About Antiques : About Antique Settees

An antique settee, is today’s version of a
love seat. A settee was like set in nice parlors in a home, right next to the nice Victorian
couch, and a lot of people think of a settee, in the Victorian era. It most commonly, has
like a half back, and a carved crest on the back, and wood carving all the way throughout
the settee. It’s a smaller version, a little uncomfortable. Still today, people do purchase
them. Don’t be afraid to have them reupholstered. Some people even have the springs removed,
and have them redone, to give them a little bit more of a modern feel, so they can be
used. A lot of people buy them today, because they have a smaller apartment, or a smaller
home, and that’s all they want, is a nice little formal setting, when they buy their
settees. Settees are very commonly found in the antique shops, in the antique malls, and
some settees are being used as love seats, today. Don’t be afraid to buy one, that needs
to be reupholstered, and when you have it reupholstered, tear it down, and make sure
that the construction is still there, and everything, all the joints are still tight,
because a settee is over a hundred years old. It might need some adjusting, and some people
even remove the springs, and give it a little more of an updated look, with an updated upholstery,
but settees fit into nice small homes, and apartments, just great, so hit some of the
antique shops, and the antique malls, and find a great deal on a settee. They’re out
there. Good luck finding one. I’m Blake Kennedy.

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