A Guide to Collecting Holiday Antiques : Bottle Brush Trees Holiday Antiques

So, talking about just collecting just bottle
brush trees. They are the brushes that they use to use to clean out bottles with so this
is the type of bristle they used but these bottle brush trees can vary in size, anywhere
from an inch to an inch and a half up to 12, 14, I think I’ve had them in here up to 16
inches high, which is pretty high, this is about this high. People like the large trees,
see the difference in the size you can vary and you’ll find these are actually a wooden,
they’re very brittle and easy to break and this bottle brush is not as easy to break.
You’ll find the bottle brush with snow on the end of it and you’ll find some, I don’t
have an example of it, with no snow on them. So, there are different examples, and then
the bases, you’ll find wooden frames like this and you’ll find flower pot size frames
for these bottle brushes. They’ll vary anywhere from a dollar or dollar and a half to the
very tiny little bottle brush trees and when they group them together you can pay $15.00
to $25.00. When you get into these sizes, these can cost you anywhere from $25.00 to
$35.00 to $45.00 depending on how the condition is. These you can see are in really nice condition
but when you find that people store these they lay them flat, these bottle brushes will
actually flatten right out, so you have this really uneven, this one’s not in bad shape
but you can see how there’s some damage to the brushes themselves. There’s really not
a whole lot you can do with that. Here’s an example of a bottle brush that hasn’t been
stored correctly and the bristles are all gone on it, so it’s really not, it’s all right
for display, if you’re going to push this up against the back of something. You’ve got
a lot of damage here so this is really not a very good bottle brush tree. But, these
are a nice size, nice color, and they’re easy to use to decorate in almost any holiday setting,
so some examples of bottle brush trees for you today.

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