ABC13 Evening News for August 28, 2019

well good evening and thank you for joining us let’s get you caught up with tonight’s the biggest stories this is the Evening News on ABC 13 the brain and storms finally moving out after a stormy afternoon let’s get right over to chief meteorologist Travis Herzog for an update on what we can expect tonight Travis things are looking much improved Eric and Ilona still some rain cooled air over Houston at 76 the rain clouds are moving out there’s even a faint rainbow here that we’re spotting many of you are sending me your pictures on social media Travis ABC 13 with all those rainbows that you’re spotting around town down in Galveston you had a storm earlier than the temperature rebounded back up to 86 you’ve likely seen your last drop of rain for the day as well we still have this flood advisory in effect until 7:15 there are still some waterlogged roadways and there’s still a little bit of rain left out there but the big thunderstorms have ended this is a loop over the three hours and you can see this massive burst of storms and lightning on the north side that rolled right through downtown Houston those winds accelerated through the buildings of downtown caused some damage down there wind gusts were easily over 55 miles per hour and that’s what prompted that severe thunderstorm warning earlier so now we’ve seen the storms rapidly diminished and we’re likely done with rain for the remainder of the evening it is rain cooled across Houston in Harris County but you get north and northwest away from those clouds and temperatures are still around 90 degrees so it was a very Houston centric thunderstorm that erupted this afternoon our future track shows that the rain chance will continue to stay pretty low through the night generally less than 10% as we head to noontime tomorrow should still be fairly quiet on radar but then as we get into the mid afternoon we’ll start to again see some scattered heavy thunderstorms popping up there’s a 40% chance you’ll come across one of those downpours and there could still be a few lingering ones by 6:00 p.m. but things should quiet down pretty quickly now I want to show you a time-lapse of the storms that they rolled through earlier and what triggered then you’ll first notice is this band of clouds that moves from right to left that’s the Seabreeze front crossing through the city it intersected a storm on the north side and then it came swooshing back as a what’s called a microburst thunderstorm so those dark clouds that quickly rolled on through that’s what blasted through the i-10 corridor and caused those scattered reports of damage and some power outages as well we also need to talk about the tropics because we have hurricane durian leaving the Caribbean now into the Atlantic pulling up to the east of Puerto Rico so sparing for Rico a direct hit the storm has intensified quicker than expected and for that reason it has taken a more northerly track but the stronger it gets and the quicker that happens the more likely it is to turn back westwards so there is the possibility that this will directly impact the United States most likely Florida this upcoming weekend the maximum sustained winds are estimated to be at 80 miles per hour it is moving to the northwest at about 13 miles per hour and the pressure is dropping which is the sign of a strengthening hurricane so as we get into Friday and Saturday that’s where the computer models start to really diverge as the as to whether it goes farther off to the north as a weaker system or turns more westward as a stronger system right now it looks like it’s going to be a stronger system so it’s gonna turn back westward towards Florida exactly where it lands in Florida remains to be seen in fact there’s a very slim possibility it could even skirt just to the south of Florida and roll over the Florida Keys our stay entirely out there across the Florida Straits so there is the possibility that this crosses is Florida and eventually winds its way into the Gulf of Mexico right now it’s highly unlikely it makes it all the way to our part of the Gulf of Mexico it can’t be completely ruled out right now we’re not too concerned though about impacts from durian here in Southeast Texas but we will of course continue to keep an eye on it for you as it possibly gets into the Gulf of Mexico after Labor Day locally another 40% chance of storms tomorrow 30% on Friday then we dry out a bit this weekend with some lower humidity you’ll probably notice mostly on Sunday then minor rain chances into the picture of Labor Day and beyond but quite honestly a lot of this forecast after Labor Day depends upon if Dorian gets in the Gulf and where it goes from there so stay tuned Travis thank you well just days after we watched Evan home stand up on his own ABC 13 was the only camera in the courtroom when the woman who shot him on Facebook live pled guilty to court in court and today two aggravated assault and tampering with evidence as we know Holmes was shot in the head on Easter Sunday last year and since then has fought hard to regain the life he almost lost ABC 13 Shelley Childers has more on the message Holmes his family has for the suspect tonight the message from the family of Devin Holmes take responsibility immediately because as you can see running away does not mean it will go away to the woman now guilty of shooting him in the head today Casandra damper walked into court hand-in-hand with her attorney 16 months after this Easter Sunday shooting damper seen on this Facebook live video chambered around then fired a shot surveillance video shows the moment that shot went off damper and a second passenger in the back seat run from the car we don’t know how this could have turned up how it could have ended up had she stayed there then and helped Devan immediately instead of running away from it those critical seconds as home set bleeding in the car alone will always leave his great-aunt wondering it could have played out very different differently for both of them we followed his recovery closely after months in the hospital – more than a year of physical therapy and Rehab relearning how to speak right and stand to see him transition from not knowing if he was gonna live today or tomorrow and now he’s here and he’s able to talk it was very emotional his family says they are relieved she has finally taken responsibility defense maintains the shooting was an accident between friends damper who left court today in tears was not sentenced after turning down a 15 year plea deal from the prosecutor a judge will now sentence her anywhere from probation to 20 years we’re hoping that the court taking consideration that Cassandra Deborah has never been in trouble her entire life that she never touched a gun into that night and that Devon was her friend and that this was an accident from downtown Shelley Childers ABC 13 Eyewitness News new details on a massive opioid bust in Houston 41 people were arrested including doctors and nurses whom investigators say were part of a ring that sold pills to fake patients and tonight we’re learning how one case against the houston studio owner helped investigators uncover this massive ring ABC 13 Stephen Romo has the latest federal agents seizing prescription pills and evidence from clinics across our area at this clinic off Bissonnette and Fondren another rated in the sunny site area and this one in Deer Park just a few of the 36 different places targeted today this operates in broad daylight and when you know what it is you can see it and I’ve been to you know my Walgreens several times I’ve never seen armed guards there so these things do stand out this network suspected of distributing 23 million opioid pills illegally one doctor accused of prescribing more than 2 million pills in just 15 months the network is a new phenomenon according to the Department of Justice usually addicted patients buy pills from doctors but in this case runners were recruited to pose as patients and go to clinics to hoard pills for distribution and the network was uncovered largely due to one case of a Houston studio owner operation hip hop targeting Ricky moat first while rapper and studio owner and a longtime leader of a local heroin and cocaine trafficking organization and what we later learned to be revealed to his ties to a houston-based network pharmacies clinics doctors and other individuals from there it expanded now law enforcement has a message for anyone in the medical community thinking of making some extra cash illegally and if you behave like a drug dealer we’re going to find you and treat you like a drug dealer stevan aroma reporting and a member of the ABC 13 family who battled throat cancer is now helping raise money for a new campaign between MD Anderson and h-e-b we introduced you to the doctor he says saved his life in 15 seconds tired or distracted drivers and defective equipment cost trucking accidents Rick McGuire has been helping 18-wheeler accident victims for more than 25 years call Rick McGuire seven one three six hundred one thousand twenty four seven nights and weekends h-e-b is teaming up with MD Anderson in the fight against cancer and it’s a campaign that’s close to our hearts here at ABC 13 because it features our own photojournalist Damian Schmitt throat cancer three years ago and now he is one of the smiling faces that you’ll see in the checkout line the next time that you’re shopping for groceries Smith credits one doctor in particular for saving his voice and his life ABC 13s Nick notario has more the laughs come a little easier between MD Anderson dr. Adam garden and ABC 13 photojournalist Damian Smith a sound Smith is happy to share with doctor garden after he was worried his ability to talk would be lost he literally gave me my voice bag three years ago Smith suddenly lost his voice a trip to the doctors revealed he had throat cancer and ultimately lead to removing the voice Bob doctor garden says normally throat cancer impact smokers Smith doesn’t smoke another cause he says could be from acid reflux they’re constantly belching up acid into their voice box area and that traumatizes the voice box and can get cancer that way gordon says symptoms include hoarseness scraggly voice and if it gets worse could lead to a whisper the main thing is that if it doesn’t get better like a coal does after a week or two that should be a warning sign that something’s not right and should get it checked out now Smith’s using his story to help other cancer patients at the checkout counter over the next month you’ll see his face at 350 h-e-b stores across Texas in the past three years h-e-b says it’s raised more than 850 thousand dollars to MD Anderson I like to think that the money that’s been raised has helped people like me while it was the MD Anderson staff that saved Smith’s life doctors say it’s patients like Damien who make it easier to laugh themselves the patients are always thanking us but the fact that they put trust in me I mean that’s I should be thanking them and that was Nick Notaro with that fantastic story well thank you for getting caught up with us tonight on the evening news and be sure to join us tonight at 10:00 on ABC 13 good night [Music]

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