$90,000.00 PROFIT in $7000.00 STORAGE UNIT? STORAGE WARS STYLE! I bought an abandoned storage unit

that’s a barrel yeah we’re gonna be able
to gun in this box ladies and gentlemen boys and girls of all ages we are back
with the umpteenth and a bazillion episodes of unboxing in this $7000 you
know I got stuff just spread out everywhere as you can see trying to get
my pie already you’ve got that much mystery to go through right here still
all that mystery we are gonna start off our first box with a fragile box that’s
a nice sweater sweet I don’t know what that is
nice big toys this here oh that’s a piggy bank they almost got me with that honorable glass look at that so on paper shakers
this is chalk where this is original joke written the 1900s making sure yeah
they used to give a lot of it away at stem-like fairs and circuses and phrases
yeah chocolate but this is a real one they make copies
what are they worse are they consequential yeah this is very nice these are not
really those amazed by Toledo in Spain fishing photos he interesting this one
is it big okay must be looked at play over that’s
a stranger you never know what you okay it’s a rock tumbler yeah and literally
tumbles rocks makes them polished up those nice things of stuff that’s got to
be a few dollars there and what do we got here Dicky’s gosh gosh I’ve found you that
another hat thing in in all your life you’ve never seen one hat thing and
today you’ve seen two that’s how good this unit is military duffle bag yeah
but it’s not empty no we’re gonna see right now let’s take this all and put on
the table in there yeah oh man very nice it’s very salable yeah
Kevlar that’s a storm isn’t it heavy this be a Russian cold war hat again
oh let’s see what’s in the military duffle bag Harold come on find something
good hell magic test come on ha no no good so you know what he used to do with
history so I never leave rap he used to get a Bologna no hunting no look at that hat see that little thing
at the band on there that looks man-made that’s good that paper in there yeah
mrs. Stetson no it’s a rest at all but you see this right here this looks
handmade the stuff that goes around it what else we got in there look on the
ball there’s no your head for you what are those planes look at this Bailey number 4 Bailey
number 3 that’s a nail puller they don’t do very
well but I will take it over here he’ll pick the next box done box please then she says Bailey these are nice then
we got all this right here can you pick the next box rest undo okay you don’t
want to do another one that’s fine do them all but I got it go
this is another this is probably a $75 bag right here in my world what are we
gonna sit here and try to get 5 bucks for this or am I gonna take 3 or 2 I’m
gonna send this off me I don’t know 100 because people won’t buy it they’re
gonna sit there and piece it out and you know how people are with tools still not
a bad score on that box they’re framed you’re gonna pull one out it’s a milk consequence Kodak’s yes it’s blown up see what they
do is they made these do they probably put these all around there certain hey
they have a can their store these by the size of this little guy got a little
sort of like this is great oh these are the guys Pancho Villa’s these are
brilliant are these where these these are absolutely
he’s obviously look who’s this guy I’m gonna make someone’s determinant look at
this how many people are watching this thinking tonight exactly
I may see one of another step that I have is Thai cities like original I have
that hat you know you can have an idea oh I want me to Co hail fresh cakes me
trying to get this one done Rhoda boy evening on Bolinas Ridge that doesn’t
look very special that doesn’t seem I can tell just a piece of mirror and what nice two of them good school benches
ones mark on the tool benches have a potential be intimated stuff gun parts
hell just put it all here on the thing it’s my last box of the day I think what’s that Harold that’s a barrel yeah
we’re gonna be able to gun in this box Wow okay keep it coming
what’s this oh it’s a gun part yeah for a colt 45
oh look at that cases tested X that’s string theory Mike and something in here
what is that what is that that’s actually for real bullets yep and that
is gotta be destroyed yes is for 22 bullets what is this for
Oh what is this oh it’s a BB gun come on help keep it coming they’re dr6 nice guys we got a good bunch of stuff
right here hey Rotella war will go by from me on the end of this $7000
unboxing and now that you’ve seen everything first you told me I was crazy
you’ve seen almost everything we got this more to go ladies and gentleman
just keeps coming and coming say goodbye Olivia

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  1. We used to collect abolone shells at Half Moon Bay as children, I'm telling you Pirate, they are very popular on the east coast. Can't just pick them up off the beach here! Awesome childhood memory.

  2. If the owner of this stuff was famous or related to someone famous it would increase the value of everything.

  3. Hello from Toledo, watching you unbox your treasures, is like xmas morning!!! The next box is better than the one before!! You rolled the dice and that has paid you beyond your wildest dreams. We're all so curious to see what's next!! Good luck to you!!

  4. Pirate, I sent you a package was wondering if you got it. Please let me know if you can so I can track it. It's a handmade pendant. Love you and your family.

  5. Pirate how can someone purchase items from this locker?? I'm interested in many items from the unit!!!!

    While Harold means well but he makes me nervous as he goes thru each box with reckless abandon.

  6. I am making a guess on the hat bands on the Mexican sombreros. They may be made if woven horse tails. I had a rope my grandfather gave me years ago. Black and white hair in in a twist. It was 25 feet long or so, made in Mexico a hundred or so. Just a possibility.

  7. Wow, Pirate more weapons! Now all you need is a larger crew and some fairy dust to make those pirate ships bigger. ?‍☠️ Are Californians allowed to keep disassembled weapons? When is the bubble-wrap twisting party? Goodbye Harold and Olivia. Enjoyed the visit. Tyfs.

  8. After the first vid I caught (painting that scared us all especially you) I have a concern for fragiles enroute anywhere in your possession ?

  9. I think you guys are awesome and I'm hoping this buys you a new house free and clear!! I live in Antioch if you'd like some help. Even if it's just holding a camera or picking up trash! Keep up the great finds!

  10. Hi! I do not see for sure that the tool bag has any "well made" pliers. If there were any box-joint pliers instead of lap-joint pliers [made a lot like your average scissors], those would be better quality and higher value. [The medium-blue-vinyl-coated-handle pliers or wire cutters is likely a Channel Lock product. That could be good quality even with just a lap joint.]

  11. Hi! I do not see for sure that the tool bag has any "well made" pliers. If there were any box-joint pliers instead of lap-joint pliers [made a lot like your average scissors], those would be better quality and higher value. [The medium-blue-vinyl-coated-handle pliers or wire cutters is likely a Channel Lock product. That could be good quality even with just a lap joint.]

  12. I think it's safe to say that Christmas came early for you thank you for sharing your channel with the community

  13. Oh pirate…..you are killing it on this treasure trove. Every box I'm on the edge if my seat…that art…OMG..This is your ship,,,it has come in. I am so excited for you. And the knowledge in the comments is unbelievable , cuz you have lots of vintage/antiques. You gotta be smiling happy ! …… although Harold is cool , he gives me anxiety ! Lol

  14. The US needs a game show…. Where everyone gets to dig through a storage unit… Maybe tie it into buying them too… then they have to guess what the did for a living, what their hobbies actually were, and maybe whether they were married and how many kids they had. You'd Track down the owner of the unit, get the answers to the questions and maybe the original owner gets some of their crap back if their unit is the most identiable… and the Buyers get.. say 3 times what they paid for their locker, and they have to pick like 3-5 items worth what they paid for the unit?????? I'd consider paying to watch that. You;d see cool, weird stuff, make your judgmental decisions on the persons unit and see if you're right or not, and at the end of the day, let the best buyer win. :dunno

  15. Shells in good condition can sell really well, some countries have tight restrictions on taking abalone ( like here in Australia ) and large ones are very hard to come buy because they have all been fished out years ago….what may not sell well in the US might be attractive to overseas bidders…on eBay Australia shells do well.

  16. Abalone are considered endangered. It's against the law to harvest any natural/native one's here in California. There are certain Native American tribes that can but only at certain time's of the year. I believe they are growing them in types of underwater farms to sell year round!

  17. Thank you Again Mike For Sharing That Amazing Locker !!! My friend kept telling me to leave you a Message, saying "Check behind the Paper on the framed Pictures because alot of Ppl Stash Money & Other Things There !!! ❤❤❤???

  18. Haha, Harold and his comments about the picture of the guys with the swords, haha. 🙂 Try to rest as much as you can, Mike. You sound drained.

  19. The way to sell this stuff would be through an estate sale auction house. Let them catalog the items and do all the work.

  20. Please ditch the annoying sidekick person, cant stand him, sorry. I prefer you alone/you with your daughter finding treasures. Thanks

  21. I think your're able to show art pieces that are naked and not get yelled at by u tube. @ 7:20 that polisher can do rocks , but mainly for ammo brass polish. ////…..I sure hope you got more guns in his locker.

  22. These videos have got to be the best thing I have ever seen on YouTube. Absolutely amazing, go and buy some lottery tickets because your definitely on a roll. Hoping there’s more to come.

  23. i would love to be unboxing this unit,just so much nice stuff,some of those duck prints,flower prints are hand coloured because they might have started life in a book back from victorian era,dealers started buying up the books and splitting and framing them up because they could make more money that way.,so do not dismiss a print,,yes it's a print but over a hundred years old.

  24. I am loving Harold on your videos
    This unit is reminding me of my father. He built his own guns and made his own bullets.

  25. Wishing you luck with your upcoming auction! May I make a suggestion, looking at realized prices from Grimes past auctions. I want the best for you and your family (as a creepy random stranger?) May I suggest contacting other specialists in the objects your selling. They may have clients for your product. Other antique dealers, even museums ( decoys ,folk art) . DRIVE TRAFFIC to your auction to get the most out of it. A few hours of phone calls could result in a larger bidding pool, of educated bidders . ❤?

  26. 17:40 and that wasn't even a joke………………………………….. unbelievable………….. what is this guy's real job pirate?

  27. You made me laugh when you said Harold frustrates you when he is opening the pictures, I'm also British and Harold frustrates me no fucking end, he comes across as a right old prick!

  28. Jesus man by the end of mouth the units going to be worth million dollars. Every video it goes up 15k ..lol. Not hating man but come bro how long you going ride this one unit out?

  29. 7:17 polisher…if you go by some of the other stuff you've found, for polishing brass for reloading rifle and handgun rounds.

  30. Very interesting series of videos, I am trying to find what order they are in. But this is the third, and quite curious. For $7000 which is a few notes in your country, that unit is value.

  31. There are a 1000 dollars of tools in every bag?? I don't get this, he was obviously in construction… but why so many different bags of very expensive tools, I am so intrigued.

  32. Your English friend has no idea what he’s going on about and I very much doubt he was an auctioneer and if he was think he has forgotten more than he knows and he would handle the items with a lot more care your videos are better without him and I’m not anti English as I myself am English lol

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