A Guide to Collecting Iron Stone : Prices of Antique Iron Stone: Part One

So just to give you a few examples of prices
on iron stone I have a very small selection here but there’s a huge selection out there
with price guides that I highly recommend you look at. Because there’s a varying range
for prices on these pieces depending on the category so I highly recommend you look up
a price guide some of these prices. Those prices guides will vary from region to region
so that’s something to consider but what I have here to show you here today is just the
teapot here and I also have the cream and sugar that goes with it here. Here’s the teapot
and cream and sugar in very good condition there’s the sugar bowl and I’m also going
to show you the creamer and this is the gold band that we were talking about earlier. It
has a little discoloration a few small lines in it but overall it’s in very good condition
and a pot with the cream and sugar like this will sell for $165 a set. So that’s one example
of a price range to look for in your iron stone. Another example would be this coffee
pot right here that we showed you earlier this is LaMoush and LaMoush comes in various
patterns and shapes. This has crazing in it it’s a pot that dates into the 19th century
also and it’s called Lamoss pattern this pot itself in good condition is about $95 so that
gives you a range to look for in the coffee antique pots.

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