5 things that happen to old souls
To be an old soul is to have the impression of walking on the planet in order to build
a new life. Sometimes old souls have their own way of
introducing themselves into social time and promote a deeper understanding of popular
perceptions and opinions, find it difficult to adapt to people of the same age, with the
presentiment of being out of step. An “old soul”, the origin of this expression
comes from the Taoist religion. According to their beliefs, the soul abandons
the Tao, the global and natural unity, and acquires different experiences. Since the Taoists believe that everything
must return to the roots, the ultimate goal of the soul is to make a return journey to
the Tao, but only once it has been imbued with all the knowledge and events of the life. The soul passes through 5 ages and once it
reaches the last, perfection is achieved. In this case, the person has higher levels
of perception, but he/she is also differentiated from his or her peers because he is more spiritual,
he is concerned to find “his place in the world”, he thinks to be part of something
more which encompasses him and his main objective is to achieve the inner satisfaction. The Taoists believe that many philosophers,
scientists, and artists are old souls who find in these professions a means of feeling
more at ease. Someone who has this type of soul likes to
learn. This is someone who often challenges the established
order of things and builds on his own experiences. Here are some important elements that old
souls will live by becoming adults: 1. You prefer to spend a lot of time alone. Having a creative space and the time needed
for reflection plays a crucial role in your life. This gives you time to recover, allows you
to follow all the steps of the process, to discover what you need to know about yourself,
as well as to have a place of solitude and relaxation to stifle the noise of life daily. Old souls prefer to spend time alone simply
because it gives them a reflexive return on themselves and others. This is important because they do not see
the world around them in the same way, to ensure concrete achievements that they had
never had before. 2. Understanding the world You know, deep within yourself, that you are
a small element of a larger whole. You are aware that there is a much wider stake
in the world / the universe; And that everything you do seems to be of little importance at
this precise moment in history. However, given that you know that temporary
life is one way of managing the essential aspects of life, you do your best to make
your friends, loved ones, and other people on this planet happy. Whatever the circumstances, you are very happy
to be part of something much bigger than you could have imagined. 3. The Nature vs. Modern life People who are old souls prefer to be in nature
than in the modern world in general. Nature has many other assets and causes the
feeling of being connected to every plant, and every animal around you. The loneliness of the forest, watching wave
shows coming to break on the ocean, or just spending time in nature, offers you much more
comfort than the relentless city. Cars and noisy people, all these elements
tend to pop out of your head as you cross the alleys of downtown. Nature, a pleasant situation, and no one can
tell you the opposite. 4. Never enough knowledge You want to constantly discover new things
and meet the challenges of the world in which you live. Nothing is too big or too small to challenge
you. Everything has a price and you are ready to
learn what it takes to meet your different needs as a human being in your journey through
life. You have the feeling of never being sufficiently
informed of others, and every kind of mystery intrigues you. You want to know the endless details, the
principles according to which our world works. Being a materialist has never been your thing,
the power of intelligence is enough to make you want to do something new. 5. You rarely meet people of your own age Being an old soul means that you understand
the world around you better than others. Of course, they are supposed to be the same
age as you, but most of the time, they lack the necessary maturity to have a good understanding
and thorough analysis of the issue. You find yourself having to explain things
that usually fall on deaf ears, either deliberately or in ignorance. However, this does not let you down. Despite not hearing from people your age,
you will find others who will see you as you really are. thank you for watching.


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