6 Easy Vintage 1950s Back To School Hairstyles [CC]

Hello you lovely people! So it’s back to school time. Which means summer is over. Which sucks. But! You can still have gorgeous vintage hair whilst you’re learning to be a world leader in your chosen field These looks are all heatless and pretty simple so no excuse to be late in the morning! Also, you don’t technically need this but I just want to show off how excellent this hair-pin bracelet is. I had no idea I needed it so much in my life! Thanks to my wife! Ready? Let’s go! Wait, first thing: remove hearing aid. I’m actually very jealous of everyone going back to school- I really love learning new things! My favourite subjects at school were History, Classical Civilisations, English Literature and Science for Public Understanding. Strangely not Art, although I love painting and drawing I don’t like being told what my subject should be! You are capable of more than you know but all that really matters is that you tried. If you’re really determined to do something then you’re already halfway there. I definitely got too caught up in drama with my friends at school and let that distract me but now I know it doesn’t matter what others are doing, it matters what You are doing. You are your own motivation because getting a great education is loving yourself, in the future and right now. Jesus, that’s cheesy, I’m sorry. I’m not sorry. If you’re really struggling, physically or mentally with school then reach out and talk to someone. Help is always there, you just have to let it find you. Remember there is no one-size-fits-all with school and if you’re not doing well in a class then maybe it’s not the subject but the way it’s taught. I like making things and found that creating little sculptures of key points in topics helped me to remember them- even in maths. Also, I made them out of marzipan then gave them to my teachers so they really liked me. That helped. Parents and adults might think that making your hair look good for school is a waste of time but it’s a great way to calm your thoughts in the morning and get you started on a positive note. Starting the day with the small achievement of mastering a hairstyle and just taking a few minutes to feel good about yourself sets your day up to go well. Excellent for when you’ve beaten all expectations and bested yourself! Put a bow on your head! so here we are, 7 great vintage looks for you to wear to school or college. I hope you have a really great year and achieve everything you set your heart to. Like this video if you’ve enjoyed it, comment down bellow and subscribe for more!

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  1. Do you have thick hair? I have very thick, very straight hair. Any advice on keeping it in place/hold a curl?

  2. i realize im a bit late to this vid but wasnt sure where else to suggest this – dont know if u do back as far as the 20s but this site i get some dresses from also has 50s vintage as well with all the accoutrements

  3. This is a great tutorial and I will be trying to master these for myself. I love your channel. I started a vintage baking channel and am wondering if you could give me any tips on how I could grow my audience. Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks ❤️

  4. I love her so much
    Literally I’m a straight female

  5. Did you take a lot of breaks while filming? I only watched it and I can imagine the headache from the Bobby pins and I wouldn’t be able to lift my arms!

  6. I don't know why but hairclips don"t stay secure on my hair like the grip is not secure enough and they fall off :/

  7. How do you keep the scarf from sliding up as you're tying it? Do I have to spray before I put the scarf in? Or do you use a pomade or gel to keep it in place?

  8. My hair is so fine, straight & flat it won't hold any of these pretty styles. But I lovvve these looks on you, you are gorgeous! Great video

  9. WOW i casually searched for 50s hairstyles because i wanted to try beginner vintage styles to wear with some of my vintage dresses or to spice up my look at work because i dont like wearing makeup on the clock (i love forgetting and rubbing my eyes and then i go from peggy carter to winter soldier) but my uniform is so bland. and wow i just… love everything about this video. the music. how lovely and adorable you are. your voice. the mention of your wife :,) i just am so happy to have found this video so thank you thank you and your positivity is just what i didnt know i needed to hear. you are a blessing! <3

  10. As someone who struggles with chronic health issues too, I really really love and appreciate the way you demonstrate bite-sized ways to incorporate self-care that are actually practical, based in reality and experience, and aren't 'so positive' as to be too overwhelming, or feel unrealistic.
    <3 <3 <3
    Please, keep doing yooooooooooou!

  11. I absolutely love your channel everything is AMAZING 😊 these hairstyles looked gorgeous on you but the ponytail was easily my favourite 😊 xxx

  12. I love this. I was reading some of the comments- you’re doing so much to inspire your fellow gay women. I love that. Keep being amazing!

  13. OML thank you YouTube for putting this in my recommended. I watched like 20 seconds and I'm already in love! You are so cute and quirky, and a beautiful spirit! I hope you have a day as amazing as you are! (That goes out to everyone too, have an excellent day ❤)

  14. What would you suggest for fine hair that's not as thick as yours? Ps may I ask why you like sugar free just curious is nice to see recommendations as I'm a type 1 diabetic so fab for me 🙂

  15. I have gotta get victory rolls down! Either that or I'll have to let my long hair win the battle and try to bring back 80s style.

  16. I really enjoy these hairstyles, but my hair is a darker blonde with highlights, and I just don’t feel like they look as good on me as they do someone with a darker single shade. It’s hard to get them to look smooth, and I tend to have a messy looking result. I’m going to keep experimenting though, and find something I like. I’ve been watching ‘The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel’ and ‘Mad Men’ recently, and the look of that era has really spoken to me lately.

  17. Oh. My. Heavens. Above.

    You are absolutely gorgeous and your voice is SO soothing. 😍 Such a lovely smile. Hehe It's so sweet how you refer to your wife and make cute gay jokes. 🌈 I can't help but snort-laugh. I'm so glad I found your channel!

  18. I first got into the more vintage style and look through the Fallout series, and now 8 years later, I'm a full rockabilly/psychobilly icon in the tiny town I'm in. Thank you so so much for making these videos and especially for captioning them because the auto-generated captions are terrible.

  19. We have the same hair length and texture, this is incredible!!! I've never been able to find nice hairstyles that match my hair, super excited to try these

  20. Forget about school, attempting these hairstyles are going to give me a mental breakdown. Props to you for having some amazing hair skills!

  21. I am such a sucker for vintage looks and I want to experiment with my look. I’ve watched your videos before so I thought this would be a great place to start since you have such a lovely personality.

  22. I used to think with my shorter hair I could never do cute hair styles but I just tried a victory roll & found it to be easier to do then when I had long hair.
    Too bad it’s 0200 & I really should be sleeping! 😂
    I’m definitely glad this video came across my feed & I’m definitely trying more in the morning.

  23. This makes me want to be a beautiful fifties lesbian just like you, instead of the moderately lost lesbian I am today

  24. They all look so beautiful Jessica! Thankyou, gonna use these – only updoes allowed for school unfortunately 🙁 Darn dress code

  25. I've been blessed by this video recommendation posted by the true beauty guru and Royal Duchess of Youtube™

  26. do the hairstyles count as being heatless if one has to use a curling iron to curl straight hair? 🙁 asking for a friend

  27. also I really appreciate the affirmations and back-to-school tips that go along with these hairstyles. Bravo for Jessica!

  28. I really loved all of them, perhaps you can make a video teaching how to make vintage hairstyles for long hair

  29. I have swing dance performance next month.
    So i really thanks for your video ♡
    I subscribe your channel !
    I hope your be first Korean fan♡ thanks!

  30. I love this
    *Fixes hair with a serious face*
    *Pauses to smile at the camera*
    *Goes back to fixing hair with a serious face*

  31. it's 2am and i never wear my hair down (most of these involve loose hair, anyways) why am i even here

    oh wait, youtube recommendations.

  32. My aunt wore her hair in a Victory roll into the 60s, but hers was kind of a combination of your Rockabilly quiff and a Single Victory roll.

  33. I love that you are giving advice to schoolkids throughout this video. Also, I love your beautiful smile. Great hairstyles!!

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