A Guide to Collecting Antique Pink Luster : Where to Collect Antique Pink Luster

So thinking about collecting pink luster in
where to collect where to start I highly recommend like shops like mine that are in your area
that carry some earlier 19th century porcelains. Like in soft pace pro ware that kind of thing
you might find pink luster in there I would check at your local shows is a good way to
start also. We have Rimfield here in New England but I’m sure in the midwest and outwest you
can find antique shows that would carry things like pink luster like this. I would start
off at the shows and when you buy your or look into your resource books in the back
you’ll find there’s a lot of clubs and club members and dealers. That’s also a good resource
for collecting. Another resource is the internet the internet and Ebay you can look on there
to look for pink luster I would highly recommend that your really careful about buying because
your not handling the pieces and if your first starting out but its a great resource also.
So those are a few example of where you can go to start to collect your pink luster.

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