A Guide to Collecting Holiday Antiques : Antique George Washington Candy Container: Part Two

This is a typical scene that you’ll see the
George Washington with the painted suit that he has on the boots and this also too is stamped
on the bottom Germany and they open up to how’s the candy. This George Washington you
can find are mounted on horses you’ll find George Washington just on heads that are done
in this type of composition and they’re in different sizes. So there’s a wide variety
of George Washington candy containers out there and also just compositions that they
use, and during these particular during the 1920 these range anywhere from one to $300
so when your thinking about collecting a specific holiday this can be a very expensive holiday
to collect and very hard to find. So if you don’t get frustrated you really get out there
and search you can still find these out there, fun holiday to collect so just a couple of
examples of George Washington holiday.

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