$55,000.00 PROFIT in $7000.00 STORAGE WARS! I bought an abandoned storage unit

this is crazy it’s a list of guns they
owned we have a chance of finding this many guns you know like bobbleheads
money worries are over dark it was interesting guys ladies and gentlemen
boys and girls pirates of all ages we are back again with that in this $7000
storage unit I repeat $7,000 storage unit we got Harold Adelman back here
looking he’s taking a nap hot as hell outside he can’t even think
Michael’s over here two of you guys remember Michael and they’re coming to
check out this unit real quick to see what I found so far and see what else is
in here so without further ado it says to get going because we’ve already been
talking too much about this unit let’s just see what there is how far we’ve
gotten into in this unit we are only I’m not even a fifth of the way into this
unit I don’t think if you watched the other videos you’ve seen some of the
cool stuff we’ve already found it’s all right here on the shelves we got all
these tools to go I know there’s gonna be tools there and then the collectibles
for days Harold you haven’t got up a scene at $7,000 you nyet what do you
think about this unit right there from the door 7,000 I was I was all in I had
about 9500 ago I don’t go every dollar I could picture if you will Mickey Mantle
baseball bats in glass front cabinet canes it was insane
first box right off the bat Shannon said what do you do with these yeah but for
what like is that a good one it’s worms oh wow
good lures I don’t want to look up there Cooper type a – this is not contemporary
look at that sticker maybe 300 bucks HW star the shadow shop this is pretty
nice right here no Stetson that’s a good brand right what’s that worth Gus pent
up home look in there look at this Harold you have L doesn’t even know
about tools it’s fur that’s not that good line tool
that’s good Klein tools that’s good yeah Luke meters
that’s gold star that’s expensive meters any more level state yellow one they
were those that could be a thousand or meter or it could be a hundred or meter he doesn’t know anything about these
type of things was the reason why I paid $7,000 he just wanted to see what a
$7,000 unit look like what do you thinking now before I get any further
before you go through what’s your premonition thanks very good would you
spend seven grand on it if I had seven grand to spend I would spend it yeah
what do you thinks gonna be in here everything everything they had you seen
some of stuff already everything Riveter guns go ahead go
ahead and pull that one out he’ll read day on three why a white white white
white ah this was in here yeah rat poop we call food can you put
this back in there stop saying the S word is that bad it’s baggage military
know it he’ll be a man North Face these people really loved car hard I’m
telling you people spent some money on their designer brands that they chose
they had like the working class high-end brand this is crazy it’s a list of guns
down we have a chance of finding this many guns because they owned this Harold
just said everything they owned is in here let’s see if they find all of these worms there’s a worm fisherman nunu
bound either way Harold talks about things
ladies and gentlemen Steph this is why he couldn’t have his own his own YouTube
channel found a million dollars you had a set of balls then you wipe to know
that’s right take your time look at that picture frame yes cake we take our time
we pull everything out calmly no but no they said it’s here’s a ship’s
wheel there’s a brownie now here’s a sterling silver I’m sorry think you’re
bad luck ladies and gentlemen apologize if arrows
going through our stuff too fast today take it easy on them in the comment
section what is it is there not just a gun case is a special open up and see
don’t tell Michael it’s the jacket or buffalo skin that is very expensive okay diving that’s a good diving put
them all right back in the box and work your way down then one at a time that’s
probably 120 these chairs it’s an abalone knife yeah okay start
open things not salt pepper you are you’re presumptuous there’s a few storm
pepper shakers in here that’s not what the primary of the box is let’s keep
looking okay stop look at those Reno Hilton
these vintage eggs this looks like Harold he can’t keep his mouth closed
he’s trying to pull the clothes of his hands see that this is kind of cool so
much money is right here Harold putting that one pile right there tons of salt
and pepper shakers all these neat little things here they’re just everywhere this
is a pewter apple a day keeps the doctor away like I said we got pears all sorts
of weird little just I thought this one’s the money right here this is the
money piece in that box just by itself it’s a vintage Snoopy bobblehead you
know how like bobblehead BBQ shakers yeah what’s that for all right wow those are tools that’s for
tomorrow whoo that’s a good fishing knife like that’s my new knife furry fishing stuff is off the chain so far please gotta go one at a time and look
through this stuff I’m looking for you before you say something near this
fishing pole was this a fishing pole this is good right Michael oh yeah oh yeah oh look at this no he collected military stuff what are
these worse these look good Michael what it is these are Fuji I have some nice
bottle Zeiss Jena ones he’s American right in us a jar yeah those are mine how much of these no Bieber’s sale soon
I’ll put you on the top of the list for this okay what’s that worth Oh rare
edition this has to be an enviable is very interesting look it’s for the nuisance 1949 post-war
very interesting Bibles have pictures in the back sometimes family pictures this
one I feel like I had those boots out today
I did 1951 see those earliest ones are forties much those Bibles worth there’s
a military I don’t know the value in such thing that’s a little bit of money Benji look what the bungees or n-woo
okay this is a box is related to abalone shells look at this beautiful ring with
these look at these through these worth help these are probably from the
Philippines you can’t sell all these Carhartt something else is under there these people were like huh I have free
shirts and look at this it’s a lot of money really they like this this one’s
made in Hawaii oh boy this would be good for Alameda
that’s a very these are like $10 apiece that’s a good brand right there yeah the way over the closing is very
old-school Miko this is old right here really oh there’s more than one in here – oh look at that sneak peak teaser that guy
almost killed you how I don’t like but I don’t dislike what’s that worth Michael
he doesn’t that’s rare just just because there’s clothes it means only clothes what is that is that real damage in it
but look here empty the rat poop on the ground is content damn it look at it
that would have been but would be something but oh oh you know what this
is aren’t you robots yeah Civil War period look at
that when this thing it says Winchester bullet mom $55 and it was before I was
born look at that that’s a nice one very good
such things in oh don’t you like one of those Native American food all they are
on think this is what he collected maybe a mercy on him if these are original old
ones in there he says here look at this Kaleb Henry architect is there as his
telephone number what else is in here I’m telling you these are this is a this
is a value there’s value stuff in your stock seeing nothing look at these three
here look a gift to your personal stuff to Mel’s
please somebody went to the trouble to give you three of these as a present
yeah tell me they’re rubbish this is a very viscous you saw these green yeah
yeah what do you want oh this is oh look at that look at that look how everything
is so just don’t look look at this room everything is Reming it is like a what
is it look at this this is a oh that’s not even zipper this person that’s the
collector of such things I want actually get to see anything we want to as your
camera rolling an interesting wet yourself he says wet yourself those are
expensive Barry oh these are lovely I had I had about really at about 100
pairs and I didn’t really appreciate him till after a while some of these are
absolutely oh yeah I got my friend tells me it’s for me at the mouth to know
about these I think these as a maker on the somewhere you’ll find a name
absolutely right well I’m not going farther that bullshit
sir sterling sterling look at that Mike when we think about those ah just look
at his face those are people that can appreciate these things of course this
is probably I’ve reached when can no longer buy us up having a wait a minute
what if it’s old ivory no old ivory you can own it you come buy or sell it but
this here it’s broken on the side says here it was 145 dollars
when you were both in preschool look at that
it’s subspace look at this tonight he had the largest city that’s a beautiful
piece oh look at this this may well be bone no sorry
this one not as old as that do you notice the color difference in a color
difference yes sir look at that look at the color
you see the patina but still this is a beauty and this here is not in the same
league because look at the color you see the distinctive oh one newer and this is
a this is broke I want if you did that on the way nice this is a great look at
this this is what’s worth this oh you know what this is it’s a Powderhorn but
it’s an authentic router home a Powderhorn from the Civil War that a
soldier carry somebody says 175 it I could have been like 135 bucks but
that’s probably about some years ago and nevertheless I mean this thing here
hundred seventy-five bucks of anybody even today still today
it does what the manager is a beauty being absolutely lovely Civil War money
worries are over dog oh look at the fall another 40 or 50 Oh
scrimshaw very nice that would be you know what that new Eskimo scream of joy
so you’ve got a Google that name that’s a very important thing step on those
things oh and this one Oh Oh Mikey another beauty again piece
missing but have you said open know it’s cracked
it’s actually cracked all the way through that’s how that’s the base of
the horn this box you see these are the boxes you get books of clothes books and
boxes this is above notice stuff no no it’s not as missing a horn a symmetrical
creature that’s I’m keeping that one kissing unicorn oh my eyes you don’t you
don’t watch my videos he doesn’t know these are quality things
oh that jade hard to say some kind of cold it’s this time for sure but I
wouldn’t say there’s also sign interesting guys I’m ready to stop
touching boxes upon what is it a skull of saber-toothed tiger what is that what
is that come on let’s study it from my work as a
mouse with lion or tiger I’ll throw the saber-toothed tiger it’s bigger than a
Jaguar it’s small it’s got its got its got the human teeth in the bag and then
this freaking unit is nuts is crazy this is this is this very rapid I’ll go
get it I must expert with skulls here we have a plane you think it’s a plane why
is it India if this is like a mark one plane this is a Winchester plane I’m
sure that’s very important being in a Winchester even as planes were about
guns language language stop squeezing – huh but look at that lure the creek
crush guys it’s nuts you stop with all the Civil War together how are you
how am I gonna be so negative oh look here this is now we get into the special Hendrix that’s look at this but then you
pass so it’s so interesting that’s what I love about the fact that
it’s so untouchable nobody’s gone through here and taking on the good
stuff for this whole jungle blah blah blah this is like look look at that
black star we’re gonna have a swig and then men go that way and you’re gonna
fail the bars another real consequence one don’t say of consequence it could be
good hey girl look a fish blues with a croc who made it them don’t know that’s
important fishing cufflinks with hooks on them look at these special it’s just
bizarre don’t be the fishing star thank you so
more realization where you point out Michael let’s go
yeah what do you say we yeah it’s good sports costs 1982 they’re good huh you
think what do you think tripping on the scum 10 lakh I think the skull is
somehow Oh scrimshaw – is it real mm never yet had a real piece of
Scripture think it is that’s real I can tell you
oh you know what do we know what that is though what is that that’s a pirate ship
that is a pirate ship in Who am I the storage auction this box almost done you
do more and more this is boxes like having a more plan you know I need to
have a that can go this way I need a specialist
I need like a literal specialist for the fishing thing like every single thing in
this unit we know some stuff I’m gonna I’m gonna have to take a trip down one
of your fancy markets when I’m done if all this there’s another one we show any sexual can anybody want to
get dirty it’s actually interesting this is so war
thing that’s what the word is okay championship match to third class what
do you filament where do you sell those books at you know look at the one
underneath it where do you sell them at though black 1967 if there were the Amazon I don’t have
time for Amazon you want an Amazon tonight you drop shipper – oh I don’t
have time for that either you want to take care of mine
come on guys work with me here Harold’s house it’s a little mess I thought I was
signed by somebody important okay okay it’s books Oh Vargas oh yeah so I wonder if he has
some of these I’m hoping to find his baseball card collection of Mickey
Mantle’s and stuff how about a draw I just wanted to draw
with half a dozen of these look at these beauties
biron I don’t even know these Manx I’m gonna move someone on that bomber
Marcial Maciel Ivana hey Dad you can educate yourself finally look if you
want to know about that trunk of stuff that you have at the storage here it could be in there
interesting these are the people to shake the world we live in today salute to them
I’m serious i these people fish a human I appreciate look I appreciate every
single person who’s served for this country that gives me the freedom to sit
here and talk there’s a mess if you will I’m going through the stuff cuz without
them it wouldn’t be possible I’m safe I’m serious yeah it’s very cold very cold it’s a
very good sign liking that shows that he attended or at least an interest or so
there but nobody 13 it’s beautiful yeah you see I’ve got very high hopes for
this year who we keeps keep finding stuff and finding stuff like he said I
hope that’s what I got but nothing but high hopes on this seven thousand dollar
Locker thank you for watching this video we will have another one held tomorrow
you have to stay in sequence I’m sorry but that’s the way it’s got to go I love
you all don’t forget to Like button the share
button and subscribe hi

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