90 Year Old Holocaust Survivor’s Message To Germans

After I did my Reddit AMA, I became aware
of the enormous response by young Germans who have really grasped the enormity of what
has occurred during the era of the Holocaust. And is it so essential that these young people,
whose ancestors not only, they committed this miserable crime against humanity, but the
German civilization has contributed enormously to the welfare of the world. Their scientists,
their artists, their musicians. And all of the can be re-ignited from the beginning.
And spread the word for tolerance and acceptance of all people regardless of their color, creed,
or religion. There is room to improvement, the future, without being terribly obsessed
with the past history that has occurred a long time ago, for which todays generation
is absolutely not responsible. Let’s embrace the future and the opportunities, because
the future belongs to you. To this generation who has opportunities beyond any dream that
anybody has ever had.

100 Replies to “90 Year Old Holocaust Survivor’s Message To Germans”

  1. lool, wtf, are germans and wil allways be. they are dominating europe once again, 4 reich, an economic one. when south countries in some year start revolting, they will do the same thing. copy paste this comment and sell it to nat geo in 70 or 80 year, when they make docs about wwiii

  2. Yes they bloody well are.

    This is a feel good BULLSHIT video – the German children of today have an absolute responsibility to carry forward the responsibility for what their parents did – beyond all doubt.

    Absolving the Germans for what they did will never happen – it is insidious to think other wise because some Jew thinks its time to move on. RUBBISH.

    It's not ABOUT the Jews – its about the 52 MILLION non Jews that the Germans need to also consider – got that mate !!!


  3. He does – combination of Apartheid South Africa with a tinge of Apartheid Israeli forgiving the sins of Apartheid Germany – pretty sickening stuff if you ask me.

    52 MILLION people were killed but lets forgive the Germans because the only people who matter are the Jews – screw everyone else.

    This makes me SICK TO MY STOMACH.

  4. As a german I don't give a fuck about your stupid message. Just shut up about this shit we have nothing to do with and get over with it, fucking annoying.

  5. 52 million people were killed in WW2 – lets take a moment to remember the 90% of victims who were not Jewish as well hey ?

    The idea that Germany who is the number one financial sponsor of Israel outside US military aid has decided it is time to forget about the war because some Israeli Apartheid supporter has put a video on you tube makes me SICK.

    Germany is engaging in genocide in Palestine and PRISM, NSA Stasi spying – definitely NOT TIME TO FORGET JUST YET – DEFINITELY NOT.

  6. If the tinfoil hat crowd would just stop and actually watch the video you would realize he is just speaking common sense.

  7. I guess you are excluding Palestinians from humanity since you guys are doing them the same way the Germans did to you.

  8. False – highlighting Israeli genocide of the Palestinian people is not anit-semitic – Israeli is a country, not JEWS – get your facts straight.

    Further Israel is systematically destroying the Palestinian nation, obliterating their people and wining them from the face of the earth – fact – hence why we have the UN, EU and most of Asia and South American now instituting sanctions against Israeli Apartheid and genocide of the Palestinians.

    But you're Israeli – so you defend genocide – sick.

  9. Where did you hear this ?

    Awesome news if true.

    I know they are placing sanctions on all imports from Israeli occupied territories – but this would be even better !!

  10. While Israel forcefully deports and sterilizes it's black population jews are still talking about how Germany should be tolerant and accepting of other races & cultures.

  11. I don't think it counts as forgiving when he is talking to people (the current generations) who have done nothing wrong to him. I think he is more focusing on the fact that he does not blame Germany or Germans for what happened and as such they should not focus on feeling guilty or responsible.

  12. It is true that we have no responsibility for what our (great-) grandparents did, our responsibility is to make sure it never happens again

  13. I disagree. I don't think we "all" can forgive. Not everyone, or "all" of us, are smart enough to do so. Of course this man can forgive, because he is smart. He understands that it was the leaders of Germany that were bad, not the people. And the people/military that did the bad things in Germany…well…they had to because they were told to or they would die. People of Germany today are great people, & if that doesn't prove what I just said…then you are NOT smart enough to forgive.

  14. Who has he forgiven? The Nazis that did all the bad stuff, the government, or the children of the nazis? Because only the children are left and i don't see the point of holding a grudge against someone bacause their father or grandfather did something bad.
    I hope he had a wonderful life after the war.

  15. This isn't a forgiveness issue. It's important to acknowledge that. Because I don't think the Nazis will ever deserve forgiveness.

  16. Jewish Bolshevik's role in the killing of millions is considered a 'conspiracy theory', well so is 9/11, but we all know it's truth to be very anti-Semitic.

  17. The country gave you political shelter, no…? People see themselfes over other people they deem more stupid, that's the way it is, has nothing to do with nationality. In your case I can see why noone respects you, that was some hypocritical, biased bullshit right there.

  18. Danke für diese schöne Botschaft an die Welt! Es gibt überall auf der Welt heute noch Nazis die Hitler bewundern und nur die guten Dinge sehen die Hitler getan hat Er hat damit nicht nur die Deutschen getäuscht auch alle Länder die sich mit ihm eingelassen haben.
    Ihr solltet nie vergessen wie viele Menschen er umgebracht, deportiert, gefoltert, missbraucht hat. Nicht nur Juden, auch Deutsche, Polen, Russen usw.

  19. Bravo Mr. Jacoby. I encourage you to send the same message to all the other nationalities who great grandparents also participated, as it is only recently that they have discovered their fellow countrymen were Nazi's as well. As you say they German people have contributed a great deal and should never be confused with Nazi's, a demented, evil and twisted political party.

  20. Thank you so much for sharing this! I am humbled, asha.med and a much better person I hope. Just in the last few minutes. His heart must be breaking inside but he has embraced people in spite of that. Thank you, again.

  21. Here is one fact that holocaust deniers have a hard time with:

    No WWII nazi was ever a holocaust denier.

    Thousands of nazis were captured after the war. Their testimonies were recorded in courts of law. Many of them tried to deny their identity and/or their direct involvement, etc…. Some also said they were just following orders. One thing that none of them ever did was deny that it happened, even though their lives were at stake.

    Deny that.

  22. But of course it is allowed to mention Hitler and the Nazis. In discussions Godwin´s law applies to Germans, too 🙂 Otherwise it won´t be possible to make or show documentaries, history school book or movies like "Inglorious Basterds" or "Saving Private Ryan". I guess you mean the laws, which prohibit to show or wear Nazi symbols like the swastika and the depicting of Nazi guys in a glorifying way.

  23. Mr. Jacoby, you have spoken directly to me, and it was a great experience listening to your video. Thank you very much, and may your spirit be an inspiration for many more people.

    Greetings from one of those young Germans

  24. Thank you so much for this! I am taking it to heart. It would be fabulous if you would appear in SecondLife sometime. You could reach so many who are very open and curious about living history.

  25. I swear if I that the next conspiracy theory nut case that yells Bilderberg like an idiot will get slapped by me, when will you realize that people like you are the major source of all the problems? Never, you lack the mental capacity for reasoning and rational thought, but that's not your fault, God made you that way because even in a world with great and understanding individual survivors such as Mr Jacoby he knew the world would need to be balanced out with morons.

  26. I just listed some facts. Feel free to object to any of them in a reasonable manner. It's a fact that the so called Bilderberg group consists mainly of jews. Take note that i'm not judging these facts, there is no personal opinion here, just objective facts.

  27. This is misplaced anger and shows that you are a very ignorant individual. If you are looking for a scapegoat or some one to blame you need look no farther than to the nearest mirror.

  28. having followed the news on the bilderberg group since 2009,
    i never was under the impression that there was a high percentage
    of jewish people in this group (google it)
    and i'm pretty sure that the race of these people is irrelevant just as Race,Creed,Religion, is irrelevant in pretty much anything
    if you agree that RCR is not inherent for good or bad behavior

  29. your previous deleted post read like an anti-globalist (bilderberg) racist (singling out jewish people) conspiracy theory, now that is what i call fiction not facts.

  30. i am greek and lived 10 years in germany…and you are right..most germans are friendly people….but large sums to holocaust survivors?greece didnt see any of that money…and 1941 germans took all the gold and money from the national bank of greece..all gone…..and most peaceful country?that is selling to broke greece and turkey guns and u-boats for billions!!and let me tell you….with ww1 and ww2 you showed the world your craziness and nobody wants to mess with that…..again

  31. I am german, I was born here and my family lives here for many generations and unfortunatley he is right. It is not about the people, it's about the government. They are the ones who actually present the bad news, they are the ones who feel superior above everybody. Not the young people, it's more the generation right after the WW2.

  32. Emery Jacoby, please do not mind some people that post here. When all people can be connected anonymously this is what happens.

    Your video was great & I felt that it was a message that inspired me. Thank you for contributing to the new society with Youtube etc!
    This video will hopefully always remain here to inspire people.

  33. History is doomed to repeat itself if we do not learn from it. Yes, it is not this generation's fault, but they must always remember what their ancestors were capable of, and must carry that recognition with them in to the future. 

  34. A great message! I wish the best to you and your family. Don't listen to the people ridiculing your channel. They can only do that because they hide under an anonymous profile. 

  35. The man is speaking clear enough english to understand. Incredible how ppl can be so ignorant and rude on YouTube posts especially on one as beautiful as this one

  36. The comments here are terrible. People trying to erase the dark history of the killing of millions of men, women and children. People are disappointed that the nazies didn't kill this dear man. A man with an important massage. History repeats itself.

  37. Three genocides of German's happened during the 20th Century, and the world cheered it on, and now pretends it never happened:

    1) Anglo, English American's, used the world war's as cover to genocide the German American's. Before the World War's, America had a large, and vibrant German American community. Now? In another Generation, German American's will mostly be extinct, if not totally extinct, due to social pressure that makes German's marrying German's an extreme taboo, social pressure that makes German's who identify as German as "Evil Nazis", even though slavery in America only ended because of German American's. You can count the 5,000+ German American's lynched before, during and after the Civil War, as part of English American's long standing Genocidal impulses against German American's.

    2) Russian's genocided the Soviet German's, who had been loyal to the Russian's since the time of Catherine the Great. The survivors of Stalin's pogrom against them, fled to America mostly, or where deported to Kazakhstan, and helped contribute to the farm boom.

    3) European German's: Eisenhower intentionally starved well over a million German soldiers to death, while food provisions where plenty, and near by the place, the open and exposed field the "great" Butcher, err general, eerr President, had them imprisoned. After the war, France was given over 600,000 German's as slaves, I believe most where worked to death. Czechoslovakians, after the war,  murder thousand upon thousands of German's in the Sudetenland. Little children had their eye's cut out with knives. Mothers and Children where tied to poles and lighted on fire. Yugoslavia, murdered hundred's of thousands of German's in slave labor camps after the war. An estimated 500,000-600,000 German soldiers in USSR camps where murdered.

    German's in Germany, under allied occupation, where on starvation rations of 400-1000 calories a day, never exceeding 1,550 calories, for two years after the war. This was during a time period when America bragged that "no person in the world is starving to death". Incase your wondering, during the "Starving Dutch" time period, the Nazi's made sure the Dutch reliably had atleast 1300 calories a day, and allowed the allies and neutral nations to drop off food(but the allies refused similar arrangements for the interned Jews). 

    Former President Hoover, had to use his own wealth, to buy food from Canada, God bless their soul's, to feed Germany, as MILLIONS, of German's where dieing from starvation. This deliberate, British, Anglo American planned genocide, only stopped, because the Soviet's broke the genocide compact, and offered Germans in their zone, an additional 200-300 calories a day, if they joined the Communist Party.

    Because of the USA, UK, and USSR, over 5.7 million-10 million German's starved to death in a deliberate genocide(this number range is derived,  based upon the 1946 census and the 1950 German census, there was 5.7 million people fewer then there should of been[accounting for natural causes and old age], BEFORE taking into account births, and ethnic German's who lived outside Germany, but where expelled to Germany after the war). 

    This is why questioning the Holocaust, and why questioning who started the World War's, is a crime in Europe. Imagine what it would mean, if it turned out the UK, intentionally instigated both world wars, and the Holocaust wasn't as advertised. Don't get me wrong, the Holocaust that really happened was just as sad, was a sickening and horrific in it's own right, but it was a different event, from the one that is advertised, and every penny paid in compensation, and perhaps then-some. 

    The world only loves Jew's, when they want to kill German's, and the world only loves German's, when they want to kill Jew's.

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