A Millenial vs A Baby Boomer

Did I get the job? Absolutely not Why not? Cause you a baby boomer and I’m a millennial Ahh Well Melanie I am overqualified for this job I don’t know where you got this we don’t do paper applications I made it I dont do the internet Ok That is the third time you have said that this interview and it also says so on this homemade job application Here ya go champ I don’t know that this is for Don’t you need a trophy anytime you anything? Oh its on How’d you get here? Horse? Nah, I drove my car I own it After 8 more payments What? How’d you get here? I took an Uber Do not know what that is I bet you’re a vegan? Yea, because I’m not a monster Your generation is afraid of black people Your generation thinks you are black people ah, WORD? You’re right. Look at who you guys voted for? Yea, thats right I voted Touche’ This is the only way you’ll ever own a house Learning how to text is the only way you’ll ever communicate with your son Sooooooo Alright guys who took my Sheryl Crow album? Gen X You know what? You’re hired. I quit DAD???!?!

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