A Pair of Pitch Pine Bedside Cupboards – Pinefinders Old Pine Furniture Warehouse

A large pair of Bedside Cupboards dating from
around about 1930. These are Pitch Pine, so they are quite rich in colour and they will
wax up a quite dark fruity colour. They’ve each got a drawer at the top and a door below.
They’ve got brass handle’s on the drawers and a little catch on the door. They each
have a shelf inside also. Code number J5050B the price is £260 for the pair as they are
in the bare wood £297 when they’re waxed. Now, the left hand one, the Width is 16.5″
and the right one is 17.5″, that’s measured at the top. Height 31.5″ and Depth 16″. If
you wanted me to trim the right hand beside cupboard top to match the left, I could do
that for you.

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