A Guide to Collecting Iron Stone : Antique Iron Stone Collecting: Colors

Talking about different colors the forms of
colors in iron stone we’re just going to show you a few examples here that I have in this
cupboard. Here is a piece of iron stone with a gold band which is not unusual to find you’ll
find gold band in a lot of iron stone different patterns, different shapes this is a nice
example of an earlier piece of iron stone from the 19th century. This is a nice example
of a teapot with a nice spout and a great handle on it and in great shape. It has the
cream and sugar also so that’s one example of a gold band we’re also going to talk about
this plain iron stone pieces here which is completely white different patterns on it
thats another example. Another example I want to share with you here is an iron stone base
to this is Lamoush this is a piece of Lamosh right here a cup and the saucer and this is
what they call the moss pattern a very popular pattern. You find out that they’re pretty
easily today so this is a piece of iron stone but in a moss rose pattern and put out my
lamoush so there’s another example of iron stone. So you can see that there’s a lot of
different colors in iron stone not just he clear plain white base iron stone so I just
want to show you a few different examples. You can also see in here we have another this
is a toothbrush holder in gold band also that’s just a toothbrush holder in iron stone this
usually came in bathroom sets with a pitcher and a bowl. And a toothbrush holder the soap
container and usually a 5 to 7 or 8 different pieces but this is an example of a part of
a set. Also we have here another piece of moush rose that I want to show you which is
another example its a this is a hot plate that you would use to put anything like a
teapot or any of your pots on to keep from burning anything. So that’s one example there
of moush rose so thats a few examples here’s an iron stone base right here, this is also
English and this is a creamer in a very different shape. But it also has a lot of detail in
it here this is another iron stone base so when we talk about iron stone there’s a lot
of variety in color and form so this is what we’re going to talk about today.

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