basically amazing pieces of horror art. A link to the doll page is in the description. And if you want one of these beasts in your
home, link in the description. Ouija Board
If you’re a regular viewer of this channel, you know that I did a whole countdown on scary
videos with Ouija boards. In the comments of that video, a few people
mentioned that it was weird that a Ouija board was sold as a simple children’s toy by the
Hasbro toy company, even though some people characterize it as a device to contact ghosts or possibly evil spirits. In this spooky clip, a group of teens are
using a Ouija board in a graveyard when they began hearing strange noises. They believe that there might be an angry
homeless man lurking in the graveyard, so they make a fast retreat. They then return to grab the ouija board. The driver claims to see this mysterious homeless
man yet again, but when the cars lights shine on the area, no one is there. Well, here’s the thing, Hasbro STILL sells
Ouija boards as a children’s toy. They never stopped. And the game is listed as “For 2-4 players,
ages 8 years and up”. So if you believe the Ouija board is a conduit
to evil entities on the other side, well take note that it is still being marketed as a
fun toy to children ages 8 and above. So do you think a Ouija board is simply a
scary toy suitable for 8 year olds? Or is it a portal to the supernatural world? Let me know what you think, or if you want
to try it out yourself and see if you can summon some scary shadow being to your home,
a link to the “TOY” is in the video description. The Evil Wand
A woman bought her daughter a simple toy at a local dollar store. The so called “Evil Stick Wand”, was rated
for children age 3 years and above. It looked like a typical child’s toy, and
the packaging promised “WONDERFUL MUSIC, MAGIC, AND FAIRIES”. Well the woman gave her child the toy, and
that’s not quite what she got. The young girl peels back a plastic sticker
on the wand to reveal a demonic looking little girl who seems to be cutting herself while
grinning evilly at the camera. And remember how the toy’s packaging promised
quote “Wonderful music”. Well here’s what it played… The
little girl was frightened by the image. The girl’s mother was appalled. But the shop owner’s reaction was the most
surprising of all: So this story seemed SO outlandish, that many people
on the internet first thought it was just a hoax, but a YouTuber named Matt Clark went
to the same Dollar Store and purchased this “Evil Stick Wand” and confirmed
the story. It’s a 100% real children’s toy being sold
in bargain stores right now. Teething Doll
A very strange and scary story emerged from the internet late last year. It was said that “a new Pinterest craze has
emerged on the internet. Sewing your child’s lost baby-teeth into a
doll”. Supposedly, mothers on Pinterest were taking
up a new craft project- making dolls and sewing their children’s lost baby-teeth into the
mouth of the doll. Like most things on the internet, it was all
a wild exaggeration . Turns out, it was actually an artist known only as Mrs. McGettrick who
was making the strange “dolls with teeth”. The dolls are called Fugglers, and despite
the crazy stories circulated on the internet, the dolls did NOT have REAL lost baby teeth. The strange stuffed figures simply have bizarre
fake teeth sewn into their mouths. And if THAT’s not enough weird enough for
you, then please keep in mind that in REAL LIFE, some mothers actually make necklaces
from their children’s baby teeth. And that’s 100% TRUE.

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  1. I used to have a ferbey when I was little it used to talk to me one day my dad threw it in the trash it was a white and yellow ferbey one day my dad found it it was little bit burned but still good to play with it was still working good

  2. So apparently some of my family said that when I was little my Elmo toy started moving on it’s own when the batteries were removed ?

  3. When they ran back to say good bye to the Ouija board at the very end of saying it they move the piece to the bottom of the board.. @7 :35 the piece snaps around hard towards the bottom of the board… Did you notice that?

  4. Ok so when you started talking about the figgler I freaked out I'm only 11 and I have a fuggler that my mom got me at Walmart so it does look and feel like real teeth but it's not

  5. I’m not at all surprised the furby would freak out I mean like they say it was the first toy robot basically. But why the fuck would someone collect those things?

  6. I was always baffled that people are surprised Furbies are creepy. they look exactly like Gremlins, when i was a kid i thought they were Gremlin toys.

  7. I bought my 10 year old daughter one in 98 it continued to talk blink and. flap it's ears after 5 years with dead batteries

  8. I don’t have a Furby because you’re so scary how do you know when I was six I made a sound and I will go to bed

  9. My furby is so creepy in the middle of the night it always say kill kill kill and I don't get sleep. don't get one

  10. I have a hachamal i'm in the middle of the night it won't randomly freak out and start making weird noises side of the stuffed animal bin

  11. Ouija board one……they fucked up I bet they're getting fucked with up to date no joke time may pass by but evil plays possum

  12. My Furby one day said”123…..It’s time for hide and seek!Run be for I get you…..”
    I screamed and called my brothers.They helped me calm Down.Then the furby said:”2 Of you…will die soon….”Then I was like:How those the furby knows that we’re 3…..Then I Took The Battery off my furby…..Then at 3:AM my Furby got on and said with a buggy voice:”Y-Your g-GONNA D-di-die.”Then I Screamed and called my 2 brother’s again.I said:Wtf is wrong with this furby?…Then my brother said:Break it.I said:What?….My other big bro said:Break it the most you can before it kills you.Then I said:O-okay….The next day I tried to broke it but it still talked…Then I Left it in a abonned hospital.

  13. I don’t fuck with ouija boards after what happened to me and my friends. I wish I had it on video but sadly we were all too scared to think to record it.

  14. OUIJA, is a scary toy.
    Do you think it is?
    Or not?

    Do not buy that OUIJA. If you buy it. Something will happened.
    Well, I never buy OUIJA like that.

  15. Do used to actually make happy now that I’m at McDonald’s so I bought so I got one before but I don’t need it but I don’t need it I wonder if the homeless kids playing with it or if it has any problems

  16. i had a furry and i always i mean always stared at me i threw at a dump then the next day i woke up with it beside me

  17. My furby said i love when you hold me like that. It was off and it also said my name. The same day it was in the trash

  18. Yo i played a Ouija board at my friends house and they tried to escape the both times we played it. I’m easy for spirits to attach to so that was fun, of course we said goodbye right away both times so I’m safe

  19. My cousin gave me a bat beanaboo because I was moving (don’t know what it calls) so I was in my room with my little sister and the doll was in the corner of my room are mom called to eat when we were walk out of my room my sister looks at the doll as she was walking and it’s eyes were fallowing her as I was walking my sister screamed and i looked back and she told me everything if you wanna see my vid it well come out on the 28 of August

  20. If you dont trust toys anymore just click the button to be blue and God will protect you from scary toys he will make it safe trust god? you will sleep in gooddrems click it to be blue sleep well?


  22. My furby followed me into the corner of my room and kept making weird sounds :/
    Like wtf was that it came around a corner and then followed me, anyone else furby do that?

  23. I’ll tell you a scary story
    Which one will I tell
    *looking for a story*
    Here’s one
    My toilet seat was warm but I live alone

  24. I had a friend who's furby defect was exploding. That was hysterical. Wasn't a big one, but it caught fire and started hella smoking lol

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