5 Things I’d Tell My 16-Year-Old Self

Hello my friends! Kaitlyn here! And today I’m going to tell you my advice for my 16-year-old self! (INTRO MUSIC) My friend Pat who has a really amazing and inspirational YouTube channel asked me what advice I would give to my 16-year-old self so 1.) You should totally go check out his channel after this video and 2.) I have so much to say! Okay! Whoooooo. Going back in time. Going back in time. So hey 16-year-old Kaitlyn! It is 26-year-old Kaitlyn. First of all, HEY! You lived past 18. I know you thought you were gonna die once you graduated because you didn’t know what life consisted of once you had to be an adult but hey it’s not so bad! Your acne mostly went away except for some hormonal flare-ups. You actually learned how to make your hair look gosh darn awesome! And! You learned that flare skirts and funky knee high socks are maybe not your best look. Now! I’m going to tell you some things that you probably don’t wanna hear because you think you have it all figured out. Unfortunately, you don’t. And really, none of us do. But I do know more than you because I’ve lived it. First of all, you’re not gonna marry your high school boyfriend. I know! Some people do like those 2 love birds that started dating in freshman year and now they’re married and have 2 beautiful children! But you, honey…nope. And I’m not telling you this in order to break your heart. I’m really telling you this to help you. So that you will not try to tamp yourself down in order to stay in a relationship that’s not going to work out. Don’t squish yourself into a little box trying to be what you think he wants you to be. This is not an end-all-be-all relationship. You shouldn’t let yourself be treated like you’re less than because you are not less than. Second, there is so much more to life than school! I know that it’s pretty much what you’ve dedicated your life to since you were in 5th grade but here’s some helpful information: Good grades are great! They will help you get into a good college. But they are not everything. Actually retaining a good amount of that information that you learned and applying it to your life is far more valuable. Also I know now that the reason you’re compelled to be perfect is because you’re trying to prove those mean moms and jerk elementary school kids that you’re a worthwhile human being. But 1.) Their opinions of you DO NOT MATTER. And 2.) You are absolutely a worthwhile human being and it has nothing to do with anyone but yourself. The third thing that you should know is that you are not as shy or as socially awkward as you believe yourself to be. Yeah, the world feels big and scary and you feel out of place but half the battle is just going to war in the first place. And by war, I mean making small talk with that person sitting 2 seats over from you and taking the risk of making a new friend. Fourth, accept that mental illness and depression are real things and that they are a part of your life. When it gets so bad that you start drowning in thoughts of suicide, DO NOT hesitate to ask someone for help. DO NOT hesitate to go to a doctor and find a medication that works for you. DO NOT hesitate to get into therapy. Sometimes it’s about finding the right therapist. In the past, you had the wrong therapists. DO NOT feel ashamed of the chemical imbalance in your body. People don’t feel ashamed for having a broken leg. They go to the doctor, get a cast that’ll help it heal. This is just you helping to heal your brain And fifth, enjoy each moment like it is the last moment like it that you will ever have because in many ways it is. Now don’t go all YOLO and jump off any bridges that’s unnecessary. But enjoy having the time to write and paint and read for fun. Enjoy not having to work a job to have your basic needs met. Enjoy having parents who for the most part, take care of you. Enjoy having grandparents that are alive and healthy. Enjoy getting to spend your time at fun activities like art or dance or choir without having to spend an exorbitant amount of money in order to participate. Enjoy the little things like cuddling your dog or eating all of the ice cream. You are so worthwhile. And I know it’s hard to feel like your life means anything when you’re 16 and life hasn’t really turned out the way that you imagined when you were a kid. But know that you will absolutely make an impact in your life time. It may not be exactly what you expected but it absolutely makes you worthwhile. You are worthwhile. You are unique. You are loved. And you deserve to find happiness. *blows raspberry* Back to the future! So what do you guys think? What advice would you give to a younger version of yourself? Tell me down in the comments! Plus remember to like, favorite, share, and subscribe if this video made you smile! See you guys on Thursday! (OUTRO MUSIC)

6 Replies to “5 Things I’d Tell My 16-Year-Old Self”

  1. Ah yes…I'm with you on the "And by war, I mean make small talk with the person sitting two seats away. You might make a new friend."

    I think it was more outgoing 10 years ago when I was 16.

    On an unrelated note, you were sitting two seats away at VidCon.

  2. I'd tell my 16 year old self not to worry about the future too much because none of it is going to be like I imagine it will be. I'd also tell myself to cut myself some slack because I'm not the trainwreck I thought I was. However, in fairness I'd have to apologise to myself in advance of the mess I've made of things. Lastly I'd tell myself not to stress unduly over the passage of time but to be mindful of the fact that Dad was right; time really does pass more quickly as you get older and your earliest point of reference recedes further into the past. You'll wake up one morning and you'll be in your late 40's and you'll think "Eh? What happened? I've missed something! How can I be this age already?!" so make the most of your youth.

    If I could I'd give myself a hug and tell myself it'll be alright. I survived into middle age after a couple of near misses. I'd also tell myself I'll stop hating myself eventually but not to expect it to just happen, it'll take some work but it'll be worth it.

  3. i would be like ''dear younger me RELAX FOR GOD'S SAKE YOU ARE ACTING PARANOID.
    ah and stop fool your own self and accept your choices and your real thoughts maybe that way people will speak to you , after all we all know that people prefer real people
    but WAIT don't suport your choises too much you are gonna be annoying''

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