A Guide to Collecting Antique Pink Luster : Prices for Antique Pink Luster: Time Periods & Condition

So when talking about pricing and prices that
you pay when your out there collecting these pieces there are earlier pieces early 19th
century will cost more than a late 19th century piece. Keep in mind condition meaning chips
cracks discoloration those all play a part whether your buying a single piece or your
buying a full set. This all affects the price of your pink luster so I’m just going to show
you a few examples of how I price in my shop. This particular cup in excellent condition
with great luster not a lot of damage to it it’s priced out these 2 pieces came together
they weren’t necessarily made together but they came together in my shop. I have these
priced out at $85 a pair so something to think about when your looking at this 2 separate
pieces together is $85. The teapot here this teapot has a tight hair line in it it can’t
be used for to put hot tea in it and got it priced at $95. Single cups can vary anywhere
from $35 to $95 just pretty general price range but this cup and saucer with the a great
pattern on it here in pink luster and good shape in the shop, it’s prices at $55.

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