90’s Kids’ Problems | EP 03: Kadhal Vazhkai | With English CC/Subtitles | 1 Kg Biriyani

Hi Hi How was the weekend? Yeah it was good Oh… I totally forgot Belated Birthday Wishes.. one minute what is this? To prevent infections.. What infection? Love Ey.. what are looking at? He would not touch a girl itseems So? He is… Th e agmark 90’s Kid What? all the couple tickets are booked? Who booked all those tickets? Ey… what on earth are you even doing? No one should get commited in this world So, you just wanted to buy and burn all the tickets? You could ve given it to me at least What then? if you had given, I would watch a movie with you ofcourse aahn? kill you Dont I know who you ll go with? go.. go why weren’t you at office yesterday bro? Nothing man, just had a small fight you know, how much I want to help lovers to get married Yesterday, a couple came to me and asked for help So, i kicked the shit out of 20 goons and then eloped the pair to Bombay and realized that they were the 100th pair I helped super bro Why is your face like an Orangutan? Nothing bro I was texting this girl, but she doesn’t reply my texts at all is it? Type her name, add a ? mark and send it to her Why? Send it yeah sent Now, delete the message why bro? Do what I say Yeah bro Now wait for the lightning fast reply Bro, she asked me what I sent? Now I have opened the window of opportunity for you but its your talent to perform in it Okay? Enjoy Hey Just like 96 Vijay Sethupathi still there are boys who love truly right? yeah. I don’t know when we are going to meet our Ram (sighs) wow, this 96 movie is great Just like Jaanu There are girls who love truly right? (Laughs) For so many days we are just looking.. its time we talk to her Lets just try to say a “Hi’ today How are you Suchithra? I am good. And you? Damnit. He just snoops in every gap he gets I ll handle you Bro, you are Rabi right? hey, you are Dinesh’s brother right? yeah bro What are you doing here? My apartment is here bro Oh. With your parents? No bro. I am living in with my girlfriend You are in 1st year right? yeah bro We were committed for 1 year We figured what was next and… We moved in figured your future and moved in? Okay bro. I have to go. Its getting late. How come you are like this? 2K kid right. Thats why Dei What the hell are you looking at? When are you gonna tell her? AH I am communicating with my eyes. See Do you need any help? No no no no. My Love i will take care. You go You keep doing this you are going to die alone Bro bro, its you… Poor man’s Cupid Cibi Oh! is that how I am called? Almighty! Don’t you remember me? Lokesh’s brother Lokesh?? Couple number 52 Ahn.. Lokesh. yes. yeah car chasing scenes How is he? Both of them are awesome And you are here for? I am waiting for my girlfriend This building? Who? Ah….. There she is.. Lets go I ve told you right? A saviour will get us married This is him. Get his blessings She has a brother bro #1 torture case He wouldn’t let her talk on phone Only you have to deal him and.. help us bro Dei.. this is my brother Your brother? Brother in law? Oh! you dare get committed with my sister and call me, your brother in law You are dea- You help the love of everyone else But you wont help your sister’s love? Who are you sir? Where have you brought me? i ll ask you a question, If you answer it correctly. I ll leave you. Okay sir. Is it wrong if a guy loves girl? No sir Is it wrong if a guy loves 2 girls? Feels like a mistake sir Is it wrong if a guy loves 5 girls? Yes sir. Its a mistake Is it wrong if every guy loves 5 girls? It’s big mistake sir. That’s exactly what you’ve been doing? Sir! Did I do something that no one does? Oh! 2K’s Kid huh? Don’t be so proud because you have beard Sir, you are angry because you are single Dei I am not angry i am single I am living to die alone For the mistake you did your punishment is pushpapagam Pushpapagam? Take your phone and format it Format? Sir, i ll lose all my contacts and videos That is the punishment Enough waiting Lets express what we feel for her today Dei I’ve been looking for you since morning I’ve been looking for you since morning as well Here What’s this? My wedding invitation. Its’s on the 20th, next month You should be there, okay? Suchi? yeah All the best Thanks da If we can’t marry the girl we love Instead of following and stalking her Throwing acid at her face Wishing her to be happy anywhere and with anyone is the purest and truest Love

100 Replies to “90’s Kids’ Problems | EP 03: Kadhal Vazhkai | With English CC/Subtitles | 1 Kg Biriyani”

  1. None of them love me we are single and I think we will die single when will God will solve our problems in life?

  2. Kadaisiya pesuna dialogue ah iniyadhu change panunga bro.. Luv pana ponu Hpie ah irukanun aasapadala.. Bt.. Luv pana paiyan kuda irundha matum dhana maxxx hpie kidaikum andha ponnuku.. So.. Namma luvr ku maxx hpie dhana kidaikanun aasaipadanum.. Adhudhana oru nalla luvr ku azhagu..

  3. அடப்பாவிகளா 90's ல பொறந்தது ஒரு குத்தமாடா.
    நாங்கெல்லாம் தீவாவளிக்கு அக்கா பசங்களுக்கு துணி எடுத்து குடுக்கலனாவே என்னத்த பொழைக்கிறானு ஊர்ல சொல்லீருவானுகடா.
    ஈரோடு சிவகிரி.

  4. ஆனா பாட்டு செலக்சன் அருமையப்போவ்

  5. நம்ம வாழ்க்கையில இந்த மாதிரி நெரையா நடந்து இருக்குங்க

  6. 90's kids netranpathu mudinthathu ninaivilillai, nalaikku nadapathai ninaipathillai, indrenpathey thavira ethuvum illai

  7. 2k kids appa kasula ktm vanguvanga, 90s kid sondha kasula splendor vangunom. Proud buddy.
    Ps: also servey says we are good in bed as well. Strong guys we are.

  8. எல்லா வீடியோவிலும் கடைசியில்… ஏதாவது சோகம் கொண்டு முடிப்பது சிறப்பு…..90's kids ஒரு பாவப்பட்ட ஜென்மம்…

  9. Be single 💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪😎

  10. Nice…..but ponnugulaku sonnathaney theriyum kathal panuringa so….feel pannita vanthu sollunga 1st..antha kaathal jeekitha …thokutha paakalam…..Sonnathan Theriyum kathal……

  11. Na 80s kid dhan… 8years love panna ore nalle ponna.. but Ava appa pakara payana marriage pannikite.. love fail ne sollevaga.. but love pass dhan .. Ava Happy..

  12. hlo sister nanum epdi thn 9years love pana but avaluku marriage agi oru child eruku epo but inum avala maraka mudila still single, single thn gethu…………

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