5 Things You Need to Know About Becoming Successful

If you’re a morning person, you have to
get up early and get after it. If you don’t— listen—you’re gonna be left behind,
alright? It’s like the old line in the movie: Money never sleeps. There’s never too much hustle! If you
don’t hustle, you will be out hustled by those who understand
the power of real hustle. Listen, everybody needs to start a side
hustle before you jump out and do your own thing. Because once you get out
here, it is cold, and nobody’s gonna throw you a lifeline. So you know what? Put a
toe in the water. Beta test it before you jump out to see if you have proof
of concept to make it happen. If you don’t like what you do, then
people are not gonna like giving you money for what you don’t like doing, OK? So if
it doesn’t move you, it’s not gonna move me, and I’m gonna hold on to my
money, honey. So does it move you? Do you like it? Are you gonna make it happen? You know what, the person can
be talented and smart, but the person that knows how to work the
system always will out beat talent.

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