A HAUNTING 😈 Norman the Doll ᴸᴺᴬᵗᵛ

in America there is real evil it lurks
in the darkest shadows and in our most ordinary talents between the worlds we see and the things
we fear there are doors when they are open nightmares become reality my name is Steven Lancaster I am a
paranormal investigator I have seen a lot of things but never seen anything
like this there was definitely the beginnings of a
haunting I just couldn’t predict exactly how far
it would go off the coast of North Carolina sits the small town of Beulah
Ville home to paranormal investigators Stephen and his fiancee Christina I had
met Christina in the field of paranormal research at a class I was teaching she
was one of the students let me know if you need assistance or have any
questions thank you me and Stephen were friends for years before we started
dating we love to go to antique stores and find rare and unusual things I look
for anything that calls out to me it has to have some kind of feeling for me suddenly something catches Stephens eye
I just happen to look up and it just it stood out to me it was this high chair
with a wooden box sitting it wow that’s cool I wonder what’s inside
looks like someone doesn’t want us to find out box been sawed off somebody had
popped the lock out so there was no way to unlatch the lock this is definitely
something somebody didn’t want anybody into so I pulled out this little pocket knife
I always carry pocket knife with me what are you doing don’t you want to find out
what’s inside shimmied it inside and just pried the thing open hold me
there was this ugly doll inside sis creepy
I’ve always had a fascination with dolls I collect dolls I have a bunch of them
but it was the kind of thing that I like I don’t like just any doll this older
dolls I just think they have a lot of character he’d fit right into our
collection what do you think let’s do it welcome to the family whatever your name is I’d like to buy this I really want is at
all the dealers recognize the doll right away although it’s for sale
knowing the dolls history they’ve tried to hide it one of them just looked at us
funny and she made some mumbly remark and the other one said well I don’t know
that you really want that doll at first the ladies of the counter were very
reluctant I guess if it would be the word to use just don’t start in life it
oh oh no please do we love anything with the past it’s a very sad story
she said anywhere this thing’s that sadness comes with it years ago there
was a pregnant woman and this particular doll was given to her as a
congratulations gift you know shortly before she has burst she was pregnant
with twins the male baby was born stillborn the female lived she took the doll and the female child
home the mother was totally devastated she
was overcome with grief over the loss of her baby boy just six years later that
same love it died very traumatically in a house fire and the doll remained with
the girl of 20 years later the same girl brought the doll to the shop and gave it
to these two old ladies I think maybe that was closure for her that she was
saying goodbye to this despite the dolls sad past Stephan and Christina purchased
him for their collection careful thank you thank you fits right in what should be naming I
was thinking Norman it looks like neither doll Norman Norman it’s just me calm down what are you guys
doing I’m a mother of five Hannah is my youngest she still lives at home oh god
what is that this is Norman he’s the newest member of our family oh you guys
are so weird yeah I’d appreciate it if you actually
kept him as far away from me as possible so they know I don’t like dolls if
especially that type of doll cuz it’s just creepy I heard somebody pounding its door knock
knock knock instantly I am up in wide awake heart
pounding to my chest that we heard this really loud boo
it sounded like loud drumming but it was like Bam Bam Bam it’s the middle of the
night I’m trying to sleep my family’s trying to sleep someone’s at the front door there was
panic behind those knocks it’s 4:00 in the morning I’ll go check it out
it wasn’t at that tap like a Girl Scout selling cookies it was Bam Bam Bam just
stay here yeah back there was quite a bit of anxiety what if somebody’s down
there and they have a gun or you know I didn’t know what their intentions were I walked out into the stairs and I’m
thinking the knocks were in series of threes that was scary in the field of
paranormal research any series of three typically relate to an evil force without their what do you want Stephen Lancaster has been suddenly
roused from sleep by knocks on his front door at 4:00 a.m. when I opened the door
I saw nothing I could see as far out as the darkness would let me see but there
was nobody there at first I tried to be rational about it it’s a prank
it’s dark oh my god scare me to death who was it
no one don’t is there maybe just some neighborhood kids at four in the morning I was just wondering you know what what
in the world it was this person that was at my door and what they won’t alarmed
the couple purchases a multi-camera surveillance system
our cameras were installed scattered throughout the house one was on the
front porch where it would pick up anybody’s face if they were knocking on
the door it was there to provide answers for me camera doesn’t lie inside and out
there wasn’t a piece of ground that you could not see on the surveillance in the
only areas we were blind to on the inside was Hanna’s bathroom in her
bedroom I thought it was mom because she’ll come
in and like grab something for my bathroom so I’ll take a shower or
something she looked petrified she looked more
scared than I’ve ever seen her and her entire life we searched the house to
make sure nobody was in the house and then we just tried to reassure her the
best you can to a 16 year old child but the 4:00 a.m. visit and Hannah’s
encounter in the shower have left the family on edge
one afternoon Kristina’s grandchildren 11 year old Amy and eight year old Adam
come by the house Stephens sometimes would babysit my
grandchildren while I was at work and their parents were at work in school I’m
kind of a convenience for them because I work from home who’s that when the grandchildren came
over that day the first thing they went to was Norman is it doll we bought at an
antique store can i play that game uh sure got some work to do anyhow so you
guys can hang out in here with me for a little bit no one wants to know if he can watch TV
to guess that’s okay Adam he wanted him you know he wanted to play with him I’d
just let them do their thing you know Adam watch TV Amy played on her tablet
and I just continued working I’ve got to grab something from the
other room you guys stay here what’s going on it’s all he moved by
himself what do you mean that tal move by itself
I initially thought she did it there’s storytellers there kids they do what
kids do come on it would this thing to jump off the bed
so I said we’re gonna do something we’re gonna watch the surveillance and if I
see either one of you to grab that doll I’m glad to talk to your mama kids who think you’re so funny Stephen
goes back to the moment before he left the room when he was sitting at his desk
and Norman was sitting on the bed suddenly he sees it he turns his head and looks at me and
then turns his head back it was one of the creepiest things I have ever seen Stephen Lancaster has just recorded
proof the doll he bought at an antique shop and named Norman is haunted when I
pulled that surveillance clip up that was one of the creepiest things I have
ever seen this doll cannot physically do that is I
still cannot get over it Steven shows the video to his fiancee
Christina I saw the video my jaw just fell
I don’t know what to think I mean how can it go home if on his own if anybody
else ever told me that they had a doll that did that I would have thought they
were crazy you know you can’t imagine things like that even seeing him sit on
the bed behind the kids and move his head I had no idea of the things that
Norman could do suddenly Steven recalls that the
salesperson told him when he and Christina bought the doll she believes
it’s haunted years ago this pregnant woman was given this learned all just
before she gave birth she had twins they told me that the original owner of the
doll had a visitor a family member a friend brought this doll to her as a
gift she went into labor the first baby was a stillborn which
would have been the brother of the two and the second baby survived which was
the little girl she was overcome with grief over the loss of him baby boy she
was convinced that the boys spirit lived on inside this table that explains why
it looks like hell anything that comes from hell is bound
to look like hell there are a lot of wives tales and a lot
of fake stories that go around I figured it was just two old ladies just spinning
a little yarn for us but little did I know do you think they were telling us
the truth Norman is haunted by that twin baby boy about this like it is nothing and
meanwhile we are gonna wake up to him stabbing us in our back Hanna you’re
being dramatic and I mom just the video that Norman can move on its own made me
really uneasy if Norman can move does that mean he can do other things why are
you acting like I’m crazy for thinking Norman is evil honey we don’t think
you’re crazy we just don’t know what Norman is yet do we just not yet no no
no I am NOT talking about this anymore this entire thing is crazy I’m going my
room I wish that you would get rid of that monster of a doll my greatest fear about Norman is falling
asleep and waking up and him being over top of me I was asleep and
my blanket started pulling down the cover started getting yanked arted
and harder I felt someone set on the edge of my bed and then someone started
crawling towards me Hannah Parker is convinced a doll named
Norman is behind the haunting experiences in her house I was like no
this is not happening I felt someone set on the edge of my bed and then someone
started crawling towards me okay it really freaked me out I can’t
imagine the terror she had felt it’s noted I know what I felt there was
a man and he was in my bed maybe is a dream I’m not dreaming double that does
find all of this it’s evil and it’s trying to kill me she was really shaken
up and she’s a tough girl she really is you just don’t mess with
Hannah not sleeping in here again okay okay okay
it could sleep in the guest room come on come on seeing how upset she was Christina and I
decided to let Hannah Theo stay with one of her older brothers for a while until
we could get a better grasp on what’s going on determined to get to the bottom
of things Steven contacts a fellow paranormal
expert so this must be Norman my name’s Darren Evans
my specialty is pretty much spirit communication demonology hauntings that
kind of stuff when he sent me the video I saw the headsman I was like whoa wait
a minute you know this is this is something going on here you know it
doesn’t make much sense so he was uh you know he was he was onto something but
Stevens always pretty skeptical of everything he did he doesn’t like to
just automatically assume something is the paranormal do you mind taking some
notes yeah want to conduct a couple tests we checked his temperature first
74 degrees is the temperature of the room
I’m not seeing any signs of Norman wait it’s dropping I’ve never dealt with anything like this
before the temperature test that blew my mind there was some sort of
manifestation some form of spiritual energy inside of this doll able to
affect the temperature the environment Erin Kristina and Stephen decide to
further investigate Norman using a ghost box the device which allows spirits to
speak through radio frequencies since the doll was in a fire Darren
taunts him to elicit a response obviously Norman’s been burped and so I
took a flame and held it’s Norman’s face just pretty close but not not I’d want
to hurt another force the plane is triggering mm-hmm interaction this is
Norman what do you think about Stephen I die because they’re in heaven his hand Erie it said fear me
through the ghost box and I’m like okay can you turn the light on Norman ya know
the communication was just crazy it was just insane the amount of answers
that we were getting from Norman if you can’t turn the light on do something
else my cameras been recorded sounds like somebody that was cleaning this day it was liked
again I’d never experienced that level of interaction with a haunted object in
my life that doll has a spirit attachment my advice to people is if you
feel like something is evil unless it’s worth a million dollars or something is
to get rid of that that object or give it away or get it out of your
environment there’s no time to waste Steven finds a woman online with an
interest in haunted dolls and tells her everything about Norman despite the
potential danger the woman agrees to buy him for Christina it’s not a minute too soon
I believe that story from the antiques store but that woman’s baby boy spirit
is what’s inside of Norman I had to believe that maybe it was the spirit of
this child that was stillborn I had no other reason to believe it was anybody
else I think he’s looking for another mother
me and he won’t stop until he has me that’s that’s why targeted Hanna and me
to get rid of us have you all to himself I really truly did start to believe that
he wanted me out of the picture I think that he wanted to be gone I think he
felt he was going to intimidate me in a way to where I would leave and he would
have the mother he always wanted over the next few days the family senses a
certain peace in the house feels different in here without Norman doesn’t
it better have you you know when the
humidity is so strong it makes it hard to breathe that’s what it was like
living with Norman when he was gone it felt like just crystal clear clean air I’ll go see who that is No all I could think was you gotta be
kidding me that cannot be what I’m thinking that is the woman who was to
take normal claims she never received him no one from the post office is able
to verify why or how he’s come back there was absolutely no explanation as
to why the doll was returned I am NOT an angry person I am an extremely laid-back
person but I lost my damn mind after attempting to rid their North
Carolina home of a haunted doll it returns and sets its sights on owner
Steven Lancaster we don’t want you here the room started to spin and then all of
a sudden I could feel it in my chest I was scared to death I’m literally having
a heart attack what was going through my mind was oh my god I just don’t know
what to do what if something happens to him I knew it was Norman Norman was
trying to kill me to get rid of me I tried to get rid of him it was his turn
he was trying to get rid of me the couple is beyond terrified but before
they can figure out a way to get rid of Norman they’re faced with a new problem
one capable of making the Haunted doll even more dangerous a category five
hurricane our area is often highly affected by hurricanes tropical storms
when a storm hits it could at least be two weeks before you can get to a main
road the belief is that the ionic energy in a storm can help fuel any paranormal
activity when you’re talking about a hurricane doesn’t get any bigger than
that I’ve been through a lot of hurricanes
power goes out it’s no big deal Stephen I’m scared but when the lights
went out there in hurricane Matthew my heart fell into my stomach and all I
could think was oh my god what’s gonna happen I hear like a whisper I jerked my head
it was right in my ear what were that it’s country of stars doing let’s check it out
come on I was mostly afraid of something
physical I’m happening at Christina or myself because there would have been
nothing we could do let’s go check out the bedroom I was
expecting Norman to make his move and part of me hoped he would so I could see
exactly what is inside this doll after gathering proof that their dog
Norman is haunted the video of the dolls head turning on its own audio of the
dolls voice captured on a Ghost Box what do you think about Steven Stephen and Christina attempt to capture
evidence that a spirit is attached to the da Oh what was that
no he would get was standing right there mirror I saw him I saw him right there
he was pictures right there when I saw that figure it it scared me to death I
got him I got a picture when I look down and I saw that picture
I thought this is it this is the guy this is who’s been in Norman this is
who’s been haunting us I do believe that what we saw that night was a
manifestation of Norman stunts the couple comes up with a plan since they
haven’t been able to get rid of the doll they decide to make peace with its
spirit by giving him his own room I think this is actually gonna work
I was hoping for closure when it came to creating a room for Norman I was hoping
that that room would give Norman some normal in his life that would make him
feel like he was part of a family Norman missed out on everything in life never
had a chance to live hopefully this will give him what he wants if Liz makes him
happy the couple’s developed a serious – who
inhabits Norman they believe the spirit of the baby boy died during childbirth
is now a grown man if this infant that passed at birth
if his energy transferred to this doll would he remain infantile for the rest
of existence or by observation would he age mentally we read books we play video
games we learn things every day from observation it’s very possible that
there’s a 56 year old man inside this doll if he is aged mentally simply by
observation he likes his new room its own room I do I think he’s probably
angry because he’s stuck inside a doll his whole life has been seen through the
eyes of this doll a childhood growing up his first kiss you know his first
girlfriend you know his first job he just has to sit back and watch everybody
else enjoy those things and I think with that comes a lot of spite it’s now been
two years since the couple moved the doll into his own room and it appears
his spirit is alive and well things calm down there were no more tantrums as I
like to call him after he moved into his room there were times that I could hear
what sounded like a little giggle come from the room I thought I heard the
rocking chair rocking and then you could hear what sounded like little footsteps
in the room I would just creep up and just put my
ear to the door and I would hear things moving around in there
it became few and far between you know it just quieted down it was just out of
sight out of mind at that point that’s for the family they have become true
believers that haunted objects exist my experiences with Norman has changed me a
lot before this I would have never subscribed to the idea of haunted dolls
I believe in a lot of things I didn’t believe in before because Norman has
made me a believer the way I feel about Norman now is he’s it’s just a part of
our life now he’s just gonna be there and there’s nothing you can do about it
so far I think we’re closer to peace for all you

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  1. A HAUNTING 😈 Norman the Doll ᴸᴺᴬᵗᵛ

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  9. Speaking of the number 3, I frequently see 333. I see it on clocks, mile marker signs, counters on videos, etc. I will lay in my bed awake for a while before checking the time to see if I can pass the 3:33 mark, but to no avail. I still will see the time as 3:33 when I finally do check it. Any theories?

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