A Guide to Collecting Iron Stone : Resale on Antique Iron Stone

For resaling your iron stone there’s a number
of sources that you can use to resale some people come across the iron stone for a lot
different reasons. They inherit it there giving a piece or two they go out and get excited
of buying a piece or they have a whole collection they they want to that they collected and
they want to resale now. So for what I tell people is find your local antique person that’s
in you area that you know they display iron stone in there shops that have acknowledge
about iron stone that would offer you a fair price on your iron stone. That’s one resource
you can go to the collectors and the resource books we talked about there’s collectors in
the back there. There’s collectors on the internet you can contact and there’s also
auctioneers in your area that you can go to that will resale your collection. If it’s
one piece or a hundred pieces it doesn’t matter but you have to remember when you do sale
it in an auction your going to pay a salers fee and some places it upwards to 20%. So
one thing to consider when your thinking about going to an auctioneer is another source for
you to retail your collection so those are a few sources for you to resale your iron
stone collection.

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