A Lot of Old Disney Movies Sure Are Racist – Lights Out with David Spade

Brian was in Just Shoot Me!
with me, Brian Posehn. -TIANA: Oh, nice.
-SPADE: Just Shoot Me! -Remember that show? Say yes.
-Right. -(applause and cheering)
-Pull it out of him. -Chris, were you?
I don’t remember. -I was not. But I did work a lot
in the 1900s. Uh… -(laughter)
-(Spade mumbles) That one sort of bit me. No. I did. I work… I worked on MTV, a channel which, at one time, actually played short films
set to music. -Uh, that was a different time.
-SPADE: Yes. -I remember it. -Yeah.
-Yeah, it was a different time. Disney Plus– we all know about,
was a big deal, just launched– they’re including
trigger warnings on some of their more
racially-insensitive content from the past.
It reads, “This program is presented
as it was originally created. It may contain
outdated cultural depictions.” (laughter) This movie is rated “N” for…
you know what. TIANA:
Oh, yeah. (laughter) Oh, yeah, I know. They have to be very careful that they spelled “trigger”
right, that’s for sure. -HARDWICK: Jesus. -POSEHN: Wow.
-I’m just saying. The following film
is not suitable for children, -but your grandma’s
gonna like it. -TIANA: Yeah. Well, I… I, um–
and I say this as a… as a Disney fan–
there are a lot of land mines in the archives at Disney, and I actually, like,
legitimately, I went to– eh, it’s a kind of sidenote–
but I went to Disneyland for my bachelor party–
like, that’s what I did for my bachelor party,
’cause I love it– -and-and afterwards, uh…
-(person chuckles) -That’s not funny.
That’s what I did. -(laughter) -It’s also very Chris Hardwick.
-POSEHN: There were strippers. -Yeah. -HARDWICK: Well,
that’s the thing, is that… no, no, no, that’s the thing,
is that I would tell people, and then I started getting
shamed– people were like, “Why didn’t you go
to a strip club?” So I just started lying,
and I was like, “There’s a strip club
at Disneyland. Uh, it’s in Adventureland.
It’s open from 10:00 to 2:00.” Welcome to the Magic Carpet.
It’s a whole new world. Please welcome
the lovely Jasmine to the stage! -(applause) -Yeah.
-They should update it. Hands off the girls, fellas?
Uh-hyuk. -You know, it’s like…
-Yeah. -(laughter) I’m sure the dwarves get
really slutty at night, right? I hope they didn’t cut
that scene from the Snow White movie,
the… the-the gang bang scene
that they have. SPADE:
I’m sorry, I didn’t… -Am I watching the wrong one?
-POSEHN: Don’t remember that cut -of the movie. -Oh.
-Yeah. Everybody’s freaking out
over there. Mickey Mouse apparently,
uh, deleted, like, 3,000 kind of iffy texts. (laughter) They weren’t bad. They’re
not gonna check him, are they? Dumbo.
Have you heard his podcast? -(laughter)
-SPADE: No. There’s some…
some questionable accents. -TIANA: Yeah, but nobody…
-He might not get SNL, -is what I’m saying.
-That’s true. For sure. -I got it. I know.
-Nobody obeys warnings, though. You know what I mean?
Like, on alcohol, you’re just, like,
glug-glug-glug. You know, and, like, cigarettes,
you’re like… They’re like, “Don’t have sex,”
and it’s like, “Well, yeah.” (laughter) You know, they actually–
Disney– they had to hire people to go through every movie
on Disney+ and see what was
and wasn’t rape. All right, this next one is
Song of the South. ♪ ♪ -What the (bleep)?
-What the (bleep)? (laughter) It was a quickie. (applause) I’m sure Bambi’s mom was like,
“A trigger warning? -I could have used that.”
-(laughter) -Oh, that’s a science joke.
-That’s a good one, right? Uh, in less upsetting
Disney news, they debuted a new
Star Wars show called The… -Mandalorian.
-Mandalorian. And guess…
guess who’s in it? Yeah. -That guy!
-(cheering) -Brian Posehn.
-(applause, whooping) He’s in the Star Wars universe. That’s great. I still have a nerd boner. -Yeah. -Oh, trigger warning,
trigger warning. I’m sure it was scary
taking over for Chewbacca. -(laughter)
-Um, so… -They had to shave me.
-(laughter) To play Chewbacca.

87 Replies to “A Lot of Old Disney Movies Sure Are Racist – Lights Out with David Spade”

  1. The irony of 2 people speaking in a racially stereotypical way pretending offense at stereotypical depictions of their race.

  2. LOL…Disney is fucked. The only people who don't know it yet are Disney employees and their groupie fan base. A fan base which is literally dwindling by the hour, with every corrupt decision Disney makes.

  3. My grandma would watch me after school, and I would watch these old cartoons from the 50s and 60s on vhs she would buy at flea markets. I didn't understand it as a small child, but god DAMN cartoons were incredibly racist!!!! "Tar babies" and minstrelsy GALORE. And she was totally cool with it. I remember going to a flea market with her once and this ancient white guy had a stack of vhs tapes, all old cartoons, and he said things like "they dont make them like they used to, cartoons these days arent like the classics". A white old man savoring the Jim Crow era, what a surprise.

  4. I miss when white ppl could make racist jokes too…..now every black stand up is just like "wtf is up with white people am I right?!!!"

  5. I wasn't worried about Posehn spoiler getting eaten by that ice monster 'cause he's so metal: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y24MmylTeY4

  6. It’s funny because they’re accusing old movies from a specific time period of racism, yet white chics hasn’t been mentioned, black guys in white face saying all white women are whores and Jordan peele racist movies about white people and refusing to cast a white or Asian lead…

  7. Disney still plays and distributes ▬►Song of the south◄▬ in a lot of other places…Europe…Australia…and on and on….I watched it here back in the 70's

  8. Look, Walt Disney was an ass. Those old cartoons were the product of the times. And should be used to teach kids about how things were if the parent chooses.

  9. Sarah tiana is that type of girl where you can’t tell if she’s frumpy or pregnant but you don’t want to be the dick that asks

  10. Its refreshing to see someone get made fun of like Brian did, but instead of crying and pouting, he had a sense of humor and made a joke of his own. Nice to see people in Hollywood that aren't crybaby douches.

  11. We’ve replaced racist cartoonists with sexual perversion and child touchers.

    ….this isn’t progress. I’d rather have the racists of only given the two options.

  12. They are definitely talking about the “sho had, never done seen” sayin crows taking about never seeyin an elephant fly n such

  13. Of course I remember Just Shoot Me! Who do you think I am!?

    Also, the lady is giggly. I’d say she smoked…but can you safely smoke while pregnant? Who knows.?

  14. "Disney had to hire people to go through evert movie on Disney Plus and see what was and wasn't rape" is a GREAT joke, that I feel got sort of cut by the segment afterwards.

  15. Is it wrong that my favorite thing about this show is watching david spade dance at the closing video? I don't even know what context required him to bust a move, but I am here for it.

  16. Disney has problematic now with owning everything and obviously pushing an agenda! But #StayWoke ignore time periods not and present issues that are way worse….like an oligarchial monopoly

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